File Title
1 Minimally invasive autopsy can identify causes of Mozambique newborn and childhood deaths
2 Cow herd behavior is fodder for complex systems analysis
3 Electron caught in the act
4 Is it sometimes ok to cheat?
5 How cells combat chromosome imbalance
6 Combining immunotherapies effective against mouse model of cancer
7 Discovery could lead to sustainable ethanol made from carbon dioxide
8 CCNY researchers produce molecules with potential against HIV
9 Researchers find demographic differences in both diabetes rates and care sought
10 How viewing cute animals can help rekindle marital spark
11 Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy
12 UTEP doctoral student discovers 3 chameleon species
13 Surgery patients placed in alternate ICUs due to crowding get less attention from doctors
14 Mathematical modeling uncovers mysteries of HIV infection in the brain
15 Wheat coproducts vary in protein digestibility when fed to pigs
16 Mapping how words leap from brain to tongue
17 X-ray eyes in the sky: Drones and WiFi for 3-D through-wall imaging
18 Bacterial classification may be more elusive than previously thought
19 Brain stimulation protocol reduces spasticity in spinal cord injury patients
20 Inexpensive organic material gives safe batteries a longer life
21 Figuring out the 3-D shape of molecules with a push of a button
22 Financial incentives enhance viral suppression among HIV-positive persons in the US
23 Scientists identify single-gene mutations that lead to atopic dermatitis
24 New research points to potential for more targeted treatments of neuroblastoma tumors
25 Sugar-coated nanomaterial excels at promoting bone growth
26 New branch in family tree of exoplanets discovered
27 Mutant mosquitos make insecticide-resistance monitoring key to controlling Zika
28 Does roasting level affect the antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties of coffee beans?
29 Cells that make blood vessels can also make tumors and enable their spread
30 Study: Most state pension plans paper over unfunded liabilities
31 Unusual soybean coloration sheds a light on gene silencing
32 Birds of all feathers work together to hunt when army ants march
33 Alloying materials of different structures offers new tool for controlling properties
34 Unearned fun tastes just as sweet
35 Acetaminophen: A viable alternative for preventing acute mountain sickness
36 DNA delivery technology joins battle against drug-resistant bacteria
37 Scientists demonstrate adaptation of animal vision in extreme environments
38 Medications underutilized when treating young people with opioid use disorder
39 Researchers sample a DC swamp to study a spineless creature
40 How often do youth with opioid use disorder get buprenorphine or naltrexone?
41 Close failing banks before they cost US billions of dollars, says study
42 Financial incentives increased viral suppression in HIV-positive patients in care
43 Study shows how an opportunistic microbe kills cancer cells
44 Probiotics could improve survival rates in honey bees exposed to pesticide, study finds
45 Grape-based compounds kill colon cancer stem cells in mice
46 Bacteria from hot springs solve mystery of metabolism
47 Riding a romantic roller coaster? Relationship anxiety may be to blame
48 How ticks get a proper foothold
49 Treating autism by targeting the gut
50 Leicester academics argue sexualised drinks advertising undermines anti-rape campaigns
51 A diagnostic test for ALS
52 A & E departments need to do more to identify young people with alcohol problems
53 Discovery could guide immunotherapy for lung cancer
54 Mixed conifer and beech forests grow more as they complement each other
55 Scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps
56 Flights can make aircrew sick, Stirling study suggests
57 150-year records gap on Sulawesi ends with 5 new species in the world's largest tree genus
58 Researchers produce biofuel for conventional diesel engines
59 Smartphone app directs first responders to cardiac arrest 3 minutes before ambulance
60 Sound waves direct particles to self-assemble, self-heal
61 Chemistry of sea spray particles linked for first time to formation process
62 Is your doctor prescribing the wrong treatment for pink eye?
63 Firefly gene illuminates ability of optimized CRISPR-Cpf1 to efficiently edit human genome
64 Risk of infection higher for patients with obesity after bypass surgery: University of Alberta research
65 New ultrasound scoring system for thyroid nodules to reduce unnecessary biopsies
66 Financial incentives improve viral suppression among people living with HIV
67 Poll: Nearly two-thirds of mothers 'shamed' by others about their parenting skills
68 Tumor immune fitness determines survival of lung cancer patients
69 Vaccine that lowers cholesterol offers hope of immunizing against cardiovascular disease
70 A no-brainer? Mouse eyes constrict to light without direct link to the brain
71 Understanding HIV's persistence
72 We are much more unique than assumed
73 Self-medication misuse is high in the Middle East
74 First atomic structure of an intact virus deciphered with an X-ray laser
75 Ancient DNA reveals role of Near East and Egypt in cat domestication
76 Could therapy animal visitation pose health risks at patient facilities?
77 New report looks at 6 key impact areas of shale oil and gas development in Texas
78 Tiny fossils reveal backstory of the most mysterious amphibian alive
79 Wildebeest feast: Mass drownings fuel the Mara River ecosystem
80 Deadly heatwaves will continue to rise, according to study
81 Monitoring soil structure changes after compaction
82 Medicaid expansion states saw ER visits go up, uninsured ER visits go down
83 CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing reverses Huntington's in mouse model
84 Like a moth to a flame
85 How to stop the nasty lurking toxoplasmosis parasite? Target its 'stomach,' study suggests
86 Scientists step closer to drug treatment for hepatitis B
87 Volcanic eruptions triggered dawn of the dinosaurs
88 'Full toolbox' needed to solve the climate change problem
89 Healthcare providers should individualize patient education
90 Implant infections could be banished thanks to scaffold breakthrough
91 Deaths of migrating wildebeests key to Serengeti's vibrant ecosystem
92 Babies' DNA affects mothers' risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy, study finds
93 Study reveals factors associated with hospital discharges against doctors' advice
94 The Asian summer monsoon--a smokestack to the Northern Hemisphere stratosphere
95 Researchers found the impervious regulating thresholds on mitigating urban heat islands
96 Fighting global warming and climate change requires a broad energy portfolio
97 Family of patients with NAFLD and cirrhosis are at increased risk of liver fibrosis
98 To connect biology with electronics, be rigid, yet flexible
99 Believing the system is fair predicts worsening self-esteem and behavior for youth
100 Ebola vaccine developed in Canada shows promising results
101 Looking for trouble: Territorial aggressions and trespasses pay off among primates
102 Yoga is an effective alternative to physical therapy for easing low back pain [+ another topic]
103 Poor adolescent diet may influence brain and behavior in adulthood
104 Psychiatric medication protects developing mouse brain from birth defects
105 New CDC data shows gaps remain in surveillance for mosquitoes that transmit Zika
106 Airborne viruses live for 45 minutes
107 Forecasting strong precipitation--the potential of potential deformation
108 Using sunlight to the max
109 Tenth year of data on cardiac arrhythmia treatment launched at European congress
110 New three-in-one blood test opens door to precision medicine for prostate cancer