File Title
1 More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year, nearly all preventable
2 Just 2 weeks of inactivity could lead to changes that increase risk of developing disease
3 Study shows regular physical activity and reduced sedentary time reduces build-up of dangerous liver fat
4 Study of 3.5 million people shows 'healthy' obese people are still at higher risk of cardiovascular disease events than the general population
5 Nicotine enhances bees' activity
6 Don't count on your chickens counting
7 Tumor cells get stiff before becoming invasive
8 Exeter researchers help protect Peru's river dolphins
9 Antibody biosensor offers unlimited point-of-care drug monitoring
10 Social ties help animals live longer
11 Breast cancer risk is more affected by total body fat than abdominal fat
12 Free range-eggs seen as tastier, more nutritious and safer, study finds
13 Vitamin D promotes fatty acid oxidation in zebrafish adipose tissue
14 New Zealand's mainland yellow-eyed penguins face extinction unless urgent action taken
15 3-D printed ovaries produce healthy offspring
16 Patient's cells used to replicate dire developmental condition
17 Medical abortions obtained through online telemedicine shown to be effective, safe
18 Early medical abortion using medication and online telemedicine can be effective and safe
19 Treatment in hospital by older doctors linked to higher death rates
20 Online abortion service can offer alternative to unsafe methods to end pregnancy
21 High-dose iron pills do not improve exercise capacity for heart failure
22 Findings do not support steroid injections for knee osteoarthritis
23 Substantial differences between US counties for death rates from ischemic heart disease, stroke
24 How scientists turned a flag into a loudspeaker
25 Study unveils T cell signaling process central to immune response
27 An immunity gene evolved in Southeast Asia to protect against leprosy
28 Three-year-olds understand, value obligations of joint commitment
29 Children in Head Start who miss more preschool show fewer academic gains
30 Responders to recent West Africa Ebola epidemic show little evidence of infection
31 Scientists propose better battery system for smart home use
32 The Geology of Early Earth: New Evidence Show Planet was a Flat 'Waterworld'
33 North Korea's Mystery Islands: Man-made Keys Could Be New Nuclear Launch Sites
34 Oldest Life on Earth Unearthed in 3.48-Billion-Year-Old Australian Rocks
35 Homo Naledi Humanoids May Have Shared Earth with Humans, Roamed the Planet Less than 330,000 Years Ago
36 Orders for Tesla's Solar Roof Now Open, Will Elon Musk's New Brainchild Revolutionize Solar Power Harvesting and Storage?
