File Title
1 Genes Are Not Fixed, Experience and Exposure Can Change Them
2 Drinking Makes You Older at the Cellular Level
3 Seeing with Your Ears
4 Exploring the Potential of Human Echolocation
5 Tiny Bubbles Offer Sound Solution for Drug Delivery
6 The Friendly Honk
7 Using Body Noise to Improve Cancer Detection
8 Legislation Will Strengthen Coordination in the Gulf Region
9 Manipulating Earth-Abundant Materials to Harness the Sun's Energy
10 Physical Activity + Fitbit Help Women During Early Alcohol Recovery
11 Microbes from Ships May Help Distinguish One Port from Another
12 New Class of Porous Materials Better Separates Carbon Dioxide from Other Gases
13 Talking Science
14 Rising Seas Could Result in 2 Billion Refugees by 2100
15 Virtual Training for Active Shooter Incidents Now Available to First Responders
16 Creating a Personalized, Immersive Audio Environment
17 Ultrasound Imaging of the Brain and Liver
18 Microscope Can Scan Tumors During Surgery and Examine Cancer Biopsies in 3-D
19 Cloning Thousands of Genes for Massive Protein Libraries
20 Peanut Family Secret for Making Chemical Building Blocks Revealed
21 2-D Material's Traits Could Send Electronics R&D Spinning in New Directions
22 Detecting Diluteness
23 Pulling the Tablecloth Out from Under Essential Metabolism
24 Cancer Research Institute Awards $1 Million to Fund the Development of Innovative Microchip-Based Research Models of Organ-Specific Cancer Immunotherapy
25 Talking Turtles II: WCS Discovers More Turtles that Talk
26 A Little Place for My Stuff
27 Endocrine Society Issues Scientific Statement on Obesity's Causes
28 Curtains for Privacy and Quiet
29 Microbe Mystery Solved: What Happened to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Plume
30 New Class of 'Soft' Semiconductors Could Transform HD Displays
31 Could this Strategy Bring High-Speed Communications to the Deep Sea?
32 Computer Model Simulates Sense of Touch from the Entire Hand
33 New Research Could Help Humans See What Nature Hides
34 Blocking Cancer--Scientists Find New Way to Combat Disease
35 Beyond the Lab: Workshop Hosted by Top Media Publication & Alan Alda's Center Transforms Scientists and Engineers into Storytellers
36 Ecologist: Tracking Bacterial Movement Between Humans, Animals Key to Understanding Antibiotic Resistance
37 New "Gold Standard" for Flexible Electronics
38 Magnetic Curve Balls
39 The Blue-Winged Amazon: A New Parrot Species from the Yucatan Peninsula
40 Achieving 'Bliss': Children, Adults Differ in How They Perceive Sweetness of Fruits
41 Breaking the Rules to Make Electricity from Waste Heat
42 Friend or Foe? Manganese Concentration in Drinking Water Needs Attention, Researchers Say
43 Military Sexual Trauma Among Men Is Prevalent and Predicts Alcohol Problems Years Later
44 Not Everyone Who Drinks Too Much Has an Alcohol Use Disorder...but Maybe You Do
45 Marijuana-Positive Drivers Increasing, Alcohol-Positive Drivers Decreasing
46 Study Calls for Urgent Need for Improved Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Across India
47 UW-Madison Scientists Illuminate Structures Vital to Virus Replication
48 Cotton Candy Capillaries Lead to Circuit Boards that Dissolve When Cooled
49 Sensitive Faces Helped Dinosaurs Eat, Woo and Take Temperature, Suggests Study
50 Announcement: Scilight--New from AIP Publishing
51 Ingredient Found in Soap Can Alter 'Wettability' of Your Skin
52 Protein Data Takes Significant Step Forward in Medicine
53 Explore Innovations in Industrial Biotechnology at Upcoming Workshops
54 Researchers ID Network of Neurons Crucial for Vocal Learning
55 Graphene Ribbons Result in 100-Fold Increase in Gold Catalyst's Performance
56 Brain Signals Deliver First Targeted Treatment for World's Most Common Movement Disorder
57 Yi Cui Named Blavatnik National Laureate
58 Astronomers Detect Orbital Motion in Pair of Supermassive Black Holes
59 'On Your Mark, Get Set' Neutrons Run Enzyme's Reactivity for Better Biofuel Production
