File Title
1 Graphene encapsulation provides unprecedented view of the diffusion and rotation of fullerene molecu
2 Food or fraud?
3 Earning a living in a changing climate--the plant perspective
4 New face-aging technique could boost search for missing people
5 Temperature changes make it easier for malaria to climb the Ethiopian highlands
6 The glue that keeps cells together
7 A new test to detect reliably an autoimmune disease
8 Scientists develop molecular thermometer for contactless measurement using infrared light
9 Changing the color of laser light on the femtosecond time scale
10 Improved accuracy when testing cancer drugs
11 A new mutation in kidney disease
12 Solar material for producing clean hydrogen fuel
13 Rules of the neural roads: Traffic control in your synapses
14 Researchers create 3-D printed tensegrity objects capable of dramatic shape change
15 Want to feel stronger and thinner? Get some exercise
16 Study finds 1 in 5 hospitalized adults suffer side effects from prescribed antibiotics
17 Study finds way to predict treatment effectiveness for adults with autism
18 SNMMI Image of the Year: PET and optical imaging for prostate cancer diagnosis and therapy
19 Dual-agent PET/MR with time of flight detects more cancer
20 Prostate PET/CT targets more cancer and improves patient care
21 New magnet technology creates easy blood access for hemodialysis patients
22 Wildfires pollute much more than previously thought
23 Anti-malaria drugs: Potential new target identified
24 Loss of estrogen a risk factor for disc degeneration and lower back pain
25 Cancer treatment during childhood linked to cognitive problems later in life
26 Drop in violence associated with smoke-free policy at psychiatric hospital
27 Music sessions can help millions who struggle to speak to lead a richer life
28 Blood cell discovery identifies patients with aggressive prostate cancer
29 Special journal issue showcases Aalto University's materials research
30 Muscle growth finding may assist with cancer treatment
31 Molecular pilot light prepares body's heating system for the cold
32 UTI treatment reduces E. coli, may offer alternative to antibiotics
33 Scientists reveal a key link between brain circuits governing hunger and cravings
34 Hydroelectric dams may jeopardize the Amazon's future
35 Quality of psychiatric treatment--not number of beds--should be focus of suicide prevention
36 Older and wiser: Female elk learn to avoid hunters as they age
37 Bioengineered human livers mimic natural development
38 Could broccoli be a secret weapon against diabetes?
39 Eyes in the sky reveal extent of gray seal recovery
40 Breakthrough by Queen's University paves way for smaller electronic devices
41 Visiting virtual beach improves patient experiences during dental procedures
42 Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles overcomes major hurdle in new Stanford study
43 For headache, telemedicine may be as effective as in-person visit
44 Significant gaps in infection prevention impact long-term care residents
45 More than a third of heater-cooler devices used in open heart surgery may be contaminated with deadly bacteria
46 Cleaning and sterilization techniques leave ureteroscopes contaminated
47 Organic conditions boost flavonoids and antioxidant activity in onions
48 Polar bears' declining mercury levels likely due to climate-related shifts
49 Making hydrogen fuel from humid air
50 Clear spoken language model promotes language learning in children with cochlear implants
51 Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapor
52 Brazilian carnivorous mammal-like reptile fossil may be new Aleodon species
53 Female elk can learn to avoid hunters with age
54 New ultrasound 'drill' targets deep vein blood clots
55 Attacking ground spiders overwhelm victims with sticky silk
56 Muscle fibers alone can't explain sex differences in bird song
57 Study looks at needles in treatment for shoulder pain
58 New technology will enable properties to share solar energy
59 Discovery by NUS researchers improves understanding of cellular aging and cancer development
60 Discovery of human blood cell destinies revises knowledge of immune cell development
61 Study sheds light on Neanderthal-Homo sapiens transition
62 Autumn Eurasian snow variability in response to atmospheric circulation
63 Researchers advocate statistical approach to search for Earth-like planets
64 New evidence that all stars are born in pairs
65 'Overturning established fact' leads to new new target in MLL-rearranged leukemia
66 Cloudy with a chance of radiation: NASA studies simulated radiation
67 Photopower for microlabs
68 Concussion effects detailed on microscopic level
69 Superconducting nanowire memory cell, miniaturized technology
70 Clinical study shows TempTraq detects fevers quicker than the current standard-of-care method
71 Largest genome-wide study of lung cancer susceptibility identifies new causes
72 3-D-printed patch helps guide growing blood vessels
73 Donor microbes persist 2 years after fecal transplant to treat C. difficile infection
74 People 'phone snubbed' by others often turn to phones, social media for acceptance, Baylor study
75 UMD bioengineers develop new technologies to drive next-generation therapies for MS
76 Researchers discover new structures in bacteria, seek to determine function
77 Pediatric nurses miss care more often in poor work environments, Penn study finds
78 Makeup of vaginal microbiome linked to preterm birth
79 Graphene transistor could mean computers that are 1,000 times faster
80 E. coli bacteria's defense secret revealed
81 Argonne X-rays used to help identify a key Lassa virus structure
82 Research suggests seal oil could help people with type 1 diabetes
83 Magnets, all the way down!
84 A seaweed derivative could be just what lithium-sulfur batteries need
85 VLA gives new insight into galaxy cluster's spectacular 'mini-halo'
86 Stanford researcher sheds light on life of lesbians in Nazi Germany
87 Does access to quality playgrounds vary with a child's socioeconomic status & obesity risk?
88 Emphasizing individual solutions to big issues can reduce support for government efforts
89 Small scale, big improvements
90 What drives hacktivism? Weighing the payoffs against the risks
91 Researchers show how a cancer gene protects genome organization
92 Study sheds light on determining surgical margins for feline tumors
93 Birds of a feather
94 When the rubber hits the road: Recycled tires create stronger concrete
95 Charred flowers and the fossil record
96 Risky bingeing: Women in Appalachian Ohio report higher rates of alcohol misuse
97 Gut check: A molecule that balances the immune system in the gut
98 Is Palmer amaranth developing traits that make it harder to control?
99 Rare genetic disorders: New approach uses RNA in search for genetic triggers
100 Making art activates brain's reward pathway--Drexel study
101 Cognitive-related neural pattern to activate machines
102 ARPA-E making progress toward achieving mission, says new assessment
103 Study provides further support for genetic factors underlying addictions
104 Scientists discover more effective, and potentially safer, crystallized form of DDT
105 NREL-led research effort creates new alloys, phase diagram
106 Taking the guesswork out of forensic analysis of fingermarks
107 Altered virus may expand patient recruitment in human gene therapy trials
108 International study identifies new genetic risk factors for testicular cancer
109 Media microaggressions against female olympic athletes up 40 percent
110 Silver atom nanoclusters could become efficient biosensors