File Title
1 Investments in conservation easements reap benefits for Colorado
2 Rare birth of endangered hairy-nosed wombat in Australia
3 Control of the unfolded protein response in health and disease
4 Too many bats are being killed for research
5 Scientists hone in on genetics behind chicken weight adaptation
6 'Plant cinema' shows the flow of energy
7 Sibling bonding is stronger when dad's around
8 Reasons are plentiful for whacking those weeds
9 Parasite revealed--new insights into dicyemida
10 Selling $600 frogs--to save them from poachers
11 A uranium-based compound improves manufacturing of nitrogen products
12 Cleaning up CO2 emissions could be worth millions
13 Silk 'micrococoons' could be used in biotechnology and medicine
14 New gel coatings may lead to better catheters and condoms
15 A way to speed up reaction discoveries using automation
16 Fused imaging reveals sixth-century writing hidden inside bookbinding
17 Scientists 'resurrect' ancient proteins to provide clues about molecular innovation
18 Study reveals the mechanisms of a protein that helps moss and green algae defend against too much light
19 New test paves way for potential treatments to target Alzheimer's and other conditions
20 Studying argon gas trapped in two-dimensional array of tiny 'cages'
21 Reduced oxygen nanocrystalline materials show improved performance
22 Biosensors light up cellular signaling processes
23 A new ligand extends the half-life of peptides from minutes to days
24 Mica provides clue to how water transports minerals
25 Scientists explore electronic properties of liquid electrolytes for energy technologies
26 Laser-cooled ions contribute to better understanding of friction
27 Feedback from thousands of designs could transform protein engineering
28 Study suggests route to improving rechargeable lithium batteries
29 Researchers develop dynamic templates critical to printable electronics technology
30 Giant charge reversal observed for the first time
31 Rice scientists simplify the incorporation of nitrogen into molecules
32 Microwaves reveal detailed structure of molecular motor
33 Breakthrough tool predicts properties of theoretical materials
34 New research uncovers the secrets of photosynthesis that could help develop computer technology
35 Out of the blue: Medieval fragments yield surprises
36 Indestructible virus yields secret to creating incredibly durable materials
37 Supramolecular materials with a time switch
38 Innovative nanosensor for disease diagnosis
39 Memory foam advances give firm support to growing mattress industry
40 Researchers report on cell-permeable nanobodies
41 Bio-inspired materials--borrowing from nature's playbook
42 New materials with important applications in enhanced oil recovery
43 Antiaromatic molecule displays record electrical conductance
44 Noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging of lung fibrogenesis with an amino acid targeted probe
45 The asymmetric synthesis of halogenated compounds from carboxylic acids is world first
46 Antibiotic insight may help in battle against bacterial resistance
47 New hydrocarbon fuel cells with high efficiency and low cost
48 Neutron beam from nuclear reactor used to produce safer cars
49 Field trials show that new catalyst material for electrolysers is reliable
50 New technology for producing porous aluminum
51 When life gives you lemons, make bioplastics
52 Clinical tests show that biosensors could pave the way for a personalized antibiotherapy in the future
53 Artifacts suggest humans arrived in Australia earlier than thought
54 Researchers find path to discovering new topological materials
55 Nanoparticles could spur better LEDs, invisibility cloaks
56 Conserve intact forest landscapes to maximize biodiversity, reduce extinction risk
57 A uranium-based compound improves manufacturing of nitrogen products
58 Microsoft cloud to help Baidu self-driving car effort
59 Making lab equipment on the cheap
60 Robot can inspect water or gas pipes from the inside to find leaks long before they become catastrophic
61 Japanese engineers develop headset-less VR system
62 Team develops fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes for electric cars, high-powered lasers
63 Ultra-high-contrast digital sensing
64 Self-fueling boat sets off from Paris on 6-year world trip
65 Helping robots learn to see in 3-D
66 Windows Phone 8 fades out as Microsoft mulls mobile strategy
67 Flying cars and no more pilots in flight revolution: Airbus
68 Low-cost smart glove wirelessly translates the American Sign Language alphabet into text
69 Dutch project tests floating cities to seek more space
70 Microsoft eyes buffer zone in TV airwaves for rural internet
71 In the fast lane--conductive electrodes are key to fast-charging batteries
72 US newspaper group assails Google-Facebook online 'duopoly'
73 Houston team one step closer to growing capillaries
74 Smart technology needs smart users
75 Study indicates concrete construction waste can help rid the air of sulfur dioxide, a major pollutant
76 8.3 billion metric tons: Scientists calculate total amount of plastics ever produced
77 Researchers uncover fresh role for nitric oxide
78 Team uncovers secrets of our cellular 'energy sensor'
79 High-tech sensing illuminates concrete stress testing
80 Heat tweet: Users flock to Twitter when temperatures rise
81 Mexico announces new laptop, tablet security on US flights
82 Aging power plants provide Trump administration with risks and opportunities
83 Smart toys without the batteries
84 Apple founder Steve Jobs is the subject of a new opera
85 Researchers test 3-D-printed water quality sensor
86 New app reveals little-known history of Rio de Janeiro port
87 Does the next industrial revolution spell the end of manufacturing jobs?
88 Protecting your smartphone from voice impersonators
89 Swimming robot probes Fukushima reactor to find melted fuel
90 Protein produced with electricity to alleviate world hunger
91 Want to escape Sao Paulo's traffic? Take a flying taxi
92 Uber banned from operating in Czech Republic's number 2 city
93 AFRL researchers explore automation, additive technologies for cost efficient solar power
94 Hi Bixby: Samsung phone's voice assistant now speaks English
95 Google Glass reborn for the workplace
96 MRI device could bridge neuro-technologies for medical diagnostics, increase safety
97 Ready-to-cook meals from Amazon in bid to expand groceries
98 Target CEO unfazed by Amazon-Whole Foods deal
99 Astronomers discover Earth-sized exoplanet with very short orbital period
100 Gamma-ray telescopes reveal a high-energy trap in our galaxy's center
101 Ancient, massive asteroid impact could explain Martian geological mysteries
102 Evidence of impacts that structured the Milky Way galaxy
103 'Peculiar' radio signals emerge from nearby star
104 NASA Neutron star mission begins science operations
105 Citizen science project discovers new brown dwarf
106 NASA listens in as electrons whistle while they work
107 Astronomers measure detailed chemical abundances of 158 stars in a nearby dwarf galaxy
108 Data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory offer clues about sun's coronal irradiance
109 The great galactic recession
110 Video: Flyover of Pluto's majestic mountains and icy plains