File Title
1 Superbug report reveals rise in antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea
2 Passionate locals and scientists working together to save northern spotted-tailed quoll
3 T-rex 'not strong enough' for running locomotion, researchers say
4 Students enjoy Australia's first STEM adventure holiday camp
5 Indigenous rock shelter in Top End pushes Australia's human history back to 65,000 years
6 Gamers promised better graphics thanks to nano technology breakthrough
7 How do we know how old the Indigenous Madjedbebe rock shelter is?
8 How I found a new species of the bizarre-looking sunfish--using social media
9 Bag of moon dust from Apollo 11 mission expected to sell for up to $5.05 million
10 AIDS treatment wins as deaths almost halve since 2005, United Nations report shows
11 Elon Musk says New York-Washington DC hyperloop could cover 355 kilometres in 29 minutes
12 Scientologists send M-rated anti-psychiatry DVD to primary schools
13 The world is our paddock: Innovation expert says adaptability key for Australian agriculture
14 Great Filter theory could explain why we're yet to make alien contact
15 Elon Musk plans Adelaide return to detail revised Mars mission
16 Five places that mark Australia's extreme geological past
17 Battery breakthroughs? Here's how your devices could be powered in the future
18 Aussie students vying for gold in maths and science Olympiads
19 Off the leash: Animal-centred science and technology take great new strides
20 Indian musician plays guitar as doctors perform brain surgery
21 Six teenagers disappear after international robotics competition in Washington
22 Face value: Neuroscience shows how first impressions work
23 Fossil footprints reveal Kangaroo Island's diverse ancient wildlife
24 IVF success rates higher for those who go though multiple rounds, long-term data shows
25 How helping animals can help us better understand human trauma and rehabilitation
26 Queensland chief scientist Suzanne Miller sidelined over fraud charges
27 Research breakthrough at University of Newcastle may make it easier for older women to conceive
28 Moon contains more water than we thought: study
29 Four optical illusions that reveal the hidden workings of your brain
30 Backstory: Why the ABC is delivering voice-activated news on Google Home
31 Author David Gillespie on how to deal with the psychopath in your life
32 Scientists create 3D-printed brain-like tissue from stem cells
33 Western men's sperm count in 'significant decline,' 38-year study discovers
34 Artificial intelligence: Australia falling behind as businesses fail to embrace AI, expert says
35 Lyon diet: Why did one of the world's healthiest diets not take off?
36 Cancer and sugar: Does changing your diet starve cancerous cells?
37 Meet the 13-year-old prodigy taking IBM and artificial intelligence by storm
38 How to make batteries that last (almost) forever
39 Road safety technology tested in Adelaide sends audible alert via mobile phones
40 Tasmanian farmers use drones to make irrigation more efficient
41 Dolphins migrate across Bass Strait to double dip in the gene pool
42 Future skills: Report reveals tools schoolkids will need to thrive in jobs market of 2030
43 Canaanites survived Biblical 'slaughter,' ancient DNA shows
44 New drone hub in Victoria a first for Asia-Pacific region as sector surges
45 Amazon jobs: Tech company seeks Australian linguist to help data team
46 Regional entrepreneur dishes up app likened to 'Tinder for food'
47 Ex-NSA boss questions encrypted message access laws proposed by Malcolm Turnbull
48 History of gum disease increases cancer risk in older women
49 Researchers develop technology to make aged cells younger
50 How DNA damage turns immune cells against cancer
51 Researchers identify biomarkers associated with chronic fatigue syndrome severity
52 Study highlights underlying mechanisms of fractures associated with osteoporosis drug
53 Two new studies offer insights into gastrointestinal dysfunction in Parkinson's patients
54 New drug may treat and limit progression of Parkinson's disease
55 Spanking can be detrimental for children's behavior, even 10 years later
56 Aspirin safe for heart failure patients, study finds
57 Obesity linked with teen exposure to violence
58 Among gun owners, culturally tailored suicide prevention messages work best
59 People with autism are less surprised by the unexpected
60 Cells that stand in the way of HIV cure: Discovery expands understanding of marrow's role
61 Cell senescence is regulated by innate DNA sensing
62 Research finds home-based kit would increase HIV testing
63 Study opens new drug therapy targets in a range of diseases
64 Genetic testing helps detect cause of early life epilepsy
65 Statistical analysis for optimal immunization: New insights into T cell development
66 Researchers uncover how to boost learning efficiency in neurofeedback
67 Study shows mango consumption has positive impact on inflammatory bowel disease
68 Using your own stem cells to help your body heal osteoarthritis
69 How sharing can make a hangover less harrowing
70 Potential drug for treating chronic pain with few side effects
71 'Stranger danger' in the online and real word
72 The story of how a worm turned...into a bringer of medical miracles
73 Cancer gene map uncovers potential new treatment targets
74 No evidence higher doses of cholesterol-lowering drug increase risk of acute kidney damage
75 Hunger-controlling brain cells may offer path for new obesity drugs
76 Faster-acting antidepressants may finally be within reach
77 Researchers developing new tool to distinguish between viral, bacterial infections
78 Industry steps up efforts to minimise impact of open display tobacco product ban
79 Single BMD, fracture history predict long-term fracture risk
80 Cost-effectiveness of allergen immunotherapy evaluated
81 Review: positive link for alcohol, nonmelanoma skin cancer
82 Respiratory microbiome may influence inflammation in CF
83 Outbreak of septic arthritis described in New Jersey
84 Pre-op methylprednisolone beneficial in knee arthroplasty
85 Take to the road on 2 wheels
86 Benefit for generalist + specialist care in complex conditions
87 More progress needed for hep C elimination in country of Georgia
88 Chemo plus hyperthermia active in advanced pancreatic cancer
89 Study finds promise in new tactic to curb obesity
90 Coordinated care organizations lead to more timely prenatal care
91 Domestic violence twice as likely to start for pregnant women after HIV diagnosis
92 Refuting the idea that mutations cause cancer
93 Structural and functional MRI in children resuscitated after drowning pinpoints site of anoxic brain injury
94 Intermittent attention, poor memory shape public perceptions of inflation
95 Scientists to settle dispute over taste of wine in bottles with corks versus screw caps
96 Bronze Age Iberia received fewer steppe invaders than the rest of Europe
97 Medieval men were diagnosed with infertility and prescribed treatments
98 New look at an old dinosaur: the rediscovery of the lost Austrosaurus site
99 Isotopes in prehistoric cattle teeth suggest herding strategies used during the Neolithic
100 Traces of adaptation and cultural diversification found among early North American stone tools
101 Identifying major transitions in human cultural evolution
102 Early human's ability to survive through prolonged arid areas in southern Africa
103 Archaeologists find key to tracking ancient wheat in frozen Bronze Age box
104 When should the police use confrontational tactics?
105 In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human
106 Could slot machines be the key to more effective HIV testing?
107 Bringing a 'trust but verify' model to journal peer review
108 Abe Lincoln mystery 'almost certainly' solved using technique that unmasked JK Rowling
109 Dinosaur-era plant found alive in North America for first time
110 Study finds parallels between unresponsive honey bees, human autism