File Title
1 India Plants 66 Million Trees in 12 Hours, Breaks Its Own World Record
2 Solar Panels Linked to Rise in Greenhouse Gas; NF3 More Potent than CO2
3 The 2016 Great Barrier Reef Bleaching Occurs Due to Perfect Storm of Factors
4 China's Satellite 'Micius' Makes Breakthrough in Quantum Communication
5 Quantum Entanglement is Achieved in Space for the First Time
6 The Expounded Quantum Entanglement in Space Could Enhance Information Storage and Communication
7 Exploring Deep Space Could Require Better Internet Connection
8 Scientists Crack Mystery of Sun's Plasma Jets
9 The Brightest Light Ever Produced on Earth Discovered
10 Water Exists as Two Different Liquids, a New Study Reveals
11 Nanofiber Electrodes that Clean Up Pollutants in Wastewater Developed
12 Guns Kill About 1,300 US Children Every Year
13 Peculiar Memories May be the Ones We Recall the Best
14 Eating in Front of a Mirror (Or Looking at a Selfie While You Eat) Enhances Taste of Food
15 Asteroid Collision with Earth Inevitable: 'Matter of When Not if,' Experts Warn
16 Stress in Childhood Leads to Lifelong Vulnerability in Brain
17 Scientists, Celebrities Set to Send Humans to Mars
18 More Sex Leads to Higher Brain Function in Seniors
19 Despite Violent Crime Near All-Time Low, More Guns Bought for Self Defense than Recreation
20 Mummy DNA Reveals Origins of Ancient Egyptians May Stem from Biblical Roots
21 Why Forgetting Can Make You Smarter
22 Babies React to Faces Inside the Womb
23 Drinking Ages Your Actual Cells
24 Artists, Architects See the World Differently from the Rest of Us
25 Detailed "Atlas" of Human Brain Brings us Closer than Ever to Understanding Ourselves
26 Third Temple Update: Massive Infrastructure To Be Built for Jews to Go on Pilgrimage to the Temple
27 No Known Cap on Human Life Expectancy
28 Noisy Streets Increase Likelihood of Male Infertility
29 3,000-Year-Old Textile Fragments Date Back to King Solomon's Reign Unearthed
30 Why Is the 2,000-Year-Old Roman Concrete Still Stands Today, More Durable than the Modern Concrete?
31 Shingles Raises Heart Attack, Stroke Risks
32 A Compound Found in Broccoli Could Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
33 Origin of the Antibiotic Resistance Genes Identified, Could Lead to New Antibiotics
34 Study Finds Significant Lead in 1 in 5 Baby Food Samples
35 Broken Heart Syndrome May Have Longer-Lasting Damaging Effects than Previously Thought, New Study Reveals
36 Coughs and Sneezes Could Spread Up to 4 Meters; Bacteria Remain Alive in the Air for 45 Minutes
37 Genetic Mutation Could Increase the Lifespan of Men by 10 Years
38 Unraveling DNA Replication for the First Time on Video
39 New Study Links Long-Term Exposure to Aircraft Noise to High Blood Pressure
40 Consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Protect Against Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease
