File Title
1 Widespread snowmelt in West Antarctica during unusually warm summer
2 Slow earthquakes in ocean subduction zones shed light on tsunami risk
3 Scientists report large-scale surface melting event in Antarctica during 2015-16 El Nino
4 A rusty and sweet side of sepsis
5 Early stress confers lifelong vulnerability causing alterations in a specific brain region
6 Cryo-EM images reveal how key biological machine unfolds problem proteins
7 New tool measures resilience in adolescent Syrian refugees
8 Hi-res view of protein complex shows how it breaks up protein tangles
9 Researchers call for better quality and consistency of electronic health record studies
10 Animal evolution: Hot start, followed by cold shock
11 Egocentric hearing: Study clarifies how we can tell where a sound is coming from
12 US is still first in science, but China rose fast as funding stalled here & elsewhere
13 Breakthrough findings: Fetal immunity develops as early as 2nd trimester of pregnancy
14 Meditation and yoga can 'reverse' DNA reactions which cause stress, new study suggests
15 Global diet and farming methods 'must change for environment's sake'
16 Video imaging of single molecule DNA replication
17 Fred Hutch study suggests NSAIDs improve survival for certain colorectal cancer patients
18 Crystals once deep inside a volcano offer new view of magma, eruption timing
19 Program developed to provide free hearing aids to low-income adults
20 Study examines facial fractures from recreational activity in adults 55 and older
21 Holes drilled in shells point to bigger predators picking on small prey
22 Replacing saturated fat with healthier fat may lower cholesterol as well as drugs
23 Transgender actors effective in teaching new doctors to provide respectful care
24 Japanese slow earthquakes could shed light on tsunami generation
25 Radio astronomers peer deep into the stellar nursery of the Orion Nebula
26 Tumor PD-L2 expression may predict patient response to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy
27 Sex-specific cardiovascular drug dosages needed to reduce adverse reactions in women
28 Thermal history of magma may help scientists hone in on volcanic eruption forecasts
29 Electrolytes made from liquefied gas enable batteries to run at ultra-low temperatures
30 Forget the red hot blob: Volcanic zircon crystals give new view of magma
31 Newly identified method of gene regulation challenges accepted science, researchers say
32 Gut bacteria might one day help slow down aging process
33 Horse, rhythm-and-music therapies may boost recovery after stroke
34 Researchers discover shortcut to satellite-based quantum encryption network
35 Water management interventions push scarcity downstream
36 BfR Research: Proof of the transfer of aluminium from menu trays to food
37 Satellite-based photon entanglement distributed over 1,200 kilometers
38 Seasonal rain and snow trigger small earthquakes on California faults
39 VHA initiative significantly reduces MRSA in veterans living centers
40 College attendance drops after widespread job loss
41 3-D images show how sperm binds to the egg surface
42 Pre-clinical study suggests Parkinson's could start in gut endocrine cells
43 Review: No definitive standard for identifying and treating veterans at risk for suicide
44 Researchers discover new antibiotic effective against drug-resistant bacteria
45 Scientists reveal mechanism behind mosquito-borne-disease 'blocker' used to fight viruses
46 New genetic technique could help identify potential drug targets for malaria
47 Scientists ID mutations that could allow bird flu strain to spread among humans
48 Gender, race & class: Language change in post-apartheid South Africa
49 8 in 10 Indonesian children has been infected with dengue
50 Reproducing a retinal disease on a chip
51 Blocking gene expression to combat deadly fungal infection
52 New map highlights sinking Louisiana coast
53 New light shed on dynamics of type IV pili and twitching motility
54 Influenza virus can overcome potentially crippling mutations
55 Study finds no gender difference in stress as a risk factor for coronary heart disease
56 Distant fish relatives share looks
57 Quantum dot transistor simulates functions of neurons
58 UA surgeon: Physicians, patients must focus on remission of diabetic ulcers
59 Elegant switch controls translation in transition from egg to embryo
60 Plant compound more powerful than AZT against HIV
61 New chemical method could revolutionize graphene
62 UA researchers find physicians' adherence to H. pylori guidelines low
63 Amazonia's future will be jeopardized by dams
64 More amyloid in the brain, more cognitive decline
65 Hidden immune cells cause lung transplant failure
66 Multispectral imaging reveals ancient Hebrew inscription undetected for over 50 years
67 Reckless behavior fuels ongoing stress for some with PTSD
68 Marijuana use among college students on rise following Oregon legalization, study finds
69 SLU researchers find key to muscle regeneration
70 Physicists and medics discover new ability of immune cells
71 Statins may not be used for protection against Parkinson's disease
72 Drug design strategy boosts the odds against resistance development
73 Experimental drug co-developed by Moffitt Cancer Center researcher shows promise
74 Dressmakers found to have needle-sharp 3-D vision
75 Protein network signals found to drive myeloid leukemias
76 Boston Medical Center, Head Start partner to prevent maternal depression
77 MIT researchers refine yardstick for measuring schools
78 Promising peas' potential in big sky country
79 State medical licensing boards' practices may hurt physician mental health
80 Chaotically magnetized cloud is no place to build a star, or is it?
81 New tool helps pick puppies most suited to guide dog training
82 Universal stabilization
83 Online cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is effective for military
84 Gender dictates camouflage strategy in this newly identified praying mantis group
85 Printed sensors monitor tire wear in real time
86 Cancer researchers look at resistance to targeted therapy in mantle cell lymphoma
87 Scientists make waves with black hole research
88 Peer-led self-management programs may not help teenagers with asthma
89 Previous bacterial infection increases risk of newly-diagnosed Sjogren's syndrome
90 New tools help early diagnosis of systemic sclerosis
91 New imaging technique may help identify joint inflammation in children earlier
92 Elon Musk's vision of a self-sustaining city on Mars published in New Space
93 A surprising new link between inflammation and mental illness
94 New class drug significantly reduces spine fracture risk in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
95 Early therapeutic intervention for pre-RA patients significantly reduces risk of RA
96 Continuing anti-TNF treatment with CZP for RA during pregnancy: No or negligible placental transfer
97 Body fat and waist size linked to increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women
98 Gluten-free beer from Witkop teff grains
99 'Purposeful leaders' are winning hearts and minds in workplaces, study finds
100 Male infertility: Urogenital infection as a possible cause
101 Low complication rates after screening colonoscopy
102 Why we get diarrhea
103 Beetles spark development of color-changing nanoparticles for commercial use
104 New study: Unsaturated fat associated with fatty liver disease
105 Bacteria from cystic fibrosis patient could help thwart antibiotic-resistant TB
106 Massey scientists may have found a new way to halt lung cancer growth
107 Wyss Institute's Organ Chips get smart and go electric
108 Russian researchers developed a reliable forward error correction method for digital data
109 Clean energy stored in electric vehicles to power buildings
110 Indoor tanning still accessible to young people--despite bans