File Title
1 Crops that kill pests by shutting off their genes
2 New imaging technique overturns longstanding textbook model of DNA folding
3 Manmade peptides reduce breast cancer's spread
4 Research examines benefits of promoting competing retail websites
5 Should we be worried about hepatitis E?
6 Large gaps remain in colorectal cancer screening rates, study finds
7 Biochar could clear the air in more ways than one
8 Grown-up gannets find favorite fishing grounds
9 Self-efficacy boosts physical activity in osteoarthritis patients
10 Algorithms identify the dynamics of prehistoric social networks in the Balkans
11 Galactic David and Goliath
12 Child abuse and neglect linked to gender inequality
13 Cell mechanism discovery could lead to 'fundamental' change in leukemia treatment
14 Circles in the sand reveal boating damage to marine biodiversity
15 Anyone for crispy jellyfish?
16 New research findings to standardize first-aid treatment of jellyfish stings
17 Reality check for 'wonder material'
18 EU report: More evidence on link between antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance
19 E-cigarette use may encourage experimentation with tobacco, study finds
20 Astrophysicists map out the light energy contained within the Milky Way
21 Malaria already endemic in the Mediterranean by the Roman period
22 Experimental method measures quantum coherence, the ability of being in 2 states at once
23 Use of potentially inappropriate medications may increase hospitalization risk
24 The Danish reference genome
25 Physicists design ultrafocused pulses
26 Neolithic farmers practiced specialized methods of cattle farming
27 UBC research unearths Canadian sapphires fit for a queen
28 Ketamine for depression encouraging, but questions remain around long-term use
29 Using tweets to decrypt the personality of Donald Trump and other powerful people
30 Hostage situation or harmony? Researchers rethink symbiosis
31 CRISPR sheds light on rare pediatric bone marrow failure syndrome
32 Combining stroke treatments shows improved outcomes for ELVO stroke patients
33 Infants know what we like best, WashU study finds
34 Even babies can tell who's the boss, UW research says
35 Researchers release first draft of a genome-wide cancer 'dependency map'
36 Seeing more with PET scans: New chemistry for medical imaging
37 New study by running experts: Don't change your stride
38 New method promises easier nanoscale manufacturing
39 Cancer-death button gets jammed by gut bacterium
40 Lab-created mini-brains reveal how growing organ maintains neuronal balance
41 Antibiotic guidelines in NICU improve prescription practices for vulnerable infants
42 Scientists become research subjects in after-hours brain-scanning project
43 A tale of three stellar cities
44 Present-day Lebanese descend from Biblical Canaanites, genetic study suggests
45 Novel perspectives on anti-amyloid treatment for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease
46 High-speed FM-AFM and simulation reveal atomistic dissolution processes of calcite in water
47 What fly guts could reveal about our health
48 WSU physicists turn a crystal into an electrical circuit
49 A new picture emerges on the origins of photosynthesis in a sun-loving bacteria
50 Negative birth outcomes linked to air pollution exposure early in pregnancy, study finds
51 No significant change seen in hearing loss among US teens
52 Research calls for enhancing long-term benefits of Farm Bill programs
53 Three species of tiny frogs discovered in Peruvian Andes
54 People who drink 3 to 4 times per week less likely to develop diabetes than those who never drink
55 Private insurance claim lines with Lyme disease diagnoses evidence notable increases 2007-16
56 Study highlights health consequences of selectively breeding German Shepherd Dogs
57 Heavy metals in water meet their match
58 Sticky when wet: Strong adhesive for wound healing
59 Women and men report similar levels of work-family conflicts
60 Universal screening for alcohol misuse at hospital admission identifies patients at risk of developing alcoholic liver disease
61 Salk scientists solve longstanding biological mystery of DNA organization
62 Long-sought mechanism of metastasis is discovered in pancreatic cancer
63 In mice, fine motor control is actively suppressed
64 Slug mucus inspires new type of surgical glue to close wounds
65 Scientists block evolution's molecular nerve pruning in rodents
66 Binge drinking down among young adults in college, up among those who are not
67 Projected precipitation increases are bad news for water quality
68 In witnessing the brain's 'aha!' moment, scientists shed light on biology of consciousness
69 Errors made by 'DNA spellchecker' revealed as important cause of cancer
70 US transplant centers frequently refuse deceased donor kidneys
71 Bronze Age Iberia received fewer steppe invaders than the rest of Europe
72 Community bias predicts police use of lethal force
73 Fundamental breakthrough in the future of designing materials
74 Social influences can override aggression in male mice, Stanford study shows
75 Co-infection with two common gut pathogens worsens malnutrition in mice
76 Concerns that sleep apnea could impact healthspan
77 Gene transfer corrects severe muscle defects in mice with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
78 Five vascular diseases linked to one common genetic variant
79 Who were the Canaanites? Ancient human DNA evidence yields answers
80 Hunting-related pathogen exposure not just for adult males
81 Which type of cell to become: Decision through indecision
82 Secrets of the amazing tardigrades revealed by their DNA
83 Are the world's highest paid football players overpaid? Big data says yes
84 Touring senior centers, interacting with residents positively impacts health students
85 Engineering on a blue streak
86 Hunger-controlling brain cells may offer path for new obesity drugs
87 Faster-acting antidepressants may finally be within reach
88 NASA finds moon of Saturn has chemical that could form 'membranes'
89 Scientists discover new magnet with nearly massless charge carriers
90 ALMA confirms complex chemistry in Titan's atmosphere
91 Dulled taste may prompt more calories on path to obesity
92 Computer models provide new understanding of sickle cell disease
93 Researchers developing new tool to distinguish between viral, bacterial infections
94 Artificial light from digital devices lessens sleep quality
95 To pick a great gift, it's better to give AND receive
96 Understanding the impact of childhood cancer rates across sub-Saharan Africa
97 Hubble Friday
98 'Missing lead' in Flint water pipes confirms cause of crisis
99 LSUHealthNO research finds walnuts may promote health by changing gut bacteria
100 Using science to combat illegal wildlife trade
101 New surgical strategy offers hope for repairing spinal injuries
102 Rice U. scientists reel in structure of salmon virus
103 Researchers uncover how to boost learning efficiency in neurofeedback paradigm
104 Broadband light sources with liquid core
105 'Omnipresent' effects of human impact on England's landscape revealed
106 One of the first examples of a local nautical map from Hispanic America
107 Green tea ingredient may ameliorate memory impairment, brain insulin resistance, and obesity
108 Dementia: New substance improves brain function
109 Football judgments and driving too fast: The science of judging speed
110 Estrogen regulates pathological changes of bones via bone lining cells