File Title
1 Scientists create stem cell therapy for lung fibrosis conditions
2 Hereditary cancer syndromes focus of JAMA Oncology collection
3 11 organizations urge cautious but proactive approach to gene editing
4 Sense of smell deficits are common, linked to malnutrition in patients with kidney disease
5 Humans have been altering tropical forests for at least 45,000 years
6 Animal coloration research: On the threshold of a new era
7 Arts engagement can help counter divisions in society
8 Improving students' academic performance--there's an app for that
9 New clue to solving the mystery of the sun's hot atmosphere
10 Researchers want to know how early life affects the adult brain
11 Prediciting TB's behavior
12 NCI study shows feasibility of cancer screening protocol for Li-Fraumeni syndrome patients
13 Structural view suggests RNAi multiplies its effect in repressing gene expression
14 Farmers selected maize for agricultural use at high elevations
15 Lizards demonstrate rapid evolution in the face of extreme cold
16 New injectable antiretroviral treatment proved to be as effective as standard oral therapy
17 World's smallest neutrino detector finds big physics fingerprint
18 Scientists link biodiversity genomics with museum wisdom through new public database
19 Lizard blizzard survivors tell story of natural selection
20 Smell loss may contribute to malnutrition in individuals with kidney disease
21 World's smallest neutrino detector observes elusive interactions of particles
22 Gene therapy via skin could treat many diseases, even obesity
23 Yoga effective at reducing symptoms of depression
24 Why are doctors underusing a drug to treat opioid addiction?
25 Age of first exposure to pornography shapes men's attitudes toward women
26 Fat shaming in the doctor's office can be mentally and physically harmful
27 Despite heavy armor, new dinosaur used camouflage to hide from predators
28 Researchers engineer therapeutic skin grafts for diabetic mice
29 New method for organ transplant monitoring promises better care for patients
30 Animals have it all over us when it comes to color
31 Air travel responsible for spread of dengue through Asia
32 How do birds get their colors?
33 New biosensor stimulates sweat even when patient is resting and cool
34 Desert tortoises can't take the heat of roadside fencing
35 New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety
36 Tracing the path of Parkinson's disease proteins
37 Primordial black holes may have helped to forge heavy elements
38 Recreating the wild: De-extinction, technology, and the ethics of conservation
39 Drug short-circuits cancer signaling
40 Prior dengue or yellow fever exposure does not worsen zika infection in monkeys
41 Study identifies multiple roles of glucose metabolism in platelet activation and survival
42 Simultaneous design and nanomanufacturing speeds up fabrication
43 Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers
44 UIowa study examines altered gene expression in heart failure
45 Why is conducting research in some countries so difficult?
46 Immune cells may be key to better allergy, infection therapies
47 New therapeutic approaches for musculoskeletal diseases highlighted in tissue engineering
48 Cultural activities may influence the way we think
49 Origin of human genus may have occurred by chance
50 Wildlife royalties--a future for conservation?
51 Two weeks in the life of a sunspot
52 Canadian-led study akin to antimatter forensics
53 Parents have more conflicts with their in-laws than do childless couples
54 Drug safety for penguins
55 Clues about immune resolution identified in blood
56 Scientists discover unknown virus in 'throwaway' DNA
57 Lightweight catalyst for artificial photosynthesis
58 Why humans find faulty robots more likeable
59 Cell aging in lung epithelial cells
60 Materials governed by light
61 Molecular biologists discover an active role of membrane lipids in health and disease
62 New model for bimolecular reactions in nanoreactors
63 Seasonal effects: 'Winter foals' are smaller than foals born in summer
64 Financial decisions influenced by intensity of light
65 Governments need to do more to support older people's transport needs, study suggests
66 A mathematical crystal ball gazes into future of prostate cancer treatment
67 Microbot origami can capture, transport single cells
68 Researchers working on blood test to detect brain metastases while still treatable
69 Brain tumor scientists map mutation that drives tumors in childhood cancer survivors
70 Understanding how persuasion works can make consumers more savvy
71 Older adults with HIV: An overlooked population?
72 New mindfulness method helps coaches, athletes score
73 So lonely I could die
74 Can discrimination contribute to feelings of radicalization?
75 How to pave over our big butt problem
76 Watch Swarms of Earthquakes Sweep Across Oklahoma
77 This Is How a Woman Died from a Tick-Borne Disease Without a Tick Bite
78 Curious Kids: What Started the Big Bang?
79 Sticky, Gooey Science! Why Slime Is Awesome
80 New Sunfish Species Is 8 Feet Long and Looks like a Giant Pancake
81 Super Schnozzle: Tiny, Glow-in-the-Dark Shark Has a Huge Nose
82 How Exercise Fights Inflammation
83 Weird 'Rocks' at Robotics Test Site Turn Out to Be Dinosaur Fossils
84 Air-Breathing Fish 'Hibernate' in Pods on Dry Land [Video]
85 '13 Reasons Why': Suicide-Related Searches Spike After Show's Premiere
86 Dark Ages Fort Built by Mysterious 'Painted People' Found in Scotland
87 Blowing Out Birthday Candles Is Grosser than You Think
88 Rare Conjoined Bat Twins Found in Brazil
89 Rare 'Balloon Syndrome' Causes Hedgehog to Puff Up like a Beach Ball
90 Reference: Who Invented Zero?
91 Reference: Facts About Vanadium
92 Pet Boa Bites Woman's Face in Unusual Attack
93 46 Prehistoric Sites with Paleolakes Discovered in 'Green Arabia'
94 Fit for a King: Tut's Camping Bed Was an Ancient Marvel
95 Earth Will Have Its Last Total Solar Eclipse in About 600 Million Years
96 Jet Lightning! Rarely Seen 'Gigantic Jets' Spotted by Cloud Cam [Video]
97 Blossoming Bisexual: World's 1st Flower Had Male and Female Parts
98 Ebola May Linger in Men's Semen for More than 2 Years
99 Self-Destructing Materials Could Create Vanishing Ink
100 Eclipse Overload: What if the Sun Were Blocked for Years?
101 Not a Pretty Picture: Modigliani Exhibit Closes Amid Claims of Forgeries
102 Seismic Zone Off Alaska Could Trigger Massive Earthquake and Tsunami
103 Weird Worm-Lizard Creature Looks like a Serpentine Centaur
104 A Trans Soldier in the Ancient Roman Army?
105 Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Flooding the Market: How to Stay Safe
106 More than Two-Thirds of Patients Have Leftover Opioids After Surgery
107 Why Fat on Your Hips May Be Healthy
108 Penis Enlargement Surgery Leads to Man's Death: What Went Wrong?
109 Scientists Erase Heart Disease Defect in Human Embryos
110 Want to Protect Earth from Aliens? NASA Is Hiring