File Title
1 Scientists make plastic from sugar and carbon dioxide
2 Body contouring is only for the rich and insured
3 Galaxy alignments traced back 10 billion years
4 The role of vitamin A in diabetes
5 The importance of time and space in brain development and disease
6 Hot rocks, not warm atmosphere, led to relatively recent water-carved valleys on Mars
7 Fighting fire blight and detecting Salmonella
8 Opioid epidemic hits nearly all age groups in both rural and urban US areas
9 University of Huddersfield collaborates with Australian firm for scientific research
10 Climate change risk for animals living in prime conditions
11 Human reproduction likely to be more efficient than previously thought
12 VST captures 3-in-1
13 Why does an anesthetic make us lose consciousness?
14 Understanding multi-decadal global warming rate changes
15 A&A special issue: The VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz large project
16 A docking site per calcium channel cluster
17 Active implants: How gold binds to silicone rubber
18 The designation as a Biosphere Reserve improves the life quality of the citizens
19 Ammonia on demand? Alternative production method for a sustainable future
20 Researchers discover what may be earliest stage of Alzheimer's disease
21 Immuno-PET shows promise for detecting and treating pancreatic tumors
22 Single dual time-point PET scan identifies dual Alzheimer's biomarkers
23 Clinical trial shows traditional treatment is better for iron-deficiency anemia
24 Research finds link between spacing out and giving up
25 Mosquito-killing fungi engineered with spider and scorpion toxins could help fight malaria
26 Researchers repurpose former experimental cancer therapy to treat muscular dystrophy
27 Assembly failure
28 Ancient otter tooth found in Mexico suggests mammals migrated across America
29 New technology enables effective simultaneous testing for multiple blood-borne pathogens
30 Spying on fish love calls could help protect them from overfishing
31 Researchers pinpoint how detecting social signals may have affected how we see colors
32 Can use of a drone improve response times for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests compared to an ambulance
33 Treating nutritional iron-deficiency anemia in children
34 Elevated brain amyloid level associated with increased likelihood of cognitive decline
35 What makes a mother risk her life to protect her children
36 Scientists reverse mechanism of fatty liver disease
37 Major new appetite regulator successfully manipulated in mice
38 Transcranial direct current stimulation improves mental manipulation of body part imagery
39 Ultrasound for children with abdominal trauma
40 'Big Food' companies have less power than you might think
41 A SMARTer way to discover new stroke treatments
42 Loneliness contributes to self-centeredness for sake of self-preservation
43 Long term exposure to aircraft noise linked to high blood pressure
44 Hope for better lung cancer treatment on horizon
45 Taking diabetes medications as prescribed, exercising and managing weight
46 Shining light on low-energy electrons
47 Helium droplets offer new precision to single-molecule laser measurement
48 Study shows pharmacists knew more about penicillin allergy than MDs
49 Cellular stress increases the probability of developing autoimmune diseases
50 Early-life exposure to famine increases risk of dyslipidemia in women, but not men
51 US aid to combat malaria in Africa is associated with reduced risk of childhood mortality
52 From Genome Research: Environmental pressures on opportunistic fungal pathogen
53 Autism risk linked to fever during pregnancy
54 Female and male mice suffer, recover from TBI differently
55 Mass. General-led study replicates tanning response in cultured human skin
56 Topical drug darkens human skin in a dish without UV
57 Uterine fibroid embolization helps restore fertility
58 Genetic variants linked to higher BMI may be protective against Parkinson disease
59 Bed bug awareness poor among US travelers, but reactions are strong
60 Scientists unravel the interdecadal variability of the Afro-Asian summer monsoon system
61 Epigenetic signaling axis regulates proliferation and self-renewal of neural stem/progenitor cells
62 Pregnancy problems not necessarily tied to Zika viral load or Dengue fever
63 New carbon nitride material coupled with ruthenium enhances visible-light CO2 reduction in water
64 Scientists make first crystal model of under-diagnosed autoimmune disease
65 UNC researchers lead clinical trial evaluating potential treatment for PPD
66 Study: New approach to destroying deadly brain tumors
67 Poor diet, plus Alzheimer's gene, may fuel disease
68 CT angiography appears better at predicting future risk for patients with chest pain
69 New cancer drug makes commonly prescribed chemo drug more effective when given together
70 Where cigarette smoking's damage is done...down to your DNA
71 Study: Floodplain farm fields benefit juvenile salmon
72 Winning climate strategy demands details
73 A plant-based diet boosts weight loss twice as effectively as a traditional diabetes diet
74 E-cigarettes less addictive than cigarettes, PATH study shows
75 Targeted radionuclide treatment for neuroendocrine tumors improves quality of life
76 Combining radionuclide therapy with a PARP inhibitor slows neuroendocrine tumor growth
77 Socioeconomic background linked to reading improvement
78 Learning with light: New system allows optical 'deep learning'
79 Personalized PRRT improves radiation delivery to neuroendocrine tumors
80 Bilingual children are better at recognizing voices
81 Lab on a chip could monitor health, germs and pollutants
82 Common periodontal pathogen may interfere with conception in women
83 Chemists perform surgery on nanoparticles
84 Healthy diet? That depends on your genes
85 Artificial cartilage under tension as strong as natural material
86 Mixing booze and pot is a serious threat to traffic safety
87 Researchers find a surprise just beneath the surface in carbon dioxide experiment
88 Researchers find glass eels use internal compass to find their way home
89 Low levels of vitamin A may fuel TB risk
90 Mass. General report outlines strategies to address racial, ethnic health care disparities
91 New research finds CEOs who appear on CNBC can see their pay rise over $200,000 per year
92 Rattling DNA hustles transcribers to targets
93 Smeal research helps assess humanitarian response capacity in disasters
94 Late-nesting birds and bees face habitat threat
95 Metastatic breast cancer cells use hedgehog to 'evilize' docile neighbors
96 Moffitt researchers identify inhibitor that overcomes drug resistance in prostate cancer
97 Long after 1980s farm crisis, farmers still take own lives at a high rate
98 Sexual stereotypes can lead to unhealthy sexual relationships
99 Immune profiling leads to implications for immunotherapy for NF1-associated tumors
100 Can a single exercise session benefit your brain?
101 Can't shake old ideas? Wash them off, suggests new study
102 A way to objectively measure residents' surgical skills? No sweat
103 Study sheds new light on inherited testicular cancer risk
104 Do mast cells contribute to more severe disease in dengue infection?
105 AI that can shoot down fighter planes helps treat bipolar disorder
106 Promiscuous salamander found to use genes from 3 partners equally
107 Study shows drug lowers levels of biomarker linked to ALS
108 New computing system takes its cues from human brain
109 Study identifies potential biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
110 Vaping cannabis may expose users to carcinogenic compounds