File Title
1 Human pose estimation for care robots using deep learning
2 Forget defrosting your car at a glacial pace: New research speeds process up tenfold
3 Disruptive technology for the treatment of hemophilia
4 Large-scale, collaborative effort could help ease global hearing loss
5 Why strength depends on more than muscle
6 Study finds 'sexism' in sexual assault research, but this time men are the target
7 Not every sperm is sacred: Longer-lived sperm produce healthier offspring
8 Stalagmites from Iranian cave foretell grim future for Middle East climate
9 Drinking coffee reduces risk of death from all causes, study finds
10 Young people whose pregnant mothers smoked at heightened risk of antisocial behavior
11 Concussion important but badly neglected issue in Para sports, say experts
12 Researchers hope new biomarkers will lead to sports pitch-side test for brain injury
13 Citizen science brings monarch butterfly parasitoids to light
14 New way to predict when electric cars and home batteries become cost effective
15 CNIO scientists link new cancer treatments to cardiovascular alterations
16 Study examines fathers' experiences of child protection process
17 Microbe study highlights Greenland ice sheet toxicity
18 Green method developed for making artificial spider silk
19 Questionnaires can be a good predictor of survival rates in multiple sclerosis
20 Malaria drug protects fetuses from Zika infection
21 Study identifies new gene mutation associated with defective DNA repair and Fanconi anemia
22 Oil spill impacts in coastal wetland
23 Survey finds Medicaid enrollees satisfied with coverage, physician access
24 Prelude to global extinction
25 Stanford researchers observe unexpected flipper flapping in humpback whales
26 Does baby-led approach to complementary feeding reduce overweight risk?
27 How do Medicaid enrollees feel about their health care?
28 Temple-led research team finds notable decrease in IVC filter usage after FDA advisory
29 Stanford researchers find intriguing clues about obesity by counting steps via smartphones
30 Big, shape-shifting animals from the dawn of time
31 Plants under attack can turn hungry caterpillars into cannibals
32 On-site ecstasy pill-testing services may reduce user risks at concerts and raves
33 Equity doesn't mean equal in heart health care
34 Stem cell advance brings bioengineered arteries closer to reality
35 Blacks suffer higher rates of fatal first-time heart attacks than whites
36 Brain training has no effect on decision-making or cognitive function
37 Glioblastoma 'ecosystem' redefined for more effective immunotherapy trials
38 Sleep, Alzheimer's link explained
39 Study reveals an elevated cancer risk in Holocaust survivors
40 NASA is studying fungi to keep space travelers safe on new worlds
41 Miami project presents data demonstrating therapeutic potential of SRK-015 in SCI
42 Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, scientist says
43 Decoding ants' coat of many odors
44 Under stress, brains of bulimics respond differently to food
45 In fathering, peace-loving bonobos don't spread the love
46 Oxytocin improves social abilities in some kids with autism, Stanford study finds
47 Two large studies link higher coffee consumption to reduced risk for death
48 The Ottawa hospital emergency surgery study
49 Stent coated with erectile dysfunction drug may help prevent blood clots and artery narrowing
50 Sea spiders move oxygen with pumping guts (not hearts)
51 Patients whose emergency surgery is delayed are at higher risk of death
52 Study finds rate of medication errors resulting in serious medical outcomes rising
53 Brain training no better than video games at improving brain function
54 High-speed whole-brain imaging improves understanding of brain disease
55 Sustainable amine production through hydrogenation of amides under mild conditions
56 Blood vessels are not designed to fight infection
57 Detailed structure of the sweat gland revealed
58 New force measurement platform provides window to study cardiovascular disease
59 Going to extremes to predict natural disasters
60 Study reveals new insights into rare chronic pain condition
61 New research offers hope to neuro-tumor patients
62 Purpose in life by day linked to better sleep at night
63 Killing cancer in the heat of the moment
64 Nanoparticles coated with antibiotic eliminate drug-resistant bacteria
65 Litter bugs may protect chocolate supply
66 Researchers report chemical reaction with potential to speed drug development
67 New class of insulating crystals hosts quantized electric multipole moments
68 Diatoms have sex after all, and ammonium puts them in the mood
69 Why does prenatal alcohol exposure increase the likelihood of addiction?
70 Hospitalized older adults may need more help selecting skilled nursing facilities
71 Diabetes complications are a risk factor for repeat hospitalizations, study shows
72 Computer vision techniques shed light on urban change
73 UMMS researcher, colleagues develop tumor-targeting MRI contrast based on human protein
74 Strange silk: Why rappelling spiders don't spin out of control
75 Cornell discovery holds potential for treating tuberculosis
76 Hubble's hidden galaxy
77 New data, advanced modeling techniques suggest extreme coastal sea levels more likely to occur
78 Nurse-led intervention helps carers' manage medication and cancer pain
79 How universities are fostering innovation and entrepreneurship
80 Taking medications as prescribed important to control health care costs
81 Giant enhancement of electromagnetic waves revealed within small dielectric particles
82 Insulin release is controlled by the amount of Epac2A at the secretory vesicles
83 Pepsi-SAXS: New method of protein analysis that is 50 times faster than analogues
84 New epigenomic strategies in the clinical management of cancer of unknown primary
85 Iron secrets behind superconductors unlocked
86 Extreme low-oxygen eddies in the Atlantic produce greenhouse gases
87 Obstructing the 'inner eye'
88 Sucking up spilt oil
89 Fasting blood sugar and fasting insulin identified as new biomarkers for weight loss
90 Experts urge action to cut child deaths from deadly lung virus
91 The Ii Hamina cemetery reveals adaptation to the environment
92 Childhood obesity major link to hip diseases
93 Well-being in later life: The mind plays an important role
94 Synthesis of internal gem-diborylalkanes by copper-catalyzed double hydroboration
95 Drinking alcohol while pregnant could have transgenerational effects
96 Recruiting manganese to upgrade carbon dioxide
97 NYU researchers identify promising target to protect bone in patients with diabetes
98 SMAD4 loss is associated with cetuximab resistance and induction of MAPK/JNK activation in HNC
99 Dendritic cells 'divide and conquer' to elude viral infection while promoting immunity
100 Simple test predicts return of bladder cancer
101 Meniscus-assisted technique produces high efficiency perovskite PV films
102 New way of predicting kidney function could improve chemotherapy dosing
103 Powerful new photodetector can enable optoelectronics advances
104 QUT develops golden bananas high in pro-vitamin A
105 Highly nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped carbon microspheres for supercapacitors
106 Feel the heat, one touch a time
107 Flexible and cost-effective fabrication of nature inspired structural colors
108 Changes in brain regions may explain why some prefer order and certainty
109 Digitally remastered wire art to be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2017
110 Surveying sea floor animals for offshore renewable energy