File Title
1 Genetic sequencing could influence treatment for nearly 3/4 of advanced cancer patients
2 Citizen scientists uncover a cold new world near Sun
3 Mice will help reveal the roles of human brown fat
4 Recommendations to optimize continuous glucose monitoring in diabetes clinical research
5 Olive oil nutrient linked to processes that prevent cancer in brain
6 Tumor induction from a distance
7 Understanding a river's 'thermal landscape' may be the key to saving it
8 New ceramic nanofiber 'sponges' could be used for flexible insulation, water purification
9 Dairy products a good dietary source of some types of vitamin K
10 Scientists design molecular system for artificial photosynthesis
11 UQ physicist builds on Einstein and Galileo's work
12 Are dense star clusters the origin of the gravitational waves discovered by LIGO?
13 Secukinumab and ixekizumab in psoriasis: Considerable added benefit for certain patients
14 NIH scientists try to crack the brain's memory codes
15 Study of kids with autism identifies hospitalization risk factors
16 Bacteria used as factories to produce cancer drugs
17 Red light has no effect on bat activity: Less disruption by changing artificial color
18 Facial expressions can cause us problems in telling unfamiliar faces apart
19 Configuration and manipulation of soft robotics for on-orbit servicing
20 Radiocarbon dating of phytolith traces rice domestication to 10,000 years ago
21 Deep magma reservoirs are key to volcanic 'super-eruptions,' new research suggests
22 Antarctic ice rift close to calving, after growing 17km in 6 days--latest data from ice shelf
23 Sydney Harbor emissions equivalent to 200 cars on the roads
24 Eco-label in exchange for less chemicals on rice fields
25 Observation of the phase transition of liquid crystal defects for the first time
26 New catalytic converter composite reduces rare earth element usage
27 Recreational running benefits hip and knee joint health
28 Forensic chemical analysis of wood could stop illegal logging
29 Bone loss is another hidden pathology caused by malaria infection
30 Gene therapy could 'turn off' severe allergies
31 Queen's researcher's 'miracle material' discovery could end cracked smart devices
32 Older patients have a higher pain tolerance after major surgery--or do they?
33 International variation on definition of brain death must be cleared up to restore public confidence
34 Human blood found on Revolutionary War artifact from N.J. park
35 Earliest evidence of Aboriginal occupation of Australian coast discovered
36 Shared genetic heritage from Sicily to Cyprus
37 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Carving Found in Looting Hole
38 Ancient Shrewsbury sacred site 'oldest of its kind'
39 Archaeological discoveries at Salut, Sumhuram sites of exceptional historical value: Expert
40 University of Aberdeen team saves 50,000 frozen Alaskan artifacts
41 Sour soup for the gods--discovery in a medieval hut in the Lublin province
42 Researcher finds evidence for shared governance in ancient Mexico
43 New sonar searches for Spanish Armada wreckage to take place in Co. Sligo
44 'Hunchback of Torrenueva' unearthed in Roman cemetery in southern Spain
45 UC San Diego Researchers Discover Human Burials and Artifacts in Ancient Mycenaean Tomb
46 Khirbat Iskandar reveals 'crucial time span in history of Jordan'--Italian archaeologist
47 Study provides surprisingly complex portrait of ancient trade networks
48 Two missing World War II B-25 bombers documented off Papua New Guinea
49 Tied up in his grave, the strange 'dancing skeleton' of Ust-Ivanovka
50 7.2-Million-Year-Old Pre-Human Remains Found in Bulgaria, Greece Show First Pre-Humans Developed in Balkans, Not Africa
51 Scientists find 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains in the Balkans
52 Ancient city of Aptera in Crete to be revealed at special event in Athens
53 Jordan--Swiss archaeologist examines ancient Nabateans' water technology
54 Did Dutch hordes kill off the early Britons who started Stonehenge?
55 Embalming materials for Middle Kingdom vizier Ipi rediscovered on Luxor's west bank
56 UC San Diego Researchers Discover Human Burials and Artifacts in Ancient Mycenaean Tomb
57 Evidence Revealed of the Last Battle of Jerusalem from 2,000 Years Ago
58 Groundbreaking discovery of early civilization in ancient Peru
59 Implement found in Syria was chipped out of obsidian deposit hundreds of kilometers away
60 Bamburgh dig uncovers unique find
61 Archaeological probe finds prehistoric gravestones in southeast Iran
62 Traces of some of South America's earliest people found under ancient dirt pyramid
63 Ancient Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers Made Love, Not War
64 Evidence of 4,000-year-old trading post uncovered on Sir Bani Yas Island
65 8 ancient rock paintings of horses found in China
66 Earliest evidence for dog breeding found on remote Siberian island
67 Ochre use by Middle Stone Age humans in Porc-Epic cave persisted over thousands of years
68 Archaeologist pieces together early history of what is now western Slovakia
69 Polish researchers filled an archaeological blank spot in northern Mesopotamia
70 The first genome data from ancient Egyptian mummies
71 Ceramic Heads of Possible Goddesses Discovered in Ancient Waste Dump
72 Significant finds from underwater excavation on Delos island in Greece
73 Lintel bearing Middle Kingdom cartouches unearthed at Ihnasya site in Egypt
74 Ancient Water System Discovered Near Ramat Bet Shemesh
75 Genomics tracks migration from lost empires to modern cities
76 Jerusalem dig sheds light on 2,000-year-old eating habits of local Jews
77 Mystery solved: Scientists reconstruct 10,300-year-old bison hunt
78 Archaeologists discover 13,000-year-old arrowhead in Northampton field
79 Ten Late Period tombs uncovered in Aswan
80 Why was a teenager with bone cancer buried on Witch Hill in Panama?
81 New research reveals earliest directly dated rock paintings from southern Africa
82 Lavau Celtic Prince: 2,500-year-old royal tomb starts to reveal its secrets
83 Laser technology uncovers 1,600-year-old Christian frescoes in Rome's biggest catacomb
84 God or Geology? The Genesis of RAM's Bridge
85 Hoard of Roman coins found at former burial site in Gelderland
86 Rice Was First Grown at Least 9,400 Years Ago
87 Documentation work begins
88 This Mask Is Among the Oldest Human-Made Metal Objects in South America
89 Did children build the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna?
90 Bamboo raft launched to explore 30,000-year-old historical sea route
91 ANU Archaeologists unearth 19th century history at Googong
92 Ancient underground city with 52 chambers discovered in Turkey's Kayseri
93 Solving the puzzle of when the first humans arrived in the Americas
94 Lost temple discovered after 1,000 years in Chengdu
95 5,000 Years of Native American Moundbuilding
96 Treasure trove of jade stones used in Mayan rituals discovered in Guatemala
97 Oldest Anatolian transcript found in Acemhoyuk
98 Revealing the truth about Jamestown, one bone at a time
99 Homo Sapiens Just Got Older--Way, Way Older
100 Scientists find human tooth inside H.L. Hunley submarine during cleanup
101 Archaeologists Uncover 1,700-year-old Roman Villa with Stunning Mosaics in Libya
102 New Map Reveals Ships Buried Below San Francisco
103 Rare glass spearhead found on Rottnest Island
104 Peru's plenty brought ancient human migration to a crawl
105 Ancient Native American site discovered on Santa Rosa Island
106 New Study Shows Mid-East Neanderthals Were Not Only Cave Dwellers
107 Hellenistic tomb with pottery vessels discovered in Alexandria
108 Mysterious Fire Monument in England Predates Stonehenge by 800 Years
109 Ancient Aztec temple, ball court found in Mexico City