File Title
1 Researchers Discover Mechanism that Controls Bone Formation and Function
2 Turtle-Bots: ASU Project Develops Cheap, Adaptive Robots
3 Penn State Food Scientist Turns Avocado Pits into Natural Food Coloring
4 New Vaccine Strategy Identified for Explosive Emerging Diseases
5 Neutron Lifetime Measurements Take New Shape for in situ Detection
6 Magnetoelectric Memory Cell Increases Energy Efficiency for Data Storage
7 The Synchronized Dance of Skyrmion Spins
8 Making Way for Animals
9 'Halos' Discovered on Mars Widen Time Frame for Potential Life
10 Colorful Reptile Serves as a Health Barometer for the Impacts of Coal Waste
11 Quick Take: Out of this World
12 Genetic Analysis of New World Birds Confirms Untested Evolutionary Assumption
13 The Next Enchanted Ring?
14 Wistar's New Biomedical Research Technician Training Program Obtains First State Approval as Non-Traditional Apprenticeship to Support Region's Life Sciences Workforce
15 Drone vs. Truck Deliveries: Which Create Less Carbon Pollution?
16 Penn State Aerospace Engineer is About to Get Tough on Ceramics
17 Giant Ringed Planet Likely Cause of Mysterious Eclipses
18 America's Top Young Researchers Named Finalists for 2017 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists
19 What a Locust's Nose Taught Engineers About Monkeys' Ears
20 Low Cost, Scalable Water Splitting Fuels the Future Hydrogen Economy
21 Building Better Brains: A Bioengineered Upgrade for Organoids
22 Help Astronomers Find 'Baby' Galaxies that Give Birth to New Stars
23 Springs Were Critical Water Sources for Early Humans in East Africa, Rutgers Study Finds
24 Mining for Answers on Abandoned Mines
25 Bacteria May Supercharge the Future of Wastewater Treatment
26 In Galapagos Islands, Doctoral Student Researches the Role of Soil Microbes in Plant Invasions with Young Explorer Grant
27 How Does Water Get to Homes? Hint: It Isn't Magic
28 UGA Researchers Report Milestone in Global Fight Against a Major Cause of Diarrheal Disease
29 In a Cosmic Hit-and-Run, Icy Saturn Moon May Have Flipped
30 A Glove Powered by Soft Robotics to Interact with Virtual Reality Environments
31 Scripps Florida Scientist Wins $2 Million Grant to Study Childhood Disorder Linked to Behavioral Problems
32 Decoded Genome May Help Tortoise Win Race to Survive
33 'X'cellent Power: Physicists Create 'Molecular Black Hole' Using Ultra-Intense X-Ray Pulses