60 Sandia Method Supports Real-Time Warhead Verification Without Revealing Design Data
61 Could an Artificial Coral Reef Protect Marine Biodiversity Against Climate Changes?
62 Robots to Help Children with Autism
63 Magnetic Particles that Flock like Birds
64 Alcohol Use Among Homeless Youth Due to Victimization Varies by Gender and Type of Abuse
65 Innovative Smartphone Technology Can Let You Know When You're Drinking Too Much
66 Sandia Creates Better 'Fingerprints' to Detect Elusive, Valuable Chemical Compounds
67 Study Illuminates Serotonin Contributions to Cocaine's Allure
68 Vortex-Antivortex Pairs Found in Magnetic Trilayers
69 Fight CRC and Cancer Research Institute Award $400,000 to Support Cutting-Edge Immunotherapy Research in Colorectal Cancer
70 Tiny Mite Takes a Major Bite Out of NYS Honeybee Population, Threatens Fruit and Vegetable Crops
71 Vortex-Antivortex Pairs Found in Magnetic Trilayers
72 Fight CRC and Cancer Research Institute Award $400,000 to Support Cutting-Edge Immunotherapy Research in Colorectal Cancer
73 Tiny Mite Takes a Major Bite Out of NYS Honeybee Population, Threatens Fruit and Vegetable Crops
74 NUS Researchers Create Novel Probiotic Beer that Boosts Immunity and Improves Gut Health
75 Guinness World Records Names Engineers' Graphene Aerogel as World's Least Dense 3-D Printed Structure
76 Calculating 'Old' and 'New' Water Runoff
77 Bacteria-Coated Nanofiber Electrodes Clean Pollutants in Wastewater
78 Johns Hopkins Scientists Develop Super-Strong Metal for Next Tech Frontier
79 Pair Female Engineering Students for Projects, and They Flourish
80 Novel Molecular Dynamics Captures Atomic-level Detail of CRISPR-Cas9 Activity
81 WCS Field Conservationist Nominated for Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa
82 The Cutting EDGE: New Virtual Training Prepares First Responders for Active Shooter Incidents
83 What's on Your Skin? Archaea, that's What
84 Tiny "Tornado" Boosts Performance of Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
85 A Wave's "Sweet Spot" Revealed
86 Brookhaven Lab's Scientific Data and Computing Center Reaches 100 Petabytes of Recorded Data
87 Banned Chemicals Pass Through Umbilical Cord from Mother to Baby, Research Finds
88 UF's Crane Honored by Horticultural Society
89 Study Shows High Pregnancy Failure in Southern Resident Killer Whales; Links to Nutritional Stress and Low Salmon Abundance
90 Flipping the Switch on Controlling Disease-Carrying Insects
91 Scientists Manipulate 'Signaling' Molecules to Control Cell Migration
92 Chad Mirkin Named ACS Fellow
93 Bright Thinking Leads to Breakthrough in Nuclear Threat Detection Science
94 Biomechanical Acoustics Study Sheds Light on Running Injuries
95 New Antiviral Drug Inhibits Epidemic SARS, MERS and Animal Coronaviruses
96 New System Makes Fast, Customized Antibiotic Treatments Possible
97 Miss USA Inspires USciences Girls Physics Campers
98 Bringing CRISPR into Focus
99 GPS for Cell "Highways"? 3D Model System Illustrates How Molecular Motors Navigate
100 University Collaboration Set to Spark Breakthroughs in Human, Animal Health
101 Ancient Fossils Suggest Whales Used Teeth to Filter Out Prey
102 DHS S&T Awards $200K to Washington State Startup for Defense Against Cyber-Threats
103 Global Forest Network Cracks the Case of Tropical Biodiversity
104 Study: Climate Change Damages US Economy, Increases Inequality
105 UCI: Earth Is Losing Its Fire Power
106 Researchers ID New Mechanism for Keeping DNA Protein in Line
107 Bacteria Make Natural Pigment from Simple Sugar
108 Large-Scale Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Testing
109 Ecological Roots
110 New Microscope Uses Adaptable Mirror to Create Clearer Images