File Title
1 Quarter-Million Glitter iPhone Cases Recalled for Burn Hazard
2 Flesh-Eating Bacteria at the Beach? How You Can Become Infected
3 What Do You Do with a 26-Pound Diseased Liver? Donate It to a Medical School
4 Eat, Pray, Fossilize? Praying Mantis Fossil Is 110 Million Years Old
5 Gorgeous Crater Lake Stuns in this Photo from Space
6 Ancient Fidget Spinner? Nope--That's a Weapon from Mesopotamia
7 More than Myth: Ancient DNA Reveals Roots of 1st Greek Civilizations
8 A History of Global Warming, in Just 35 Seconds
9 Spiny Worm Beast Haunted the Seas 500 Million Years Ago
10 How US Navy's Futuristic Laser Weapon Uses Old-School Telephone Tech
11 'Sleeping Dragon' Dinosaur Wore Camouflage to Elude Predators
12 What's Causing So Many Earthquakes in Oklahoma?
13 Weird: How Does a Baby's 'Twin' End Up Inside His Abdomen?
14 'Harry Potter' & the Deathly Obsession? Series May Help Fans Cope with Death
15 Swipe Left for Sadness: Tinder Users Report More Distress
16 Selfie-Ready: 'Fish Gape' Helps Adorable Baby Cichlids Mold Faces
17 After Terrorist Attack, Too Much TV Can Be Harmful
18 Shouting and Conch Trumpets: Chaco Canyon May Have Been a Noisy Place
19 Archaeologists Map Famed Shipwrecks and War Graves in Scotland
20 Watching Porn at an Early Age Linked to Poor Attitudes Toward Women
21 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh May Be the 1st Known 'Giant'
22 Global Warming Is Fueling Arizona's Monstrous Monsoons
23 What Causes Spooky Out-of-Body Experiences? It Could Be Your Ears
24 Death Valley Breaks Record for Hottest Month Ever in the US
25 Reference: What Is Science?
26 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
27 Do Other Planets Have Solar Eclipses?
28 Oh, Brother! Guys Feel More Rivalry with Siblings
29 This Is What the Sun's Outer Atmosphere Will Look like During the Solar Eclipse
30 Is Space Full of Quantum Foam?
31 Caterpillars Turned into Piles of Goop in England
32 Animal Sex: How Red-Eared Sliders Do It
33 Friends with an Ex? Check Your Motives First, Science Says
34 Desert Fossils Reveal 540-Million-Year-Old Jellyfish 'Graveyard'
35 Is Brain Damage an Inevitable Result of Playing Football?
36 Woman, Scientist...Activist: Female Researchers Take Charge (Op-Ed)
37 South Asia May Become Too Hot for Humans to Survive by 2100
38 Funny Guy Gets the Girl? How Humor Makes You More Attractive
39 Learning to lie comes easy to psychopaths
40 Scientists consider 'cloud brightening' to slow global warming
41 Coral gardening is a boon to Caribbean reefs
42 Large-mouthed fish dominated the seas following mass extinction
43 Flexibility, innovation helped early humans survive climate in Africa
44 Conductivity measurements to help scientists map water in Earth's mantle
45 Why does it drizzle instead of rain? NASA offers answer
46 Dark Energy Camera helps astronomers study the cosmic 'dark ages'
47 Portals to new worlds: Martian exploration near the North Pole
48 Scientists rediscover lost burial site of famed long-necked sauropod
49 Water filter invented by high school student removes 99 percent of heavy metals
50 Ancient DNA to help solve mysteries of the Canaanites
51 For some microorganisms, symbiosis is more of a hostage situation
52 Tardigrade's DNA reveals water bears' secrets
53 The science of instant replay: Slo-mo clips can alter a referee's perception
54 How fruit flies decide between sleep or sex
55 Scientists say ABBA sequence would make for fairer penalty shootouts in soccer
56 Swiss cheese pipes: Missing lead confirms origins of Flint's water crisis
57 NASA scientists find chemical capable of forming cell membranes on Saturn's moon
58 Mycologists reclassify long-misidentified mushroom
59 Some 'invasive' species have been around for a long time
60 Study: 90 percent chance Earth warms by more than 2 degrees
61 New technology is making it easier to detect PEDs
62 Methane-eating microbes may curb gas emissions as Antarctic ice sheets melt
63 Dinosaur-era plant found growing in Wisconsin lakes
64 New technology promises to curb wasteful methane flaring in oil and gas fields
65 The fan worms' multiple eyes evolved independently, new research shows
66 British survey finds 'booty' is funniest word in English language
67 Sun's core rotates four times faster than solar surface
68 Unexpected life found at bottom of High Arctic lakes
69 Worms learn better when they're on a diet
70 Magnetized viruses can break through biofilms, attack bacteria
71 Scientists improve ability to measure rock stress
72 First ever flower, 140 million years ago, looked like a magnolia
73 Larsen-C update: Open ocean visible between iceberg and ice shelf
74 New catalysts remove 99 percent of BPA from water
75 Astronomers found an alien world with glowing water atmosphere
76 Trapdoor spiders sailed across Indian Ocean to get from Africa to Australia
77 Researchers set new record for tape storage
78 Snail fossils reveal origin of rocks used to carve ancient Spanish monuments
79 Cockroaches spread seeds, too, research shows
80 Discovery could throw monkey wrench into deep-sea mining
81 NASA hiring a planetary protection officer to guard against alien invaders
82 Well-preserved Canadian fossil reveals dinosaur armor like no other
83 Scientists discover new clue to sun's hot atmosphere
84 Humans have altered tropical forests for 45,000 years
85 Scientists find large, new storm on Neptune
86 Study analyzes visual tracking strategies in baseball
87 Study finds Alaska's North Slope snow-free season increasing
88 Farming practices need to change to keep up with climate change, researchers say
89 New magnetic microbots can capture and carry single cells
90 Metal clouds to protect fusion reactor walls from heat flux
91 Study: Female brain is more active than the male brain
92 Contrast agents used for MRIs found accumulating in patients' brains
93 Increased risk of eruption measured for Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano
94 Marine reserves can help commercial fishermen catch more fish, avoid bycatch
95 Lunar eclipse serves as prelude to much-anticipated solar eclipse
96 Lizard venom could yield blood clot treatment breakthrough
97 Opioid-related fatal car crashes see seven-fold spike, study says
98 Study: Stem cells may help aid corneal wound healing
99 Increased Google searches for suicide sparked by Netflix series '13 Reasons Why'
100 Home-based kit could increase testing for HIV, researchers say
101 Study finds mental health visits increase prior to burn injury
102 Osteopathic educators move to address physician bias as tactic to curb obesity
103 Aspirin safe for heart failure patients, study finds
104 Blood proteins linked to severity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
105 1 out of 3 Americans took opioid in 2015 as doctors continue to overprescribe
106 Mechanisms identified that enable bacteria to resist antibiotics
107 Gum disease linked to increased cancer risk for older women
108 Study shows how near-drowning-induced brain injury affects children
109 Study shows efficacy of flu shot in mom and baby
110 FDA approves Idhifa to treat relapsed acute myeloid leukemia