File Title
1 First look at gravitational dance that drives stellar formation
2 Re-making planets after star-death
3 Sleep problems may be early sign of Alzheimer's
4 Bringing precision to Medicare cancer care
5 Repurposed asthma drug shows blood sugar improvement among some diabetics
6 For mice, too much muscle glycogen impairs endurance exercise performance
7 Even light oiling is like flying with a ball and chain for birds
8 Mice lacking a sense of smell stay thin
9 Researchers make significant progress in engineering digestive system tissues
10 One fin in the grave: Necrobiome poses a health threat to fish
11 V.A. campaign to increase hospice care showing results
12 Small-molecule therapeutic boosts spatial memory and motor function in Rett syndrome mice
13 Skin microbe diversity can vary with forest type and habitat in Brazilian frogs
14 Global ocean health relatively stable over past 5 years
15 'Competency-based' service training for flight attendants improves passenger satisfaction
16 Mothers with history of herpes can protect their offspring from neurological infection
17 Neuroscientists call for more comprehensive view of how brain forms memories
18 Black and Hispanic patients more likely to use lower-quality hospices
19 Study sheds light on new Lyme disease-causing bacteria
20 Children in single-mother-by-choice families do just as well as those in two-parent families
21 Fertility treatment does not increase the risk of divorce
22 Watch cancer spread in a mouse
23 How much does dementia risk increase after traumatic brain injury?
24 Self-driving cars may soon be able to make moral and ethical decisions as humans do
25 People with Parkinson's should be monitored for melanoma Mayo study finds
26 Australian study uses new technique to challenge brain development hypothesis
27 High-precision control of printed electronics
28 New breakthrough opens doors to treat melanin-linked skin conditions
29 Advance directive and medical power of attorney are often missing
30 Local views key to unlocking ways to fairer and more successful nature conservation
31 Combining antibiotics proves more effective against common infection
32 Inhibition of tau protein aggregation by rhodanine-based compounds
33 Breakthrough in dating Viking fortress
34 Extreme weather conditions and climate change account for 40 percent of global wheat production variability
35 UK can lead the way in labor rights post-Brexit, says new academic report
36 Shocking case of indigestion in supermassive black hole
37 Who'll win at Wimbledon? Just listen to the pitch of the grunts
38 Through fossil leaves, a step towards Jurassic Park
39 Mapping genes could improve cancer diagnosis
40 Can satellites be used as an early warning system for landslides?
41 Nicking in new nucleotides
42 Not so pretty after all: New pestivirus that attacks the nervous system of Austrian pigs
43 The role of electrochemotherapy in radiosensitization of tumor cells
44 Praying mantises hunt down birds worldwide
45 Do blind people express their emotions in the same way as people who can see?
46 Scanning the surface of lithium titanate
47 Monash Earth Scientists involved in discovery of a new mineral
48 New chemical synthesis method can produce an exciting range of novel compounds
49 On the road to creating an electrodeless spacecraft propulsion engine
50 Personalized metabolic therapy treatment shows improvement on atypical Rett syndrome
51 Genetics may lie at the heart of crop yield limitation
52 Ensuring carpoolers are compatible is key to ridesharing success
53 Whale attack simulations reveal prey escape strategies
54 Surprise methanol detection points to an evolving story of Enceladus's plumes
55 Global use of wastewater to irrigate agriculture at least 50 percent greater than thought
56 Removal of invasive shrub could be an easy way to help reduce malaria transmission
57 Sticking your neck out: How did plesiosaurs swim with such long necks?
58 Winging it: How do bats out-maneuver their prey?
59 A twist in the tail: Flying fish give clues to 'tandem wing' airplane design
60 DNA of early Neanderthal gives timeline for new modern human-related dispersal from Africa
61 Sea shells for sale: A new source of sustainable biomaterials
62 Fastest stars in the Milky Way are 'runaways' from another galaxy
63 Spain now sets the pace of assisted reproduction in Europe with more than 100,000 treatments a year
64 The transfer of chromosomally 'abnormal' embryos can still result in pregnancy in IVF
65 Study finds automated embryo assessment system more accurate than that of embryologists
66 Gigantic crocodile with T. rex teeth was a top land predator of the Jurassic in Madagascar
67 Consumption of high-fructose corn syrup increased in Canada after tariffs lowered in NAFTA
68 Menstruation doesn't change how your brain works--period
69 Forgotten archives reveal street-level impact of 1918 Puerto Rico earthquake and tsunami
70 Cricket's summer song making a comeback
71 Secrets of the world's toughest creatures revealed
72 Signal may be from first 'exomoon'
73 Slimy slugs inspire 'potentially lifesaving' medical glue
74 Diesel and petrol car ban: Clean air strategy 'not enough'
75 Time, not material goods, 'raises happiness'
76 Sea level fears as Greenland darkens
77 China set to launch an 'unhackable' internet communication
78 South African child 'virtually cured' of HIV
79 High risk of 'unprecedented' winter downpours--Met Office
80 World's first floating wind farm emerges off coast of Scotland
81 Why dogs are friendly--it's written in their genes
82 Mighty T. rex 'walked rather than sprinted'
83 Bloodhound Diary: Newquay is go!
84 Viewpoint: Is there such a thing as 'flying ant day'?
85 Earth is becoming 'Planet Plastic'
86 Robot cracks open safe live on Def Con's stage
87 Kasparov: 'Embrace' the AI revolution
88 Deception tech helps to thwart hackers' attacks
89 West Highlands worst in UK for broadband, MPs find
90 Amazon's race to make Alexa smarter
91 Hackers 'could make car wash attack'
92 Nest camera and Amazon Echo help catch home intruders
93 BBC Three to show major e-sports tournament
94 North Korea hackers 'want cash not secrets'
95 UK government's drone collision report criticised
96 Ransomware 'here to stay,' warns Google study
97 Electric trucks and vans cut pollution faster than cars
98 Ukraine braces for further cyber-attacks
99 How Bitcoin is infiltrating the $60 billion global art market
100 Rehab camp aims to put young cyber-crooks on right track
101 Will live streaming of player data improve sport for fans?
102 Bitcoin swings as civil war looms
103 Tech Tent: The crypto-currency craze
104 University finances face 17.5 billion pounds pensions squeeze
105 Manchester bombing led to 11th-hour changes to exam papers
106 North Ronaldsay Primary School loses its only pupil
107 Bristol teacher's end-of-term gift--the sweetest present ever?
108 Academy funding falling for secondary pupils
109 Baby removed from vulnerable mother 'unlawfully'
110 Teacher recruitment shortfall needs action--regulator