File Title
1 Physicists observe amplification of an optical signal within cubic nonlinear nanostructures
2 Why high-fiber diets do not always lead to weight loss
3 KFU astronomers discovered an exoplanet together with Turkish and Japanese colleagues
4 Preventing childhood deafness following chemotherapy treatment
5 Cancer drug stimulates tripolar mode of mitosis
6 New tool for cell-free therapy based on artificial membrane vesicles
7 Ornithologists at Yelabuga Institute share details of their latest work
8 Astronauts don't develop anemia during spaceflight, NASA study suggests
9 Rapid climate changes across northern hemisphere in the earliest Middle Pleistocene
10 Best poster at ESMO 2017 shows positive trials twice as likely to be reported in lay press
11 Modeling the impact of green eggs and hens
12 Ancient tree reveals cause of spike in Arctic temperature
13 Researchers discover new, abundant enzyme that helps bacteria infect animals
14 Therapy proves effective in subgroup of COPD patients
15 Scientists find that nanoparticles from tattoos travel inside the body
16 Telemonitoring and automated messages improve CPAP adherence
17 Study sets new distance record for medical drone transport
18 UMass Amherst study suggests father's environmental exposure affects sperm epigenetics
19 Eye movements reveal temporal expectation deficits in ADHD
20 Researchers at INSEAD and Columbia Business School explain how musicians can craft their next chart-topper
21 US public backs carbon tax, and spending revenue on renewables
22 Researchers identify possible new target in fight against lung cancer
23 New research to treat acute malnutrition
24 'Keep it local' approach more effective than government schemes at protecting rainforest
25 Brain activity between seizures informs potential treatment for childhood absence epilepsy
26 Explaining bursts of activity in brains of preterm babies
27 Asthma symptoms can be improved by diet and exercise in non-obese patients
28 Type 2 diabetes is being misdiagnosed in African-Americans, genetic study suggests
29 Your stools reveal whether you can lose weight
30 Inhibitors support immune therapy for leukemia
31 Cognitive behavioral therapy not the solution to long-term weight loss in people with diabetes
32 Study shows that close to 2 million US adults are at high risk of serious chronic kidney disease progression and subsequent death
33 Transgender patients with diabetes may not be adequately treated for risk factors
34 Study shows reduced risk of aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection in patients with type 2 diabetes
35 New device that tackles obesity and diabetes shows promise as NHS treatment
36 Running group helps half its graduates quit smoking
37 Cold comfort: Fat-rich diets and adaptation among indigenous Siberian populations
38 Sexually aroused male flies unable to sleep after close encounters with females
39 Researchers identify potential biomarkers of age-related macular degeneration
40 Laparoscopic antireflux surgery associated with high rate of recurrence of GERD
41 Long-term follow-up finds no increased overall risk of death with menopausal hormone therapy
42 Menopausal hormone therapy not associated with mortality or deaths from CVD
43 How should we handle boys who can't read?
44 Household environment--not genetics--shapes salivary microbes
45 Marsupial moms express placental genes in milk
46 In mice, calorie restriction reduces fat but increases fur
47 Air quality in 'green' housing affected by toxic chemicals in building materials
48 Exposure to head impacts in youth football practice drills
49 Hospice care is short and may start later than needed
50 Lay interventions for depression and drinking
51 Test may miss diabetes in some African-Americans
52 Gene variant could lead to missed type 2 diabetes diagnosis in African-Americans
53 Biding time could improve conservation outcomes
54 Explosion in number of known life forms
55 New tool helps physicians assess usefulness of clinical guidelines for patient outcomes
56 New evidence suggests octopuses aren't loners
57 Rising CO2 leading to changes in land plant photosynthesis
58 Study of circular DNA comes full circle with use of old technique
59 Researchers find that body clock, gut microbiota work together to pack on the pounds
60 Ethnic diversity in schools may be good for students' grades, a UC Davis study suggests
61 Why your ancestors would have aced the long jump
62 Research identifies causes and possible treatments for deadly diseases affecting children
63 Urban climate change
64 Method controls whether freezing droplets bounce off or stick
65 These mutations could be key to understanding how some harmful conditions develop
66 To improve health monitoring, simply trip the 'nanoswitch'
67 Airline industry could fly thousands of miles on biofuel from a new promising feedstock
68 DNA looping architecture may lead to opportunities to treat brain tumors
69 CoreTrustSeal Certification launched
70 Scientists discover genetic timetable of brain's aging process
71 Core solutions reach optimally extreme light pulses
72 Earthquake triggers 'slow motion' quakes in New Zealand
73 Want to improve your business's online ratings? Make sure to respond to reviews
74 Autism on screen may reinforce stereotypes, study finds
75 Relationship science: How can couples keep moving forward
76 Expensive drug driving up Medicare expenditures without evidence of greater efficacy
77 Sun erupts with significant flare
78 Cocaine users' brains unable to extinguish drug associations
79 First on-chip nanoscale optical quantum memory developed
80 NYU researchers examine disaster preparedness and recovery in a hurricane-induced hospital evacuation
81 Fathers can influence the sex of their offspring, scientists show
82 Birds' unique skulls linked to young dinosaur brains
83 Protein research could help in hunt for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's cures
84 Scientists construct first predictive model of inflammatory bowel disease
85 Outside-in reprogramming: Antibody study suggests a better way to make stem cells
86 New treatment approaches to emotional problems after TBI
87 Toxicologists recommend human cell-based methods to identify asthma-causing chemicals
88 How liver cancer develops
89 Study clarifies how neural nets 'think' when processing language
90 Study examines use of systolic blood pressure at time of primary percutaneous coronary intervention
91 Campaigns to reduce elective early-term births effective, study finds
92 Body's own defense against ALS actually drives disease progression at later stages
93 Scientists list 50 terms you may be confusing
94 New research may improve communications during natural disasters
95 Northeastern biophysics study makes exciting advancements for the future of DNA sequencing
96 Segregation's unexpected link with black health in history
97 Small increases in physical activity reduce immobility, disability risks in older adults
98 Patients to benefit from new 3-D visualizations of the heart
99 Biodiversity just as powerful as climate change for healthy ecosystems
100 Half-a-billion-year-old fossils shed light animal evolution on earth
101 Researchers identify treatment option for brain injury patients suffering from aggression
102 Hollow atoms: The consequences of an underestimated effect
103 Astronomers spun up by galaxy-shape finding
104 Novel intensive care improves treatment for heart patients--and cuts costs
105 Cooperation driven by reciprocity, not conformity
106 Livestock production, a much smaller challenge to global food security than often reported
107 AI uses less than two minutes of videogame footage to recreate game engine
108 Dangerous drug use trend among high school seniors, NYU study reveals
109 Employee outsourcing hides slaves in the workforce, shows research
110 Decade of data shows FEMA flood maps missed 3 in 4 claims