File Title
1 Experts Dig Up Las Cruces Boy's Million-Year-Old Fossil Find
2 Artifacts Suggest Humans Arrived in Australia Earlier than Thought
3 'Sound' Research Shows Slower Boats May Cause Manatees More Harm than Good
4 Novel 3-D Printing Process Strengthens Parts by 275 Percent
5 NASA's Hubble Sees Martian Moon Orbiting the Red Planet
6 Pulses of Electrons Manipulate Nanomagnets and Store Information
7 Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Quantitative Biology and Medicine
8 Research targets long-term brain deficits in cardiac arrest survivors
9 Fearing surveillance, dads with a record avoid kids' schools
10 NASA flights gauge summer sea ice melt in the Arctic
11 The coast is not so clear
12 Does the affordable care act impact patient visits in the emergency department?
13 Fungi that evolved to eat wood offer new biomass conversion tool
14 Strength of tectonic plates may explain shape of the Tibetan Plateau, study finds
15 Researchers find corn gene conferring resistance to multiple plant leaf diseases
16 Monitoring fluid intake may help improve outcomes for bariatric surgery patients
17 N/A
18 N/A
19 N/A
20 Antidepressant use in pregnant women linked to small increase in autism
21 Scientists capture first image of major brain receptor in action
22 Obamacare led to gains for children, but gaps persist for Latino kids
23 AGS encourages bipartisan collaboration on health reform proposals
24 First evidence for American nurses credentialing center Pathway to Excellence program
25 Could 'cocktail geoengineering' save the climate?
26 NASA mission surfs through waves in space to understand space weather
27 Experimental HIV vaccine regimen is well-tolerated, elicits immune responses
28 Child living with HIV maintains remission without drugs since 2008
29 Drug interaction concerns may affect HIV treatment adherence among transgender women
30 Swaziland survey shows impressive progress in confronting the HIV epidemic
31 Eye test could help diagnose autism
32 Breast cancer patients can use antiperspirants during radiotherapy
33 Kidney disease risk score can be built into patients' electronic health records
34 What do sex in moss and neurons have in common?
35 Alcohol boosts recall of earlier learning
36 Molecular archaeology
37 TPU scientists equip chemical sensors with 'traps' to detect toxic substances
38 Chances to treat childhood dementia
39 The oldest 'bad boy' in the world
40 Issues with maternal screening for congenital cytomegalovirus infection
41 What happens when materials collide? Observing fracture in stressed materials
42 Shining rings: A new material emits white light when exposed to electricity
43 Receptors for neuron communication in humans vital for reproduction in mosses
44 Three new 'club-tailed' scorpions join the tree of life
45 'Hindcasting' study investigates the extreme 2013 Colorado flood
46 'Strong for surgery' shows promise in reducing smoking rates for patients facing surgery
47 New therapeutic approach for difficult-to-treat subtype of ovarian cancer identified
48 Study identifies new brain death pathway in Alzheimer's disease
49 Immune cells the missing ingredient in new bladder cancer treatment
50 Higher cognitive abilities linked to greater risk of stereotyping, new study finds
51 NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH trial to test targeted drugs in childhood cancers
52 Potential public health, economic consequences of declining childhood vaccination
53 Weight in adolescence may affect colorectal cancer risk
54 Tai chi may help prevent falls in older and at-risk adults
55 Study finds 90 percent of American men overfat
56 Aggressive UTI bacteria hijack copper, feed off it
57 Two undergrads improve plant carbon-cycle models
58 Neuroticism may postpone death for some
59 Allowable 'carbon budget' most likely overestimated
60 N/A
61 Small drop in measles vaccinations would have outsized effect, study estimates
62 Study: Indian monsoons have strengthened over past 15 years
63 Study finds 275,000 calls to poison control centers for dietary supplement exposures
64 Scientists spy new evidence of water in the moon's interior
65 US study of dapivirine ring in lactating women finds little drug gets into breast milk
66 Psychologists say our 'attachment style' applies to social networks like Facebook
67 New non-photosynthesizing plant species discovered on Ishigaki island, Japan
68 AAP counsels pediatricians to focus on clusters of cardiometabolic risk factors to help obese kids
69 Stroke survivors without early complications at long-term risk of death, stroke
70 Stress hormone linked to mood and hippocampus volume
71 Mice feel others' pain--literally
72 Researchers develop new method to generate human antibodies
73 Scientists enlist baker's yeast in a hunt for new medicines
74 Approaching to autonomous controlling swarm of UAVs
75 NUS engineers achieve significant breakthrough in spin wave-based information processing technology
76 Smart sensors could save lives
77 Shaping up against pathogens
78 Link between income inequality and physical activity for women, but not for men
79 Campaigning on climate science consensus may backfire, warn scholars
80 Sports specialization may lead to more lower extremity injuries
81 Sports success not necessarily related to specialization
82 World-first ketamine trial shows promise for geriatric depression
83 Patients with irreparable rotator cuff tears may have surgical option, new research shows
84 Patients taking opioids prior to ACL surgery more likely to be on pain medications longer
85 Kaiser Permanente emergency department intervention for adult head trauma reduces CT use
86 Artificial intelligence suggests recipes based on food photos
87 Civil unrest after Freddie Gray's death harms health in Baltimore mothers
88 Optimization for self-production may explain mysterious features of the ribosome
89 High-fat diet in pregnancy can cause mental health problems in offspring
90 Name that scotch
91 CRI scientists provide insight into genetic basis of neuropsychiatric disorders
92 Rush hour pollution may be more dangerous than you think
93 Superluminous supernova marks the death of a star at cosmic high noon
94 Ultrathin device harvests electricity from human motion
95 3-D scanning with water
96 Good fighters are bad runners
97 A genetic variation may increase tuberculosis susceptibility
98 In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human
99 Rare discovery of 3 new toad species in Nevada's Great Basin
100 The moon is front and center during a total solar eclipse
101 Computers using linguistic clues to deduce photo content
102 Neural nets model audience reactions to movies
103 Offer of $100 boosts rates of colon cancer screenings
104 Five times the computing power
105 Pharmacology: Probing the pores in membrane vesicles
106 Flashes of light on the dark matter
107 On the path to vitamin A in rice
108 Research shows that refugee image in Lithuanian, British and US press is mainly negative
109 Scientists announce the quest for high-index materials
110 How physical exercise prevents dementia