37 Australian Fossils Could Be the Oldest Evidence of Life on Earth
38 This New Device Creates Energy Out of Air Pollution
39 Clean Water Solution: MIT Develops New Electrochemical Method to Remove Micropollutants from Water
40 Massive Landforms Lurk Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheets
41 This New Massive Offshore Wind Farm in the Netherlands Can Power 785,000 Homes
42 'Lost' Forests the Size of 60 Percent of Australia Discovered in Plain Sight
43 Less than 100 Days Before the Great American Eclipse--Here's What You Need to Know
44 Rare Discovery: 17 Mummies Unearthed in Ancient Burial Site in Egypt
45 Trash Island: This Remote Pacific Isle Found with 32 Million Pieces of Plastic Litter
46 Scientists Develop New Tool Capable of Preventing River Floods
47 North Korea Conducted Missiles Test--Here's Why You Should Care
48 Dinosaurs Could Have Survived if Killer Asteroid Struck Sooner or a Few Minutes Late
49 Italy's Supervolcano 'Campi Flegrei' Is Rumbling to Life After Decades--Will an Eruption Occur?
50 From Seals to Goose Eggs: Polar Bears Forced to Change Their Diet Because of Melting Sea Ice
51 Diesel Pollutes the Air Much More than We Thought
52 Remains of Ancient Human Sacrifices in Korea Found Beneath the Walls of Wolseong Palace
53 New Zealand's Rare Yellow-Eyed Penguins Nearing Extinction and Climate Change Isn't the Only Culprit
54 'Firefall': Yosemite's Spectacular Fiery Waterfalls Explained
55 NASA Releases Results of Expanded Annual Arctic Ice Survey IceBridge
56 Doomsday Seed Vault Threatened by Flood Due to Permafrost Melt, Seeds Remain 'Safe and Sound'
57 Global Warming Is Making Antarctica a Greener Place
58 This Is How Volkswagen Cheated US, European Emission Tests for at Least 6 Years
59 Switzerland to Decommission All 5 of Its Nuclear Power Plant
60 The Reason Behind the Blue Whale's Enormous Size
61 World's First Global Ice Archive in the Works to Preserve Memory of Disappearing Glaciers
62 Rare Tooth Find Suggests Horned Dinosaurs or Triceratops Made it in Eastern North America
63 Ancient Earth Could Have Been Donut-Shaped 'Synestia' Form, Study Suggests
64 Report: 1 Out of 4 Americans Drinks Unsafe Water
65 At 146, World's Oldest Man 'Mbah Ghoto' Dies in Indonesia--What's His Secret to Long Life?
66 AIDS Breakthrough: How CRISPR Gene Editing Successfully Eliminated HIV Infection in Animal Models
67 Walking Could Improve Neural Connectivity, Lowering Risk of Alzheimer's in Older Adults
68 Sprouting Butterbean Seed Removed Inside Boy's Ear
69 Parasitic Twin: Indian Baby Born with Another Head on Its Stomach Undergoes Complex Surgery [Warning, Graphic Content]
70 Exposing Your Baby to Smartphones, Tablets Might Delay Speech Development
71 Scientists Successfully Cured Diabetes in Mouse Models--Could Humans Be Next?
72 Newly Approved Drug for ALS 'Radicava' Costs Over $145,000 a Year
73 New Opioid Mix Called 'Gray Death' Is More Potent than Heroin, Just Touching It Is Dangerous
74 Disgustingly Healthy: Study Concludes Eating Booger May Improve Oral Health and Even Prevent HIV
75 Cotton Swabs Are Sending About 34 Children in the Hospital Daily
76 Scientists Develop Synthetic Bone Implant for Safer Marrow Transplants
77 1 in 3 New Drugs Approved by the FDA Had Some Unexpected Complications
78 Low-Dose Cannabis Treatment Could Reverse the Brain's Aging Process
79 Having Pet Dogs Could Help Your Children Feel Less Stressed
80 Alleged Medical Error Burns this Woman's Skin Inside Out
81 Prolonged Space Travel Could Decrease Cardiovascular Function, Physical Fitness
82 Exploding Opioid Crisis Triples New Cases of Hepatitis C
83 Good Diet, Exercise Can Potentially Prevent Osteoarthritis
84 People with Severe Mental Illness More Likely to Develop Cardiovascular Disease
85 High School Teen Dies After Consuming Too Much Caffeine in 2 Hours
86 Scientists Take One Step Closer to Producing Limitless Artificial Blood Supply
87 Eat that Carb: This Good Heart Muffin Slows Down Fat Absorption, Reduces Cholesterol
88 Fruits, Vegetables Could Be the Key to Attractiveness: Study
89 High Platelet Levels Could Mean Cancer, Study Suggests
90 Traffic-Related Pollution Linked to DNA Damage in Children: Study
91 'Light' Cigarettes Could Be More Fatal than Traditional Ones, New Review Suggests
92 One Alcoholic Drink Daily Increases Risk of Breast Cancer
93 This Cosmetic Company Is Combining Armenian Folk Remedy with Modern Pharmacology
94 Stephen Hawking: Humans Need to Colonize Another Planet in 100 Years in Order to Survive
95 WATCH: Giant Gas Wave Twice the Size of Milky Way Spotted Surging Through Perseus Galaxy Cluster
96 Amazing Gigapixel Image of Small Magellanic Cloud Zooms in on Millions of Galaxies and Stars
97 NASA Cassini Beams Back Video of First Dive, Images of Saturn's Moon Enceladus
98 The Future of Space Tech: Femtosatellite Launcher 3-D Printed on the ISS
99 SpaceX to Launch More than 4,000 Super Fast Internet Satellites in 2019
100 Stargazing 2017: Five Bright Planets to Spot with the Naked Eye this May
101 NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Discovers Dark Sand Dunes on Mars
102 Secret Military Space Shuttle Lands in Florida with a Sonic Boom
103 Scientists Successfully Reproduce Dangerous Space Radiation Inside a Lab
104 Cassini Spots 'Bands of Bright Lights' of Methane Clouds Across Saturn's Moon Titan, Spacecraft Nearing Grand Finale Completion
105 Giant Lava Waves Spotted Surging Violently in Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io
106 NASA May Conduct Yearlong Mission to the Moon in Preparation for 2030 Mars Mission
107 China Starts Testing of Space Cabin Yuegong-1 for Manned Mission to the Moon
108 NASA Reveals Stunning Image of a Crab Nebula, Remnants of Supernova in the Milky Way Galaxy
109 Water Discovered in Atmosphere of 'Warm Neptune' Exoplanet
110 NASA Finds Primordial Atmosphere Around a Distant Neptune-Sized Planet