File Title
1 Creating music by thought alone
2 The wave nature of light in super-slow motion
3 Scientists replay movie encoded in DNA
4 Mulling over the aromas of wine
5 Babies born big more likely to become obese as children, study finds
6 Evolution of a bacterial enzyme in green algae
7 Does a candidate's religion matter to voters?
8 Female fish prefer averagely active lovers
9 The 1 trillion ton iceberg
10 Shortcut method in drug development
11 The Al Mayadeen news network gives voice to left-wing Arabs
12 New series of papers call for a global recovery treatment consensus for stoke patients
13 New analysis of rare Argentinian rat unlocks origin of the largest mammalian genome
14 Expecting the worst: People's perceived morality is biased towards negativity
15 Smart atomic cloud solves Heisenberg's observation problem
16 Carbon displays quantum effects
17 Mathematical modeling could help with personalized cancer care
18 Between extinction and survival of endangered populations
19 How Einstein's theory of gravitation experienced a Renaissance after World War II
20 Making two out of one
21 First aid in the brain: When language suddenly fails
22 RNA molecules live short lives
23 Quantum mechanics inside Earth's core
24 Microwaves reveal detailed structure of molecular motor
25 Granular media friction explained: Da Vinci would be proud
26 First aid kit in some living organisms helps fix DNA after lengthy sun exposure
27 WikiLeaks gave Trump edge in campaign race, Twitter study finds
28 Experts call for a ban on children rugby tackling
29 Should we screen for cirrhosis?
30 WHO decision to downgrade Tamiflu 'comes far too late' argues expert
31 Multi-antioxidant nanoparticles to treat sepsis
32 Insufficient levels of Vitamin D in pregnancy detrimental to child development
33 New approach to leukemia can help improve successful treatment
34 Behind Green Eyes: New Species of deep-water hermit crab finds itself unusual shelters
35 Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets--even over the Internet
36 Everyday chemicals linked to chronic disease in men
37 Discovery of brain-like activity in immune system promises better disease treatments
38 Research raises antibiotic questions
39 New biofuel technology significantly cuts production time
40 Big-data analysis points toward new drug discovery method
41 Study provides evidence for naturality of high-purity stevia leaf extract sweeteners
42 Taking cells out to the movies with new CRISPR technology
43 Using treated graywater for irrigation is better for arid environments
44 Machine-learning techniques unlock benefit of weight loss for type 2 diabetes patients
45 Predicting heart events after liver transplant
46 Common strength 'genes' identified for first time
47 Programs that teach emotional intelligence in schools have lasting impact
48 How children look at mom's face is guided by genetics and disrupted in autism
49 Synapses in the brain mirror the structure of the visual world
50 See-through heart tissue reveals hidden complexity
51 Targeting 'broken' metabolism in immune cells reduces inflammatory disease
52 Global warming could result in losses for the European wine industry
53 Anti-CRISPR proteins decrease off-target side effects of CRISPR-Cas9
54 Sinus disease symptoms improve 10 years after patients quit smoking
55 Chronic liver inflammation linked to Western diet
56 What do high school principals know about concussion?
57 Children's visual engagement is heritable and altered in autism
58 Study explores antidepressant medication use during pregnancy
59 Clinical trial looks at tramadol for opioid withdrawal
60 No statistically significant risk of ID in children from mothers using antidepressants
61 HIV hijacks surface molecule to invade cell
62 Predictive model may help forecast migraine attacks
63 Finally, a noninvasive measure to identify dangerous blood vessel plaques
64 Tall men and obese men at higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer
65 New research points to treatment breakthrough for viruses
66 Surgery for early prostate cancer may not save lives
67 To attract more students to STEM, highlight communal aspects of STEM careers
68 Study reveals the hidden ways math helps us in everyday life
69 Government funds dwindle for cardiac arrest research
70 Improving diet quality over time linked with reduced risk of premature death
71 Blood test for early detection of pancreatic cancer headed to clinic
72 Release of treated wastewater from hydraulic fracturing contaminates lake
73 House dust spurs growth of fat cells in lab tests
74 Building a safer lithium-ion battery
75 Dignity Health St. Joseph's researchers discover indicator of lung transplant rejection
76 Moms who breastfeed may have reduced risk of MS
77 In autism, genes drive eye gaze abnormalities
78 Low-cost smart glove wirelessly translates the American Sign Language alphabet into text
79 Energy-recycling stairs might make climbing stairs easier
80 Stress can worsen effects of toxic chemical exposure
81 Using the stairs just got easier with energy-recycling steps
82 Half of kids who needed epinephrine didn't get it before trip to the emergency room
83 Seaside sparrows caught between predators and rising seas
84 Nesting in cavities protects birds from predators--to a point
85 Miniature human hearts created from rat hearts
86 Soft and stretchy fabric-based sensors for wearable robots
87 Engineering professor proposes bold concept for solving great barrier reef bleaching
88 Signature analysis of single molecules using their noise signals
89 The fork in the road to DNA repair
90 Botanists discover hundreds of species of fungi in deep coral ecosystems
91 Groundwater pumping drying up Great Plains streams, driving fish extinctions
92 Breakthrough tool predicts properties of theoretical materials
93 PAINS-killer: UNC study finds serious issues with popular drug screening tool
94 UCI study sheds light on regulation of hair growth across the entire body
95 Opioid tapering may improve outcomes for chronic pain sufferers [+ another topic]
96 Scientists upgrade database tracking global temperatures across millennia
97 Preclinical results support entinostat's role in targeting the tumor microenvironment
98 Risk-reducing mastectomy questioned for BRCA mutation carriers with prior ovarian cancer
99 Neural stem cells steered by electric fields in rat brain
100 Squeezing innovation out of the NASA Twins study: Pipetting and cell isolation in space
101 Even droplets sometimes take the stairs
102 Researchers at UIC identify master molecule behind corneal inflammation
103 News laser design offers more inexpensive multi-color output
104 Lip-syncing Obama: New tools turn audio clips into realistic video
105 Academic motivation suffers when economic mobility seems out of reach
106 'Big Muddy' Missouri river needs a plan
107 Prosthetic knee type may determine cost of care for amputees
108 Scientists design solar cell that captures nearly all energy of solar spectrum
109 Economic issues are key to predicting whether students will graduate college, study shows
110 Antibody against carcinogenic substance deciphered