File Title
1 Development of compound that captures specific alkane gas molecule with its color change
2 New species of bus-sized fossil marine reptile unearthed in Russia
3 Balancing rights and responsibilities in insurers' access to genetic test results
4 Genetic test for anal cancer could identify those at high risk
5 'Authentic' teachers are better at engaging with their students
6 Researchers develop magnetic switch to turn on and off a strange quantum property
7 Researchers find crucial clue to manipulating reproduction in plants
8 New hair growth mechanism discovered
9 Dads show gender biases, in both brain responses and behaviors toward toddlers
10 Study provides better understanding of how brain tumors 'feed'
11 Zika infections could be factor in more pregnancies
12 US nuclear regulators greatly underestimate potential for nuclear disaster
13 New drug therapy could improve brain function and life expectancy of ALS patients
14 Researchers drill deep to understand why the Sumatra earthquake was so severe
15 Do men have worse chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy than women?
16 Designer worm spit supercharges healing
17 High pressure key to lighter, stronger metal alloys, Stanford scientists find
18 UW engineers borrow from electronics to build largest circuits in eukaryotic cells
19 Fathers' brains respond differently to daughters than sons
20 Stroke risk factors for pregnant women with preeclampsia uncovered
21 Infections, other factors raise risk of pregnancy-related stroke in women with preeclampsia
22 A flip switch for binge-eating?
23 First results from Juno show cyclones and massive magnetism
24 Modeling invasive activity: Zebra mussels' infiltration of North American rivers
25 Study: A new way to slow cancer cell growth
26 Kidneys from diabetic donors may benefit many transplant candidates
27 Viral protein may help chickenpox virus spread within the body
28 Marmoset monkeys learn to call the same way human infants learn to babble
29 Ancient DNA evidence shows hunter-gatherers and farmers were intimately linked
30 Brain images reveal roots of kids' increasing cognitive control
31 Mountain honey bees have ancient adaptation for high-altitude foraging
32 Multiscale modeling reveals key events during early atherosclerotic plaque development
33 Misconceptions about foot disease common among Ethiopian children
34 Study: Many patients with early-stage breast cancer receive costly, inappropriate testing
35 Genetic risk factor for equine eye cancer identified
36 Ineffective antibiotics form strong teams against deadly super bacteria
37 Harvard Medical School expert calls for protection of critical gains made in cancer care under ACA
38 Labeling a bacterial cell 'jacket'
39 How do blind cavefish find their way? The answer could be in their bones
40 South Sudan wildlife surviving civil war, but poaching and trafficking threats increase
41 Brain anatomy differs in people with 22q genetic risk for schizophrenia, autism
42 Tree-climbing goats disperse seeds by spitting
43 New study finds $1 million-per-mile economic impact of TVA reservoirs
44 Jefferson researcher identifies targets for better anti-thrombotic medicine
45 Helping plants pump iron
46 New brain mapping tool produces higher resolution data during brain surgery
47 Study shows need for increased protection of world's national animal symbols
48 The birth and death of a tectonic plate
49 New online database has answers on mitochondrial disorders
50 Recreational cannabis, used often, increases risk of gum disease
51 Two types of empathy elicit different health effects, Penn psychologist shows
52 Nearly 500 supporters joined ATS rally on Capitol Hill: Lab coats for lungs
53 Three types of work stress increasing in the US, according to SUNY downstate researchers
54 Printed, flexible and rechargeable battery can power wearable sensors
55 Zika reached Miami at least four times, Caribbean travel likely responsible
56 New modified toy car designs offer children with disabilities more options
57 Population only part of tornado casualty story
58 First-of-its-kind study shows how hand amputation, reattachment affect brain
59 Zika virus spread undetected for many months, NIH-supported study finds
60 Where you grow what you grow
61 TSRI scientists find simple copper complex shuts down botulinum neurotoxin poisoning
62 Mindfulness-focused childbirth education leads to less depression
63 Are wolverines in the Arctic in the climate change crosshairs?
64 Research in Los Angeles shows water loss
65 AGS raises serious concerns on cuts to geriatrics in 2018 budget proposal
66 Scientists capture the first cryo-EM images of cellular target for type 2 diabetes in action
67 Nanoalloys 10 times as effective as pure platinum in fuel cells
68 Religious devotion as predictor of behavior
69 System piggybacks on Bitcoin to prevent identity theft
70 Fossil beetles suggest that LA climate has been relatively stable for 50,000 years
71 Noted experts critically evaluate benefits of medical marijuana for treatment of epilepsy
72 Half of mayoral elections in 6 US states are unopposed
73 Study suggests metals from Bolivian mines affect crops and pose potential health risk
74 Parents' divorce increases risk of health disorders in children
75 Chemical Safety Board faces uncertain future
76 Genetic mutation studies help validate new strategy for reducing lipids, cholesterol
77 Does new cash-out option in sports betting increase risk for problem gamblers?
78 Health benefits of moderate drinking may be overstated, study finds
79 Discovered: Fast-growing galaxies from early universe
80 Fighting forgery with paper fingerprints
81 What bone proteomics could reveal about the dead
82 Change at work linked to employee stress, distrust and intent to quit, new survey finds
83 Neutrons provide the first nanoscale look at a living cell membrane
84 New report finds quarter of adults with autism on disability services don't have work or activities
85 Sorghum: Health food, sweetener and now, clothing dye
86 Three-dimensional graphene: Experiment at BESSY II shows that optical properties are tuneable
87 Paper test strip could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home
88 Moffitt researchers demonstrate mathematical modeling limits aggressive tumor cell growth
89 From blue and black dresses to turbine blades--here's the science of 'fake fake' photographs
90 Precise insight into the depths of cells
91 Can parents' tech obsessions contribute to a child's bad behavior?
92 LSTM and partners develop molecule that may lead to first synthetic one-dose antimalarial
93 Disaster risk management: Science helps save lives
94 Scientists develop new device to overcome pig genome flaw
95 Atlas of the human planet 2017--how exposed are we to natural hazards?
96 Physicists discover mechanism behind granular capillary effect
97 A new method for creating safer induced pluripotent stem cells
98 How listening to music in a group influences depression
99 Measured for the first time: Direction of light waves changed by quantum effect
100 One-dimensional crystals for low-temperature thermoelectric cooling
101 Special delivery: Macromolecules via spider's 'bite'
102 Rates of suicide 'worrying' among people with autism, say experts
103 To ensure constant food supply edible dormice rather give up their favorite food
104 Volunteers help ANU find star that exploded 970 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs
105 L.A. lawns lose lots of water: 70 billion gallons a year
106 Racial disparities in risk of stroke
107 Newly published spinach genome will make more than Popeye stronger
108 Canada's largest hospital reports on year of medically assisted dying
109 Making people feel bad can be a strategy for helping them
110 Largest psoriasis meta-analysis to date yields new genetic clues