File Title
1 WannaCry ransomware bitcoins move from online wallets
2 Cot death charity raises doubts over baby boxes
3 Sexual health services 'at tipping point' in England
4 Mental health patients stranded in units for years
5 Is Helen Mirren right about 'useless' moisturisers?
6 Twin to twin skin transplant hailed as a success
7 President's daughter sparks breastfeeding debate with photo
8 In debt with cancer: Is your bank listening?
9 Could the NHS save money by getting it right first time?
10 NHS staff: How many foreign staff work in the NHS?
11 Clues emerge in mystery of flickering quasars
12 Chimpanzees are first animal shown to develop telltale markers of Alzheimer's disease
13 Bacteria could be key to freeing South Pacific of mosquitoes
14 Fears rise for US climate report as Trump officials take reins
15 University says prominent Japanese cell biologist committed misconduct
16 Australian students report high rates of sexual harassment and assaults
17 Iranian scientist to go on trial for espionage
18 Jordan stakes its future on science
19 Cybersecurity for the travelling scientist
20 Exomoon candidate, fake peer review and a telescope problem
21 Drug companies flock to supercharged T-cells in fight against autoimmune disease
22 Nocturnal pollinators go dark under street lamps
23 CRISPR fixes disease gene in viable human embryos
24 N/A
25 The race to reveal antimatter's secrets
26 Authors retract controversial NgAgo gene-editing study
27 'Autistic' mice make littermates less social
28 Ancient genomes show how maize adapted to life at high altitudes
29 Cosmic map reveals a not-so-lumpy Universe
30 Chronic diseases spike in Middle East as conflicts rage
31 First genetically engineered salmon sold in Canada
32 Seek climate advice through established routes
33 Why antimatter might be the answer to life, the Universe and everything
34 Drug approval needs a helping hand
35 Courtesy of the President's Office, Republic of Mauritius
36 Metrology is key to reproducing results
37 Prove Paris was more than paper promises
38 Localized Inflammation in the Brain Linked to Overeating, Obesity
39 Researchers Identify Four Kinds of Facebook Users, Find Out Where You Belong
40 Increasing Focus Abilities of the Brain, Practice Paying Attention Enhances Function & Concentration
41 'Glasses': Apple's Latest Product, Digital Spectacles for Augmented Reality Combining the Physical & Digital World
42 First Alien Moon Outside the Solar System Located Circling a Jupiter-Sized Exoplanet
43 Endangered Bat Species Pollinates Agave Plants
44 Proven Smart Underwear Prevents Back Stress with Just a Tap
45 Magic Helps Unmask How the Brain Works
46 Pregnancy Loss and the Evolution of Sex Are Linked by Cellular Line Dance
47 Fish Out of Water: Loss of 350 Miles of Great Plains Streams Causing Changes in Aquatic Food Web
48 New Simulations Could Help in Hunt for Massive Mergers of Neutron Stars, Black Holes
49 Steps Toward a Promising Therapy for a Rare Bone Disease
50 Standard Model of the Universe Withstands Most Precise Test by Dark Energy Survey
51 Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe
52 Jellyfish blooms linked to offshore gas platforms and wind farms
53 Building blocks of alien cells found on Saturn's largest moon
54 Keep having nightmares? You may be getting too much sleep
55 Bronze Age DNA helps unravel true fate of biblical Canaanites
56 Hacking a US electronic voting booth takes less than 90 minutes
57 The games that build playgrounds out of impossible physics
58 Quantum gravity detector will use atom clouds to survey for oil
59 What the first flower on Earth might have looked like
60 Fast radio bursts may be dark matter 'stars' hitting black holes
61 Voyage to study Earth's mostly submerged hidden continent begins
62 Eating a lower calorie diet improves learning ability in worms
63 IVF babies tend to be lighter than others but end up heavier
64 Blood biomarkers may help diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome
65 On the trail of dragons with blood that can save people's lives
66 Signs of Alzheimer's found in chimpanzees for the first time
67 Deforestation may soar now Colombian civil war is over
68 First results from US CRISPR gene editing on human embryos
69 Enormous exoplanet has an atmosphere hot enough to boil iron
70 Cancer runs in my family, but now we can pick it up in time
71 Hidden cancers detected by combining genetic tests with MRI
72 Big, armoured dinosaur still had camouflage to evade predators
73 CRISPR skin grafts could replace insulin injections for diabetes
74 Space cucumbers may help plants grow better water-seeking roots
75 Teacup tornado's inner twists and writhes seen for first time
76 It took 2000 years to make seed for America's famous 'corn belt'
77 Hot yoga classes reduce emotional eating and negative thoughts
78 Giant loner asteroids suggest baby planets formed quickly
79 We may finally be able to slow Parkinson's, with a diabetes drug
80 Nano aluminium offers fuel cells on demand--just add water
81 How to strip 99 percent of harmful BPA from water in 30 minutes
82 Augmented reality graffiti will lead to advertising ambush wars
83 Lazy ants lay eggs for their industrious sisters to eat
84 Bees are first insects shown to understand the concept of zero
85 Siri rival can understand the messy nature of our conversations
86 One day without notifications changes behaviour for two years
87 New approach on research and design for CQD catalysts in World Scientific NANO
88 'Code Blue' equals lower survival for cancer patients
89 UC study examines opioid prescribing and practices in Ohio emergency departments
90 New NOAA Fisheries research reveals ecosystem cascades affecting salmon
91 Aye group discovers avenue for precision cancer treatment
92 NASA continues to study pulsars, 50 years after their chance discovery
93 Magnetized viruses attack harmful bacteria
94 New imaging tracer allows early assessment of abdominal aortic aneurysm risk
95 Lifelike 3-D cinematic imaging promises numerous medical uses
96 Magic helps unmask how the brain works
97 Technique enables printable and rewritable color images
98 Deadly fungus affecting hibernating bats could spread during summer
99 Vorinostat renders dormant HIV infection vulnerable to clearance
100 FSU research: Chemical weathering could alleviate some climate change effects
101 Smart underwear proven to prevent back stress with just a tap
102 For white middle class, moderate drinking is linked to cognitive health in old age
103 Safely releasing genetically modified genes into the wild
104 Size matters, and so do temperature and habitat, to scavengers and the carcasses they eat
105 Celebrity Twitter accounts display 'bot-like' behavior
106 Effects of cognitive behavior therapy on parents of children with autism
107 Wildfires continue to beleaguer Western Canada
108 Genome sequencing shows spiders, scorpions share ancestor
109 Hospital patients with dementia and other causes of confusion 'have worse outcomes'
110 A new HER2 mutation, a clinical trial and a promising diagnostic tool for metastatic breast cancer