File Title
1 What role do genome variations play in tuberculosis?
2 Discovery of chromosome motor supports DNA loop extrusion
3 Study offers a new mindset in the search for stroke therapies
4 Human skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons
5 Circadian clock's inner gears
6 Temple researchers help uncover mechanism behind heart failure and mortality in sepsis
7 Dietary approach found as effective as medications for treating type of reflux disease
8 3-D organoids and RNA sequencing reveal the crosstalk driving lung cell formation
9 Comprehensive study of chronic disease reveals vulnerability of childhood cancer survivors
10 Monarch butterflies disappearing from western North America
11 Immune cells halt fungal infection by triggering spore suicide
12 A new learning rule for memory formation and storage revealed
13 A tiny device offers insights to how cancer spreads
14 Seven steps to keep your brain healthy from childhood to old age
15 Researchers break through the wall in bacterial membrane vesicle research
16 Quantum detectives in the hunt for the world's first quantum computer
17 Ebola: Early immune response provides insight into vaccination
18 Streamlined security: Optimizing sensor placement with mathematics
19 Helping cancer survivors return to work
20 Tooth trouble: Many middle-aged adults report dental pain, embarrassment and poor prevention
21 Researchers develop cheaper, faster test for E. coli in drinking water
22 HCV treatment found safe and effective in individuals with kidney disease
23 Does alcohol affect the risk of developing an abdominal aortic aneurysm?
24 Many pregnant women search the Internet for medication safety information
25 Study demonstrates courts' critical, underappreciated role in climate policy
26 Cancer immunotherapy may get a boost by disabling specific T cells
27 Immunotherapy combination safe and 62 percent effective in metastatic melanoma patients
28 Human papillomavirus 16 infections may pose variable cancer risk
29 How do close relationships lead to longer life?
30 Study shows oral food challenges are safe for diagnosing food allergies
31 Researchers point way to improved stem cell transplantation therapies
32 The sand trap: Demand outpaces caution--and knowledge
33 Report: Whole grains decrease colorectal cancer risk, processed meats increase the risk
34 Increasing effective decision-making for coastal marine ecosystems
35 Emoji fans take heart: Scientists pinpoint 27 states of emotion
36 How monkey fights grow
37 A decade later, older Americans are still going hungry
38 Scratch-and-sniff test could predict Parkinson's even earlier
39 New model for hard-to-study form of blindness paves way for future research
40 Patient satisfaction with pain management linked to nurse staffing
41 Researchers challenge status quo of battery commercialization
42 A touch of EroS
43 Study quantifies potential for water reuse in permian basin oil production
44 A bioactive molecule may protect against congestive heart failure after heart attacks
45 New study finds improved vaccine that protects against nine types of HPV
46 Sleep may help eyewitnesses from choosing innocent suspects
47 Comparing cancer drug effectiveness from cells to mice to man
48 Army, UMD researchers develop water-based lithium-ion batteries that don't explode
49 'Vampires' may have been real people with this blood disorder
50 Herbicide rotation ineffective against resistance in waterhemp
51 Three-quarters of Americans see head injuries in football as major problem
52 Health of more than half of US adults affected by obesity
53 Researchers report new way to make dissolving electronics
54 Researchers discover why redheads are more prone to melanoma
55 Blood tumor markers may warn when lung cancer patients are progressing
56 Liar, liar, pants on fire! Groups lie more than individuals, according to new research
57 Earth as hybrid planet: New classification places Anthropocene era in astrobiological context
58 Why many Russians have gladly agreed to online censorship
59 Finding better wind energy potential with the new European Wind Atlas
60 PupilScreen aims to allow parents, coaches, medics to detect concussion, TBIs with a phone
61 One powerful cell makes or breaks your habits
62 Monkey sees...monkey knows?
63 CBD may protect against psychiatric risk from high-THC cannabis strains
64 Scientific study review presents health promoting potential of mangoes
65 Two significant solar flares imaged by NASA's SDO
66 Study shows how retractions significantly hurt scientists
67 Malaria: Drug candidate may reduce spread of the parasite
68 Tick tock
69 Overcoming barriers to recruiting blacks/African-Americans for dementia research
70 Does the organic material of comets predate our solar system?
71 This one goes up to 11: Researchers crack code for genetic 'control dials'
72 Firebricks offer low-cost storage for carbon-free energy
73 Researchers measure the basis of color vision
74 Genetic alterations that make a type of brain cancer more aggressive were identified
75 Study points to path for better diagnosis of eating disorders, the deadliest of mental illnesses
76 Zinc transporter key to fighting pancreatic cancer and more
77 Fuel economy standards cheaper, more beneficial than previously believed
78 UNH researchers find campus sexual violence significantly affects academics
79 More stringent rape laws reduce chances a country will face civil war, study finds
80 Molecular map shows how to disable dangerous bioweapon
81 Light-based method improves practicality and quality of remote wind measurements
82 Curves in all the right places
83 Breakthrough study reveals new diagnosis for Alzheimer's
84 New collection showcases success stories, insights on science communication
85 Art courses could help medical students become better clinical observers
86 Ozone limits at play as EPA, industry and environmental groups weigh in
87 Substance in coffee delays onset of diabetes in laboratory mice
88 Liver cancer patients can start with lower dose of chemotherapy and live just as long
89 Genetic effects are influenced by lifestyle
90 Biologists from MSU discovered the carotenoid transfer between 2 proteins
91 Keychain detector could catch food allergens before it's too late
92 Chemists from the MSU have explained the origin of the green fluorescence
93 A 'virtual heart' to simulate arrhythmia
94 Late bedtime and lack of sleep lead to overweight children in China
95 New tool for characterizing quantum simulators
96 The bacteria responsible for legionellosis modulates the host cell metabolism to its advantage
97 Blindness study shows how gene causes middle-age sight loss
98 A protein that extends life of yeast cells
99 Gut microbiota of larvae has an impact on mosquito's ability to transmit human pathogens
100 Accretion-powered pulsar reveals unique timing glitch
101 Determining motor deficits more precisely following a stroke
102 Green light for ultra-fine display colors
103 Nivolumab in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Added benefit for specific patients
104 Unraveling a major cause of sea ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean
105 The colon of patients with IBS reacts differently to bacteria
106 Cloud formation suppressed by biogenic organic emissions
107 Aussie quantum tech has its sights set on human biochemistry
108 Supercharging silicon batteries
109 Americans' views towards refugee resettlement: Not-in-my backyard (NIMBYism) and media frames
110 Common cerebral white matter abnormalities found in children with autistic traits