File Title
1 Parkinson's disease and prion diseases: Discovery of a molecular link
2 Justice for victims of atrocity crimes required
3 Sportspeople can face retirement identity crisis
4 New route to polyamide 6 catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane with ferrocene in ionic liquid
5 Google Glass app helps autistic children with social interactions
6 Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA?
7 New inhibitor brings new hope
8 Interventions for treating tuberculous pericarditis
9 Self-healing gold particles
10 Fitness trackers could benefit from better security, study finds
11 Filtering molecules from the water or air with nanomembranes
12 Too many older diabetes patients are being overtreated
13 'Handedness' in scale-eating fish: Nature and nurture
14 The return of the comet-like exoplanet
15 Synaptic receptor mobility: Discovery of a new mechanism for controlling memory
16 No strings attached for underwater video system
17 New knowledge on how HIV beats the body's early immune response
18 Obese inducing brain mechanism
19 Tiny fighters in sediments determine success of invasive marine plants
20 New study on graphene-wrapped nanocrystals makes inroads toward next-gen fuel cells
21 Tiny fighters in sediments determine success of invasive marine plants
22 The internet may be secular, but religious Americans aren't worried, baylor survey shows
23 NASA's one-year mission investigates how space affects astronauts' functional performance
24 Temple researchers uncover mechanism behind calorie restriction and lengthened lifespan
25 Forest fires are not limited to hot or temperate climates
26 Delaying child's tonsillectomy does not lower risk of developmental disorder
27 Drug for type 2 diabetes provides significant benefits to type 1 diabetic patients
28 Study adds to evidence that racial and economic factors affect surgical pain management
29 Insulin therapy initially declined and delayed by an average of 2 years
30 Once-abundant ash tree and antelope species face extinction--IUCN Red List
31 Chad Carr's tumor offers genetic clues for DIPG research
32 Rare genetic cause of peritoneal mesothelioma points to targeted therapy
33 Chronic pain common in people living with HIV
34 Premature infants may get metabolic boost from mom's breast milk
35 People of color exposed to more pollution from cars, trucks, power plants over 10 years
36 You're not alone in feeling alone
37 Repealing ACA would leave more veterans uninsured, increase pressure on VA
38 Engineered therapy for blood clotting disorder shows early promise
39 Young binge drinkers show altered brain activity
40 Secrets of Bonsai: Uncovering the mechanism of root regeneration
41 UBC research discovers a chemical-free way to keep apples fresher longer
42 Biomarkers in the blood prove strong role of food for type 2 diabetes
43 Researchers develop new strategy to target KRAS mutant cancer
44 In step toward controlling chemistry, physicists create a new molecule, atom by atom
45 Water conservation can have unintended consequences
46 Brain rewiring in Parkinson's disease may contribute to abnormal movement
47 Climate change challenges the survival of fish across the world
48 Research finds roots use chemical 'photos' to coordinate growth
49 Measuring a crucial mineral in the mantle
50 Unintentional drug use continues among molly users in EDM party scene
51 Getting to the point (mutations) in re-engineering biofuel-producing bacterial enzymes
52 Theranostics: Paintball targeting of cancer cells combined with precision therapy
53 Squirrels use 'chunking' to organize their favorite nuts
54 Internists oppose Graham-Cassidy proposal
55 Regular exercise, stress can both make a big difference in lupus, study finds
56 Experts issue recommendations for gender-affirmation treatment for transgender individuals
57 Wondering if that mole is cancerous? Look at illustrations, not photos
58 'The dark side' of quantum computers
59 Suicide attempts on the rise in US, finds study
60 Treatment nonexistent for some glioblastoma patients
61 New gravity map suggests Mars has a porous crust
62 Marijuana may produce psychotic-like effects in high-risk individuals
63 Older drivers who experience falls may be at a higher risk for car crashes
64 Earth's oldest trees in climate-induced race up the tree line
65 Penn researchers lay groundwork to better understanding optical properties of glass
66 Novel genetic mutation discovered in Parkinson's disease patient
67 Researchers create first global map of water in moon's soil
68 Study shows electronic health information exchanges could cut billions in Medicare spending
69 Are we missing the warning signs to prevent lone terrorist attacks?
70 UW shatters long-range communication barrier for near-zero-power devices
71 Researchers develop spectroscopic 'science camera' system for smartphones
72 'Peel-and-go' printable structures fold themselves
73 50 years ago, Clomid gave birth to the era of assisted reproduction
74 Gonorrhoea strains across Europe becoming more susceptible to main treatment options
75 FDA-approved drug may block resistance to anti-angiogenesis therapy
76 Song experiments reveal 21 possible new tropical bird species
77 In-utero treatment reverses cleft palate in mice
78 Imaging how magnetism goes surfing
79 Artificial 'skin' gives robotic hand a sense of touch
80 A new alternative to 'practice makes perfect'
81 LED lights safer, more effective in producing Vitamin D3 than sunlight
82 New oral diabetes drug shows promise in phase 3 trial for patients with type 1 diabetes
83 Wax on, melt off
84 The evolution of 'true frogs' defies long-held expectations of science
85 New method for identifying carbon compounds derived from fossil fuels
86 Treating acute pain in opioid-dependent patients--Review and recommendations
87 Infants with congenital Zika virus syndrome suffer serious visual impairment
88 Journalists can prevent biased views by 'adjudicating' facts, experiment shows
89 How well electron transport works in furfural biogas
90 New manufacturing process for SiC power devices opens market to more competition
91 New software turns mobile-phone accessory into breathing monitor
92 Fish food for marine farms harbor antibiotic resistance genes
93 Asthma drug from the garden center
94 Test strips for cancer detection get upgraded with nanoparticle bling
95 3-D protein structure offers insight into rapid communication by brain cells
96 Lion conservation requires effective international cooperation
97 Low-level radiation exposure less harmful to health than other modern lifestyle risks
98 Reducing leather pollution with molten salts
99 'Vague' anti-terror laws might lead to charities withdrawing from activities
100 When music makes male faces more attractive
101 Endometriosis increases risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery
102 Researchers show that speech information is more distracting for elderly drivers
103 Magnetic fields to alleviate anxiety
104 Tough stuff: Spider silk enhanced with graphene-based materials
105 Delayed weaning reduces behavioral problems in cats
106 Innate immunity
107 Red fluorescence in two steps
108 Differences in aggression among people with dementia
109 New supernova analysis reframes dark energy debate
110 South Africa's long-legged bees adapted to pollinate snapdragon flowers