File Title
1 Study links immune responses to intestinal microbes with rheumatoid arthritis
2 Pulling the tablecloth out from under essential metabolism
3 African-Americans with healthier lifestyles had lower risk of high blood pressure
4 Early cardiology care linked to lower risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation
5 Creating a personalized, immersive audio environment
6 Curtains for privacy and quiet
7 Sequencing finds rare genetic disease risk in 1 out of 5 healthy adults [+ additional topic]
8 Natural health product regulation in Canada needs to go further to protect consumers
9 Messages with moral-emotional words are more likely to go viral on social media
10 Study details evidence for past large earthquakes in the Eastern Tennessee seismic zone
11 Lending plants a hand to survive drought
12 Scratch test--wound healing disrupted by smoke but not by Vype e-cigarette vapor
13 The friendly honk
14 Tiny bubbles offer sound solution for drug delivery
15 Exploring the potential of human echolocation
16 Seeing with your ears
17 Using body noise to improve cancer detection
18 Study shines light on brain cells that coordinate movement
19 Atomic imperfections move quantum communication network closer to reality
20 Research accelerates quest for quicker, longer-lasting electronics
21 Genes, ozone, and autism
22 Making ferromagnets stronger by adding non-magnetic elements
23 Bird's eye perspective
24 Targeted drug shows promise in rare advanced kidney cancer
25 Does the emperor have clothes?
26 Cut US commercial building energy use 29 percent with widespread controls
27 New 3-D model predicts best planting practices for farmers
28 By far, men garner most coveted speaking slots at virology meetings
29 Lights out: The neural relationship between light and sleep
30 Anti-epilepsy drug restores normal brain activity in mild Alzheimer's disease
31 Patient race & gender are important in predicting heart attack in the emergency department
32 Bioengineers create more durable, versatile wearable for diabetes monitoring
33 More breast cancers were diagnosed at early stage after Affordable Care Act took effect
34 Algorithm generates origami folding patterns for any shape
35 NIST/CU team launches 'comb and copter' system to map atmospheric gases
36 Safety-net providers can adopt medical home models and improve primary care
37 Self-folding origami
38 Chatter in the deep brain spurs empathy in rats
39 Treating Lyme disease: When do symptoms resolve in children?
40 More democracy through mathematics
41 Senate health reform proposal jeopardizes care for us all as we age, AGS experts
42 Leisure activities lower blood pressure in Alzheimer's caregivers
43 Sweet bribes for ants are key to crops bearing fruit, study shows
44 MRI without contrast agents? Yes, with sugar!
45 Dune ecosystem modelling
46 Special issue of Future Medicinal Chemistry explores advances in neurodegenerative disease therapy
47 Equipping form with function
48 A unique amino acid for brain cancer therapy
49 Immunotherapy kinder than chemotherapy for patients with head and neck cancer
50 Does dark matter annihilate quicker in the Milky Way?
51 How insulin in the brain may suppress the subjective feeling of hunger
52 Following a friend leads to unsafe driving behavior
53 How the climate can rapidly change at tipping points
54 Is it okay for children to count on their fingers?
55 Neutron-rich nucleus shapeshifts between a rugby ball and a discus
56 NUS study: Plants sacrifice 'daughters' to survive chilly weather
57 New research reveals impact of seismic surveys on zooplankton
58 Protein mingling under blue light
59 Don't leave baby boomers behind when designing wearable technology
60 Putting others first can cost lives in emergencies
61 Dietary and lifestyle recommendations for patients at risk of macular degeneration
62 Existing drugs could benefit patients with bone cancer, genetic study suggests
63 Fungal toxins easily become airborne, creating potential indoor health risk
64 Experts uncover first molecular events of organ rejection
65 Public health guidelines aim to lower health risks of cannabis use
66 Turtle go-slow zone extensions needed
67 Changes to diet, physical activity & behavior may reduce obesity in children, adolescents
68 ACP expresses 'strongest opposition' to Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017
69 Researchers design sounds that can be recorded by microphones but inaudible to humans
70 Combined molecular biology test is the first to distinguish benign pancreatic lesions
71 Child safety or parental duty: New study maps out core concepts in the vaccination debate
72 New report examines evidence on interventions to prevent cognitive decline, dementia
73 Researchers show first evidence of using cortical targets to improve motor function
74 Patient-inspired research uncovers new link to rare disorder
75 Tourette Syndrome risk increases in people with genetic copy variations
76 Scientists uncover origins of the sun's swirling spicules
77 Seafood poisoning bug thwarts a key host defense by attacking the cell's cytoskeleton
78 Bacterial organizational complexities revealed
79 Research suggests sexual appeals in ads don't sell brands, products
80 Mouse study suggests how hearing a warning sound turns into fearing it over time
81 New design improves performance of flexible wearable electronics
82 A rising star
83 How do genes get new jobs? Wasp venom offers new insights
84 New biomarker assay detects neuroblastoma with greater sensitivity
85 UM research points to previously unknown pine marten diversity
86 Study examines gun policy preferences across racial groups
87 Discovery of a new mechanism involved in the migration of cancer cells
88 UK chemistry researchers develop catalyst that mimics the z-scheme of photosynthesis
89 Correct connections are crucial
90 Tiny nanoparticles offer significant potential in detecting/treating disease new review of work on exosomes
91 How pythons regenerate their organs and other secrets of the snake genome
92 Proton pump inhibitors do not contribute to dementia or Alzheimer's disease
93 High fat diet reduces gut bacteria, Crohn's disease symptoms
94 Popular prostate drug linked to serious side effects
95 Sea sponges stay put with anchors that bend but don't break
96 NASA's Webb telescope gets freezing summertime lodging in Houston
97 Uncomfortable summer heat makes people moody and unhelpful, new research finds
98 Unexpected rotation in a stone-dead galaxy
99 On polygamous females and single-parent males
100 Holey pattern boosts coherence of nanomechanical membrane vibrations
101 White people show race bias when judging deception
102 How eggs got their shapes
103 Quantum thermometer or optical refrigerator?
104 A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved at EPFL
105 Negative tweets can trash TV programs for other viewers
106 Bug spray accumulation in the home
107 The two faces of rot fungi
108 Authenticity key to landing a new job
109 Alzheimer's disease study links brain health and physical activity
110 Diabetes patients still produce insulin