34 Stormwater Retention Ponds May Not Protect Surface Waters from Road Salt Contamination
35 Experts Available to Discuss 2017 Hurricane Season; NOAA Forecasts 11-17 Named Storms, 2-4 Major Hurricanes.
36 How Do the "Three Sisters" Plants Work Together?
37 Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals, NIH Study Suggests
38 Researchers Return to Gulf of Mexico to Study Impacts of Oil Spill
39 Higher Risk of Suicide among Israelis Who Immigrated during the Second World War from Countries Where Most Jews Were Murdered in the Holocaust
40 WVU Researchers Help Detect Gravitational Waves for the Third Time; Confirm New Population of Black Holes
41 LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves for Third Time
42 Research Finds Seacoast Roads Under New Threat from Rising Sea Level
43 Two Scientists Recognized as Exceptional Young Researchers
44 Citizen Scientists Help in Search for Gravitational Waves
45 Georgia State Neuroscientists Rewire Brain of One Species to Have Connectivity of Another
46 Meteorology, Emergency Preparedness Experts Offer Tips for Start of Hurricane Season
47 How the Galapagos Cormorant Lost Its Ability to Fly
48 Mars Rover Reveals Ancient Lake with Properties Common to Those on Earth
49 Stony Corals More Resistant to Climate Change than Thought, Rutgers Study Finds
50 Research Team Unravels Elusive Structure of Lassa Virus, Revealing Vaccine Target
51 Rover Findings Indicate Stratified Lake on Ancient Mars
52 Wayne State Professors Receive $500k from NSF to Enhance Computational Research
53 Wayne State University Awarded Over $460K from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund
54 Researchers Find Chromosome Cooperation Is Long-Distance Endeavor
55 Video Shows Invasive Lionfish Feasting on New Caribbean Fish Species
56 Global Climate Trend Since November 16, 1978: +0.12íC Per Decade
57 Chasing the Fastest Shark in the World is No Easy Task
58 University of Redlands Expert: Paris Agreement Exit 'Out of Touch with Science and Economics'
59 Binge and High-Intensity Drinking Is Increasing for U.S. Young Adults in Their Late 20s
60 UC San Diego Launches Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology
61 Queen's University Belfast Researcher Leads International Team to 'Miracle Material' Discovery that Could End Cracked Smart Devices
62 From 3 Billion Light Years Away, Third Gravitational Wave Detected
63 UF Researchers Try to Make Sure Dairy Farmers Produce the Best
64 Four Dana-Farber Researchers Awarded Prestigious "Outstanding Investigator Awards" by National Cancer Institute
65 New Book by UK Faculty Member Guides STEM Students in Career Planning
66 Scientists Launch Global Agenda to Curb Social and Human Rights Abuses in the Seafood Sector
67 Developing Guidelines for Asphalt Bonding Agents
68 UW, UW Bothell Scientists Explain New Discovery in Gravitational Wave Astronomy
69 Major Ivory Trafficker Jailed in Republic of Congo
70 Catching the IMSI-Catchers: SeaGlass Brings Transparency to Cell Phone Surveillance
71 University of Redlands Expert: Coral Reefs Face Significant Dual Threat
72 D-Day Invasion Was Bolstered by UW-Madison Penicillin Project
73 University of Redlands Expert Says Defunding the Earthquake Early Warning System Puts Lives at Risk
74 World first study reveals increase in premature deaths in Australian nursing homes
75 New genomic analysis promises benefit in female urinary incontinence
76 Genomics tracks migration from lost empires to modern cities
77 Model for 2-D materials based RRAM found
78 Death by volcano?
79 Study finds greater risk of extinction among high diversity amphibian groups
80 Climate change can alter the impact of forest pathogens in trees
81 Engines fire without smoke
82 Detailed view of a molecular toxin transporter
83 New discovery: Cormorants can hear under water
84 Too much stress for the mother affects the baby through amniotic fluid
85 Quantum states reveal themselves with measurable 'fingerprint'
86 New test method aims to predict allergenic potency of chemicals
87 Neurons can learn temporal patterns
88 Children at Swedish 'gender-neutral' preschools are less likely to gender-stereotype
89 A network of crystals for long-distance quantum communication
90 Previously, on Arctic warming
91 Wake-promoting compound validated
92 Cells pumping iron to prevent anemia
93 Novel method to study quantum fluctuations in exotic phases of matter
94 The immune system promotes spontaneous heart regeneration
95 Tobacco hybrid emits low-toxicant, e-cig-like vapor with enhanced flavor
96 Historical rainfall levels are significant in carbon emissions from soil
97 Squeezing every drop of fresh water from waste brine
98 CRISPR gene editing can cause hundreds of unintended mutations
99 Vision keeps maturing until mid-life
100 Some heart attack patients may not benefit from beta blockers
101 Healing wounds with cell therapy
102 Graphene and quantum dots put in motion a CMOS-integrated camera that can see the invisible
103 New antibiotic packs a punch against bacterial resistance
104 Hotspots show that vegetation alters climate by up to 30 percent
105 A new spin on electronics
106 Stopping drug abuse can reverse related heart damage
107 Remembrance of things past--bacterial memory of gut inflammation
108 'Heat island' effect could double climate change costs for world's cities
109 New species of frog from the Neotropics carries its heart on its skin
110 Pediatric IBD patients not meeting recommended calcium and vitamin D intake