41 Vaccine to Lower Cholesterol Looks Promising
42 How to Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency?
43 Using Light to Crush Malaria
44 If You Are Germophobic, Don't Read this Article
45 Health Alert: Salmonella Outbreak Hits 4 Provinces, Linked to Frozen Breaded Chicken
46 Maine Confirms First Case of Measles in Two Decades
47 The Actual Plague is Appearing in New Mexico--and Scientists Think They Know Why
48 This Painless Skin Patch Could Be a Promising Flu Vaccine in the Future
49 HIV Treatment from Kenya Offers Hope
50 Rat Lungworm Spreads in Florida
51 High IQ in Children Leads to Longer Life
52 Newly Discovered Antiviral Drug Could Prevent SARS, MERS and Other Coronavirus Infections
53 Researchers Nail Down Exactly Why You Should Avoid Light Before Bed
54 New Gene Editing Technology Suppresses Wild Insects, Could Wipe Out Mosquito-Borne Diseases
55 Walnuts, Salmon Can Help Fight Bowel Cancer
56 Noisy Streets Increase Likelihood of Male Infertility
57 Human Antibody Enhances Medication and Significantly Increases the Death of Cancer Cells
58 Long-Term Breastfeeding Leads to Dental Cavities in Children
59 Contraceptive Pills Could Increase Risk of Breast Cancer
60 A New Study Confirms that Human Emotions Are Affected by Gut Bacteria
61 Improve the Brain's Cognitive Capabilities with Chocolate
62 Robots Extract Scorpion Venom for Cancer Research
63 Probiotic Beer Boosts Immune System
64 This Antioxidant Could Slow the Progression of Multiple Sclerosis, a New Study Reveals
65 Long-Term Use of These Heartburn Drugs Linked to Shortened Lifespan
66 Coco Loko: 'Snortable' Chocolate Now Available in the US
67 Mississippi Confirms Second Human Case of West Nile
68 Jupiter Is Oldest Planet in Solar System, New Evidence Points Out
69 Green Bank Telescope Captures an Image of a Stunning Star-Forming Gas in Orion Nebula
70 There Is a Surprising Drop of Temperature During the Total Solar Eclipse
71 Mars Colonization: Elon Musk Plans to Create a Self-Sustaining City on the Red Planet
72 The Seven Most Extreme Planets Discovered in the Universe
73 South Africa's Garden Route Declared as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
74 NASA's Kepler Survey Catalog Reveals 219 New Planet Candidates
75 A Newly Identified Polar Wind Nebula Spotted in Space
76 Looking for Life? Pick your Exoplanet
77 India's Mars Orbiter Mission 'Mangalyaan' Completes 1,000 Days in Orbit
78 Exploring Deep Space Could Require Better Internet Connection
79 NASA Reveals First Targets for James Webb Space Telescope: Exoplanets, Distant Galaxies & Solar System
80 Europe Approves Two Missions: Search for Habitable Planets and Detect Gravitational Waves
81 Lonely Curiosity Climbs a Mountain on Mars--And There It Is!
82 Countdown: The Great American Eclipse Is Just 2 Months Away from Now
83 NASA Completes 'Ice Giant' Mission Study
84 Mars Curiosity Rover Spotted by MRO
85 Hubble Spots a Fascinating Massive Dead Disk Galaxy
86 Planet 10 Is Out There, Scientists Reckon
87 Elon Musk Spends $1 billion in Developing Reusable Rockets
88 Discovery of Ancient, Dead Galaxy Challenges NASA's Perception of Galactic Evolution, Here Is Why
89 Robotic Telepresence Might Be the Key to Help Humans Explore Mars and Other Fascinating Worlds
90 Kepler Mission Helps Discover that a Majority of Small Planets Are Mini-Neptunes or Super-Earths
91 Powerful Magnetic Beams Can Be Used to Blast Dead Satellites, Research Suggests
92 Solar Flares Hit Earth like a Sneeze, Study Suggests
93 NASA on the Verge of Announcing Alien Existence, Hacking Group Claims
94 Hubble Space Telescope Captures an Image of a Colorful Orange and Purple Nebula
95 Europe Signs Deal for 8 More Galileo Satellites
96 Impact Possible: Giant Asteroid to Come Close to Earth in 2029
97 SpaceX Successfully Launches Second Falcon 9 Rocket in Two Days
98 NASA Completes Study of Future Mission Concept to Ice Giants Uranus and Neptune
99 NASA's CHESS Mission to Probe Interstellar Cloud Scheduled Today
100 Unraveling the Existence of Two Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting One Another for the First Time
101 AI Now Hunts Turbo Stars in Milky Way
102 The Magnetic Field of Uranus Flips On and Off Everyday like a Light Switch
103 Astronomers Release Most Detailed Photo of a Star Other than the Sun
104 Did NASA's Opportunity Rover Just Uncover an Ancient Lake on Mars?
105 NASA Is Not About to Announce Discovery of Aliens, So Don't Be Too Excited
106 Stanford Engineers Design Robot to Clean Space Debris
107 Breakthrough: NASA Completes Its Prelim Design Toward Quiet Supersonic X-Plane
108 Extra Dimensions Might Be Hidden in Gravitational Waves?
109 Sun Surface Activities to Change, According to NASA
110 NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Detected New Hot Jupiter, K2 Mission's Ninth Such Discovery