File Title
1 Brain changes accompany development of metamemory from childhood to adolescence
2 Cutting the cost of ethanol, other biofuels and gasoline
3 Investigating folding stability and dynamics of proteins
4 When temps rise, Japanese quail require a breeze
5 The big ecological roles of small natural features
6 Greener molecular intermediates may aid drug design
7 In the egg, American bullfrogs learn how to avoid becoming lunch
8 CHLA Conducts satisfaction survey in the pediatric emergency department
9 Reconciling predictions of climate change
10 Ancient animal thought to be first air breather on land loses claim to fame
11 As competition goes down, generic drug prices rise, study finds
12 Improved risk recognition expected to enhance fertility preservation for cancer patients
13 Recognition and mechanisms of chemical and environmental sensitivities in ecopsychology
14 Scientists take a deeper dive into cellular trash
15 Study: Handshaking viewed more positively by Westerners than by East Asians
16 What kind of Facebook user are you?
17 The surprising trend in extramarital sex in America
18 Engineers find way to evaluate green roofs
19 University of Toronto study shows our faces reveal whether we're rich or poor
20 Moms, kids and TV: A complicated relationship that's not all bad
21 The costs of coal storage and its impact on disadvantaged communities
22 An experimental technique analyzes the functioning of human sperm before being inseminated
23 International team develops new way to produce pure hydrogen efficiently
24 Digital communication improves young patient engagement, according to new study
25 Make up after the break up: Men choose sex, women tears and quality time
26 Synthetic horns may save rhinos if they are not like the real thing
27 Recreating interstellar ions with lasers
28 Sex now needs to be included as a biological variable in NIH-funded research, but how?
29 Intervention for caregivers of dementia patients can lead to substantial Medicaid savings
30 Marine parasites: Different strokes for different folks
31 Medica Research Institute finds provider consolidation can lead to higher physician prices
32 Study: No link seen between traumatic brain injury and cognitive decline
33 'Smart' transformers could make reliable smart grid a reality
34 Higher BMI linked with increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes
35 Global erosivity map shows differences between climatic regions
36 Hospital, office physicians have differing laments about electronic records
37 New method helps fighting future pandemics
38 Saving the paintbrush lily from extinction
39 Medical tourism in spotlight as experts call for tighter regulation
40 The misappropriation of the identities of famous people on Twitter
41 Fish prefer to swim with sporty shoalmates
42 Genetic DJ: Growing cells remix their genes
43 Bacteria collaborate to propel the ocean 'engine'
44 Skin plays significant role in spread of leishmaniasis
45 Less is better: Malaria parasites able to sense their hosts' calorie intake
46 Over 1.2 million people in England and Wales will be living with dementia by 2040
47 Vegetable colouring agent may suppress inflammation
48 Bowel cancer diagnosis delayed by other illness
49 Remote Amazonian cities more vulnerable to climate change
50 People with tic disorders at increased suicide risk
51 The Drosophila fly brings to light the role of morphogens in limb growth
52 Multichannel EEG recordings enable precise brain wave measurement of fish
53 Research could give insight into genetic basis of the human muscle disease, myopathy
54 Physicists read Maxwell's Demon's mind
55 Tenofovir alafenamide in chronic hepatitis B: Added benefit not proven, data incomplete
56 Spinning around: A room temperature field-effect transistor using graphene's electron spin
57 A whole-genome sequenced rice mutant resource for the study of biofuel feedstocks
58 Know your enemy: Exposing threatened species to predators improves evasive behaviors
59 PolyU develops sprayable sensing network technology for structural health monitoring
60 Ancient fungi could help Canada's future northern forests
61 Marijuana and vulnerability to psychosis
62 How a few drops of blood led to a breakthrough in immunology
63 Gaze direction affects sensitivity to sounds
64 Training can improve athletes' stereo vision
65 Flowers' genome duplication contributes to their spectacular diversity
66 Dazzling spiral with an active heart
67 Gut bacteria can help to predict how the body will respond to fatty foods
68 CNIC scientists discover an essential mechanism in the immune response
69 New study shows West Antarctic Ice Sheet loss over the last 11,000 years
70 Worldwide health authorities urged to rethink vitamin D guidelines
71 Sugar intake during pregnancy is associated with allergy and allergic asthma in children
72 Visualizing whole-body cancer metastasis at the single-cell level
73 Smelling your food makes you fat
74 Probing psychopathic brains
75 Powerful new technique can clone thousands of genes at once
76 Three-dimensional chip combines computing and data storage
77 Two out of three US adults have not completed an advance directive
78 Simple blood test predicts anemia risk after malaria treatment
79 From dry to wet: Rainfall might abruptly increase in Africa's Sahel
80 Traumatic brain injury associated with dementia in working-age adults
81 Brain's immune cells may drive overeating and weight gain
82 'Near-zero-power' temperature sensor could make wearables, smart devices less power-hungry
83 Sulfide-producing bacteria dominate hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells
84 Meaningless accelerating scores yield better performance
85 One-step protein purification achieves high yields, purity and activity
86 Quantum dots make the leap from TVs to antibacterial eye drops
87 Milky Way could have 100 billion brown dwarfs
88 The comeback kid--black phosphorus and its new potential
89 'Nanolock' detects cancer mutation; could lead to early diagnoses, personalized therapies
90 First look at gravitational dance that drives stellar formation
91 Re-making planets after star-death
92 Sleep problems may be early sign of Alzheimer's
93 Bringing precision to Medicare cancer care
94 Repurposed asthma drug shows blood sugar improvement among some diabetics
95 For mice, too much muscle glycogen impairs endurance exercise performance
96 Even light oiling is like flying with a ball and chain for birds
97 Mice lacking a sense of smell stay thin
98 Researchers make significant progress in engineering digestive system tissues
99 One fin in the grave: Necrobiome poses a health threat to fish
100 V.A. campaign to increase hospice care showing results
101 Small-molecule therapeutic boosts spatial memory and motor function in Rett syndrome mice
102 Skin microbe diversity can vary with forest type and habitat in Brazilian frogs
103 Global ocean health relatively stable over past 5 years
104 'Competency-based' service training for flight attendants improves passenger satisfaction
105 Mothers with history of herpes can protect their offspring from neurological infection
106 Black and Hispanic patients more likely to use lower-quality hospices
107 Study sheds light on new Lyme disease-causing bacteria
108 Children in single-mother-by-choice families do just as well as those in two-parent families
109 Fertility treatment does not increase the risk of divorce
110 Watch cancer spread in a mouse