File Title
1 Researchers ID network of neurons crucial for vocal learning
2 With health care cuts looming, low-cost magnesium a welcome option for treating depression
3 Reptile skin grown in lab for first time, helps study endangered turtle disease
4 Harnessing cancer's methylation footprint for more precise diagnosis and prognosis
5 Giving birth multiple times has impact on stroke recovery, study shows
6 Brain signals deliver first targeted treatment for world's most common movement disorder
7 UC biologist looks at butterflies to help solve human infertility
8 Seeing the forest through the trees with a new LiDAR system
9 Extremely fine measurements of motion in orbiting supermassive black holes
10 Ingredient found in soap can alter 'wettability' of your skin
11 Lake harvests are likely more fruitful than we knew
12 Proteins linked to HIV transmission could actually be beneficial for reproduction
13 New gene editing technique could drive out mosquito-borne disease
14 Distant earthquakes can cause underwater landslides
15 Genetic tests help identify relative risk of 25 cancer-associated mutations
16 Leaping lizards!
17 Mice provide insight into genetics of autism spectrum disorders
18 New report: FMCSA's safety measurement system is sound, implementation improvements needed
19 Discrimination, lack of diversity, & societal risks of data mining highlighted in big data
20 Older adults who take 5+ medications walk slower than those who take fewer medications
21 Study identifies key player in heart enlargement
22 Older obese adults can benefit from moderate exercise
23 Astronomers detect orbital motion in pair of supermassive black holes
24 Transcranial stimulation and/or physical therapy improves walking speed in Parkinson's disease
25 Researchers discover novel colistin resistance gene mcr-3 in Escherichia coli
26 Cotton candy capillaries lead to circuit boards that dissolve when cooled
27 UW-Madison scientists illuminate structures vital to virus replication
28 Tech company video ads still dominated by white males
29 More than half of all opioid prescriptions go to people with mental illness
30 Dartmouth study finds legal cannabis laws impact teen use
31 Woodrats can't stomach favorite foods at high temps
32 Insights into closed enzymes
33 Morgridge scientists illuminate structures vital to virus replication
34 Conducting shell for bacteria
35 How grassland management without the loss of species works
36 Friend or foe? Manganese concentration in drinking water needs attention, researchers say
37 Shock report tells of system that turns people with learning disabilities into commodities
38 New wound healing properties of ficin researched at Kazan University
39 Study calls for urgent need for improved human-wildlife conflict management across India
40 Researchers examine brain region that affects drug use habits
41 Jellyfish fluorescence shines new light on DNA copying
42 Digital dating abuse especially bad for girls
43 How many protozoa are in the water we drink?
44 As climate stirs Arctic sea ice faster, pollution tags along
45 New photoacoustic technique detects gases at parts-per-quadrillion level
46 Physicists make quantum leap in understanding life's nanoscale machinery
47 Slow motion makes football referees more likely to give a red card
48 A bioplastic derived from soy protein which can absorb up to 40 times its own weight
49 Sunscreen creams break down into dangerous chemical compounds under the sunlight
50 Ahead of the curve
51 The dust storm microbiome
52 3-D-printed jars in ball-milling experiments
53 Pre-synaptic cadherin/catenin complexes stablize post-synaptic spines in vivo
54 Safeguarding sustainability through forest certification mapping
55 New knowledge about the dynamics of proteins can shape the future in drug development
56 What makes stem cells into perfect allrounders
57 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy under real ambient pressure conditions
58 Nagoya University chemists turn metal catalysis on its head for a sustainable future
59 Ancient retrovirus embedded in the human genome helps fight HIV-1 infection
60 Yoga more risky for causing musculoskeletal pain than you might think
61 Groundbreaking discovery confirms existence of orbiting supermassive black holes
62 Obesity risk factors dropped in preschoolers in prevention program
63 Acupuncture may not be effective in treating infertility
64 Comprehensive program improves measures of childhood obesity at community health center
65 Adults with autism make more consistent choices
66 Estimating Alzheimer's disease causative genes by an evolutionary medicine approach
67 Ozone recovery may be delayed by unregulated chemicals
68 Study examines disciplinary segregation across state prisons
69 Remote sensing technologies key to the future of the oil palm industry
70 Amber warning for the UK's access to new medicines post Brexit
71 Microneedle patches for flu vaccination prove successful in first human clinical trial
72 Technology should be used to boost empathy-based medicine
73 Results from new global health task shifting trial surprise researchers
74 Study shows biomarkers can predict which ER-positive breast cancer patients respond best to first-line therapy
75 Researchers develop microneedle patch for flu vaccination
76 Expanded Medicaid helped people do better at their jobs or seek work, and improved health
77 Community-wide effort to fight childhood obesity shows promise
78 Mixed results on effectiveness of acupuncture to treat stress urinary incontinence, infertility
79 Scientists create better tools to study the processes of life
80 Concussion protocols often not followed during FIFA World Cup
81 High prevalence of diabetes, prediabetes in China
82 Protein associated with Parkinson's disease linked to human upper GI tract infections
83 Seizures follow similar path regardless of speed, says study
84 Study: Intracranial pathology not necessary for gadolinium deposition in brain tissues
85 Hospitalizations for heart failure on the decline; disparities remain for blacks and men
86 The Blue-winged Amazon: A new parrot species from the Yucatan Peninsula
87 Deaths among patients with opioid disorders may be cut by one-third by better care
88 Genetic engineering tool generates antioxidant-rich purple rice
89 A human enzyme can reduce neurotoxic amyloids in a mouse model of dementia
90 Directed gene-copy variation: The key to conquering new environments
91 Training changes the way the brain pays attention
92 Why don't my document photos rotate correctly?
93 Researchers chart pathway to 'rejuvenating' immune cells to fight cancers and infections
94 Mitochondrial flash signals long-term memory at neuronal synapse
95 Integrated medical records can reduce disparities between blacks and whites in HIV care
96 Regulating the indirect land use carbon emissions imposes high hidden costs on fuel
97 Skin cell model advances study of genetic mutation linked to heart disease, stroke risk
98 Gene mutation linked to retinitis pigmentosa in Southwestern US Hispanic families
99 Collapse of the European ice sheet caused chaos
100 Septic systems are a major source of emerging contaminants in drinking water
101 New tool offers snapshots of neuron activity
102 New study links hot flashes with depression
103 Alzheimer's disease risk linked to a network of genes associated with myeloid cells
104 Chimpanzee 'super strength' and what it might mean in human muscle evolution
105 Ultra-compact phase modulators based on graphene plasmons
106 UA researchers: Brains evolved to need exercise
107 Why social isolation can bring a greater risk of illness
108 Stanford scientists create a cellular guillotine for studying single-cell wound repair
109 Glycans as biomarkers for cancer?
110 Novel platform uses nanoparticles to detect peanut allergies