File Title
1 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin rolls out the red carpet for Mars (Update)
2 For moratorium on sending commands to Mars, blame the Sun
3 Planets like earth may have had muddy origins
4 Hubble spots a barred lynx spiral
5 Researchers describe one of the most massive large-scale structures in the universe
6 Shedding light on galaxy rotation secrets
7 Study finds our Sun is like other stars, resolving mystery
8 More to life than the habitable zone
9 Moon Express reveals plans for private exploration of the moon
10 Chandra peers into a nurturing cloud
11 New evidence in support of the Planet Nine hypothesis
12 Juno spacecraft spots Jupiter's Great Red Spot
13 New 'hot Jupiter' with short orbital period discovered
14 8.3 billion metric tons: Scientists calculate total amount of plastics ever produced
15 Team uncovers secrets of our cellular 'energy sensor'
16 Why are dogs such doting companions? It's in their genes
17 Goodbye HERA, hello sleep: NASA's HERA XIII crew returns home to slumber
18 Image: Supersonic parachute testing
19 NASA evaluates how crew will exit Orion spacecraft
20 Why we need a new type of SETI instrument
21 How do you work out if a signal from space is a message from aliens?
22 How giant atoms may help catch gravitational waves from the Big Bang
23 New Mexico professor seeks to save moon-landing sites
24 New Hot Jupiter marks the first collaborative exoplanet discovery
25 Just one small step for Australia's space industry when a giant leap is needed
26 John Glenn memorial plans abound on July birth date
27 NASA communications satellite damaged 3 weeks before launch
28 Space station project seeks to crystalize the means to counteract nerve poisons
29 Humanity's 'sustainability' is no excuse for abandoning planet Earth
30 Hypersonic flight test goes like a rocket
31 Introducing JUICE--the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer
32 New horizons unveils new maps of Pluto, Charon on flyby anniversary
33 Mars mission astronauts rehearse water landings off Texas
34 To infinity and beyond? US lawmakers advance 'Space Corps' plans
35 New horizons unveils new maps of Pluto, Charon on flyby anniversary
36 Mars mission astronauts rehearse water landings off Texas
37 To infinity and beyond? US lawmakers advance 'Space Corps' plans
38 Researchers find path to discovering new topological materials
39 Researchers create new technique for manipulating polarization of terahertz radiation
40 Simulation reveals universal signature of chaos in ultracold reactions
41 Researchers pair robotics and information theory to better understand predator and prey relationships
42 Physicist points way to controlling elasticity with magnetism
43 Engineers create brighter, full-color holograms that can be viewed with low light
44 Networking is key for cells during bone formation
45 Islands of cooperating atoms jam like ice floes as a liquid becomes like glass
46 New breakthrough discovery--every quantum particle travels backwards
47 Lab develops way to spot defects inside hard-to-image materials
48 First experimental observation of new type of entanglement in a 2-D quantum material
49 Researchers look inside dangerous blood clots with optical clearing technique
50 Smart design carries sound one way
51 Scientists create first laboratory generation of astrophysical shock waves
52 Computer chip technology repurposed for making reflective nanostructures
53 Ultra-sensitive measurement of nanoscale deformation
54 Researchers offer new explanation for why protein fibers form
55 Heat-loving quantum oscillations
56 Controlling heat and particle currents in nanodevices by quantum observation
57 Researchers develop technique to control and measure electron spin voltage
58 New imaging technique able to watch molecular dynamics of neurodegenerative diseases
59 Micromotors are powered by bacteria, controlled by light
60 Atomic cousins team up in early quantum networking node
61 Using an electric charge to make tiny fluid droplets look like Saturn
62 Smart atomic cloud solves Heisenberg's observation problem
63 Why are dogs such doting companions? It's in their genes
64 Panel approves bill to boost testing of self-driving cars
65 India's top court considers whether privacy is a right
66 Superhero 'Deadpool' opens fire in virtual reality
67 Scientists reveal new connections between small particles and the vast universe
68 Evidence of the Higgs particle's decay in quarks
69 Manipulating electron spins without loss of information
70 A powerful laser system for driving sophisticated experiments in attosecond science
71 Compact, precise photon beam could aid in nuclear security, report says
72 Leading the way: ORNL builds more reliable, longer-lasting targets for high-powered neutron scattering
73 Researchers develop a novel type of optical fiber that preserves the properties of light
74 Physicists determine how a promising lead-free material works
75 Probing physics beyond the Standard Model with the ATLAS Experiment
76 Running light around a tetrahedron
77 Quantifying the crossover from surface to bulk properties in important spintronic materials
78 Uncovering the connection between negative stiffness and magnetic domain walls
79 Ultrafast motions and fleeting geometries in proton hydration
80 Bacteria never swim alone
81 New scales for the new kilogram
82 Machine learning technique offers insight into plasma behavior
83 Physicists gain new understanding of quantum cooling process
84 Researchers create first low-energy particle accelerator beam underground in the United States
85 Nanoparticles could spur better LEDs, invisibility cloaks
86 Bubble technique used to measure shear forces between graphene sheets
87 NanoVelcro microchips could someday noninvasively diagnose prenatal conditions
88 Carbon nanotubes turn electrical current into light-matter quasi-particles
89 Ultrasensitive DNA quantification by light scattering
90 Harnessing light to drive chemical reactions
91 Breathable, wearable electronics on skin for long-term health monitoring
92 Plasmon-powered devices for medicine, security, solar cells
93 Fluorine grants white graphene new powers: Researchers turn common insulator into a magnetic semiconductor
94 Coupling a nano-trumpet with a quantum dot enables precise position determination
95 Researchers revolutionize vital conservation tool with use of gold nanotechnology and lasers (Update)
96 Antibiotic nanoparticles fight drug-resistant bacteria
97 Researchers illuminate the field of microscopy with nanoparticle 'buckyswitch'
98 Nanomedicine opens door to precision medicine for brain tumors
99 Metal-free MRI contrast agent could be safer for some patients
100 News laser design offers more inexpensive multi-color output
101 New production method for 2-D materials could lead to smarter devices
102 How do you build a metal nanoparticle?
103 Powerful new photodetector can enable optoelectronics advances
104 Researchers develop tumor-targeting MRI contrast based on human protein
105 Nanoscale motion sends light into overdrive
106 Lighting the way to optimal photocatalysis
107 Scientists manipulate light to make flat surfaces appear as 3-D objects
108 2-D layered devices can self-assemble with precision
109 Three-dimensional chip combines computing and data storage
110 Cleaning up CO2 emissions could be worth millions