File Title
1 T. rex was probably pretty slow, scientists claim
2 Gamma-ray telescopes locate high-energy trap in the middle of the Milky Way
3 Cowbirds in Canada are tricking songbirds into raising their young at a worrisome rate
4 Sumatra sea cave sediments reveal record of ancient tsunami
5 Climate scientists find link between sea surface temperatures and droughts
6 Shark scavenging analysis aids the study of human remains
7 Scientists find link between vastness of the universe, cosmos' tiniest particles
8 Similar genes in dogs, humans linked with gregariousness
9 ESA rovers prepare for life on the moon in the Canary Islands
10 Tadpole's gut microbiome can predict a frog's health
11 Hubble spots Phobos orbiting Mars
12 Study finds inverse relationship between foot traffic and crime
13 Global warming, rising seas may encourage parasites
14 Astronauts grow cucumbers in space to help scientists understand root growth
15 Early intervention aids vocabulary in babies with hearing loss
16 New class of breast cancer drugs deemed well-tolerated
17 Medication errors resulting in negative outcomes on the rise
18 Study: Sinus damage from smoking reverses within a decade after quitting
19 White collar workers at higher odds of death from ALS, Parkinson's
20 Height, weight may affect risk for aggressive prostate cancer: Study
21 Boxers, MMA fighters may face long-term harm to brain: study
22 Stress fractures more common in underweight female runners
23 Subtypes may change the microbiome in lungs with COPD
24 Efforts to combat malaria undermined due to decline in financing
25 Researcher identifies possible cause for lupus
26 New diabetes treatment teaches rogue immune cells to behave
27 Working too much may increase risk for irregular heart rhythm: Study
28 Study finds potentially safer substitutes for BPA
29 Study: Oxytocin improves social behavior in some autism cases
30 Controlling asthma in pregnancy may help keep disease from kids
31 Analysis: Critically endangered gorillas can contract mono-like virus
32 Study: Breivik terrorist attacks in Norway led to mental illness
33 Humans worldwide almost always lean right when kissing
34 Researchers use black light to diagnose skin problem in pregnancy
35 Researchers link two new genes to Alzheimer's disease
36 9/11 survivors more likely to have heart, lung diseases: Study
37 Artificial sweeteners may actually increase risk for obesity, study says
38 Rare disease clues found in cell's recycling system
39 Cannabis use at 18 linked to depression in young teens
40 Poll: Many Americans unaware of this year's heavy tick season
41 Impaired eyesight may be first sign of Zika damage in babies
42 Obese, overweight individuals less likely to consider next meal
43 Study suggests optimal method for giving children's medications
44 Some medications boost sensitivity to the sun, experts say
45 Collaboration between therapists and clients can improve family therapy
46 Scientists identify drug target for treatment of glioblastoma
47 Study: Women driven to be thinner when husband is hot
48 FDA approves Nerlynx to reduce risk of recurrent breast cancer
49 Study: Physical, breathing exam best way to diagnose asthma
50 Dozens of potential Alzheimer's meds in development
51 Little evidence that vasectomy raises prostate cancer risk
52 High-dose vitamin D may not curb kids' colds
53 Personalized wearable sensor measures body temperature
54 Research suggests bone strength may be hereditary
55 Researchers identify new target for chronic pain
56 British study finds sugary drink interventions may be working
57 Researchers find possible treatment for fetal alcohol damage
58 Researchers unveil new treatment guidelines for PANS
59 Social interaction may aid cancer patients' response to treatment
60 Doctors' group offers ideas for easing cancer costs
61 Researchers grow functioning liver tissue in mice
62 Study: Losing Medicaid tough on people battling depression
63 Study shows link between meal frequency, BMI
64 Number of T-cells predicts response to immunotherapy in melanoma
65 Study: Healthy lifestyle can increase life expectancy by 7 years
66 Researchers urge sexual health clinics to ask about abuse
67 Cow antibodies may be key to effective AIDS vaccine
68 Oxygen therapy revives brain of toddler who nearly drowned
69 Antidepressants in pregnancy tied to slight increase in autism
70 More patients OK'd for cancer trials under Obamacare: Study
71 MRI approved for young infants in intensive care
72 Study: Severe antisocial behavior differs for boys, girls
73 Research shows how physical exercise prevents dementia
74 Norway's oil production higher year-over-year
75 Energy jobs on the decline, but not production, IEA finds
76 Oklahoma says economic recovery under oil price pressure
77 Oil prices under production strains
78 Oil-rich Alberta unveils investment tax credit program
79 Shell continues divestment streak with Irish sale
80 Major oil discovery heralded offshore Mexico
81 Brazil a core area, Norwegian energy company Statoil says
82 Big Michigan business concerned by Enbridge oil pipeline
83 South Sudan to hold its first oil and gas conference
84 Fed report, lower U.S. oil production lift oil prices higher
85 Total petroleum production in Norway higher than last year
86 Drilling slated for Arctic waters offshore Alaska in December
87 Most oil players losing confidence in the market, IEA says
88 Oil output slow, steady for U.S. in Gulf of Mexico
89 China wants free trade deal with Canada
90 Oil prices stabilize after supply declined last month
91 First Trump offshore lease sale revised to reflect market conditions
92 Aker BP, a Norwegian company, expecting higher production
93 Norway's Statoil moves closer to South American oil prize
94 ADB: Asia-Pacific 'at the heart' of climate risks
95 Texas oil spill isolated, Magellan said
96 Libya gains balance Nigerian oil loss
97 Slow gains for oil prices in early Friday trading
98 Texas pipeline repaired after oil spill last week
99 More gas found offshore, Norway's gov't says
100 More EU praise for progress on renewable energy
101 Iran sets goal of 10 new oil, gas deals
102 Disney next in line for LNG-powered cruise ships
103 Russians worried about the cost of living
104 Rally in oil prices runs out of steam
105 Iran the winner in recent deal with Total
106 Gas prices nationwide holding steady
107 Libya called to share production plans with OPEC
108 Magellan could see financials dinged by Texas pipeline spill
109 Russia sees no damage from Bering Sea quakes
110 Western forces hit more ISIS oil installations in Syria