File Title
1 Coral-reef fish suck up meals with slime-covered lips
2 Romania's science reforms prompt boycott
3 NASA's dark-energy probe faces cost crisis
4 AI summit aims to help world's poorest
5 Gut bacteria can stop cancer drugs from working
6 Trump says Francis Collins will stay on at the NIH
7 Italy rebuked for failure to prevent olive-tree tragedy
8 The mathematicians who want to save democracy
9 US exits Paris, Jupiter's new moons and the biggest prize in science
10 Hubble sees light bending around nearby star
11 Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species' history
12 Physicists have finally created a 2D magnet
13 United States revives space-policy council after 24-year absence
14 Text-mining tool seeks out 'hidden data'
15 NIH scraps plans for cap on research grants
16 UK scientists hope for softened Brexit after shock election result
17 Shining a light on the dark corners of the web
18 Ecologists warn of Japanese badger cull 'crisis'
19 Bats are global reservoir for deadly coronaviruses
20 Resistance to last-ditch antibiotic has spread farther than anticipated
21 Rare particle decays offer hope of new physics
22 Harmonize conflicting regulations for genetically engineered plants and animals
23 Empty rhetoric over data sharing slows science
24 We need a science of philanthropy
25 Taxonomy anarchy hampers conservation
26 The G20 must govern the shift to low-carbon energy
27 New approach to antibiotic therapy is a dead end for pathogens
28 Immune responses from early study of novel sarcoma vaccine
29 New model deepens understanding of the dynamics of quark-gluon plasmas
30 Meet the most nimble-fingered robot ever built
31 Uncovering why playing a musical instrument can protect brain health
32 Beyond broke bones, CTs also detect frailty and predict survival
33 A better dye job for roots--in plants
34 Ethnicity and breastfeeding influence infant gut bacteria
35 New consensus document for appropriate use of drug testing in clinical addiction medicine
36 How the Nazis invented nerve agents like sarin (video)
37 Video shows invasive lionfish feasting on new Caribbean fish species
38 Why antibiotics fail
39 'Instantly rechargeable' battery could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles
40 What's powering your devices?
41 Georgia State neuroscientists rewire brain of 1 species to have connectivity of another
42 Puberty hormones trigger changes in youthful learning
43 Rover findings indicate stratified lake on ancient Mars
44 Researchers find chromosome cooperation is long-distance endeavor
45 Telehealth reduces wait time, improves care for children with autism living in remote areas
46 Why was a teenager with bone cancer buried on Witch Hill in Panama?
47 RIT scientists measure black hole's tilt and spin for clues to how massive stars die
48 Zinc's negative effects on mineral digestibility can be mitigated, study shows
49 Rice U. scientists slash computations for deep learning
50 Taking antidepressants during pregnancy not associated with neonatal problems at 2-4 weeks
51 Replacing coal with solar can save lives and money
52 Combined optical and molecular imaging could guide breast-conserving surgery
53 Sour taste cells detect water
54 Muon magnet's moment has arrived
55 Emotions expressed by the dying are unexpectedly positive
56 In utero tobacco exposure can lead to executive function issues in adolescents
57 UNH research finds seacoast roads under new threat from rising sea level
58 Poor understanding of ratios leads to bad shopping decisions, says University of Miami study
59 2017 hurricane season follows year of extremes
60 LIGO detects gravitational waves for third time
61 Immunology: How ancestry shapes our immune cells
62 Phagocytes in the brain: Good or bad?
63 Public confused by climate change messages
64 Auditory perception: Where microseconds matter
65 Why pot-smoking declines--but doesn't end--with parenthood
66 New research reveals earliest directly dated rock paintings from southern Africa
67 Revealed: New step in plant mastermind hormone's pathway
68 Yale chemists forge a new path in the search for antibiotics
69 Payments linked to higher odds of doctors prescribing certain cancer drugs
70 How to block type 1 diabetes
71 Deployment stress impacts well-being through different mental health issues for female and male vets
72 Low cost, scalable water-splitting fuels the future hydrogen economy
73 New report calls on federal and state collaboration to address brucellosis transmission
74 Researchers identify specific neurons that distinguish between reality and imagination
75 First analysis of AACR Project GENIE data published
76 Social laughter releases endorphins in the brain
77 Who has better mental health: Public or private college students?
78 Baby teeth link autism and heavy metals, NIH study suggests
79 Artificial intelligence predicts patient lifespans
80 How to attack Africa's neonatal mortality problem
81 Pollution 'devastating' China's vital ecosystem, research shows
82 HMGB1 may be linked to immunosuppression in patients who survive septic shock
83 Lupin seeds: Health impairments possible with bitter taste
84 Asthma intervention study points to care and cost benefits
85 Key process for cell division revealed in molecular analysis
86 Nanosized silicon heater and thermometer combined to fight cancer
87 How do signs of problem gambling differ in men and women?
88 Largest study to date finds autism alone does not increase risk of violent offending
89 A mother's age doesn't matter
90 Where to look for new treatments for alcoholism? The matrix
91 The gut microbiota plays a key role in treatment with classic diabetes medication
92 Gene finding to eradicate severe blistering disorder of the skin found in dogs
93 Cholesterol--a key player at the lung surface
94 The Spanish plant that was classified by mistake
95 Tobacco the 'silent killer' of HIV patients, say researchers
96 The art of folding mitochondrial membranes
97 Scientists give tumor-fighting cells a boost in battling bone marrow cancer
98 New approach set to make peptide stapling widely available
99 Mice exposed to prenatal stress are predisposed to eating disorders later in life
100 Volcanoes, referees for the life on Earth
101 Religious individuals regret having casual sex only slightly more
102 Artificial transpiration for solar water purification
103 Dual role of fruit fly protein in connecting chromosome copies
104 New human studies show multiple health benefits from consuming mangos
105 Subsidies promote overfishing and hurt small-scale fishers worldwide
106 Researchers untangle mystery of tiny bird's trans-Pacific flight
107 Gravitational waves detected a third time
108 Perseverance pays off in fight against deadly Lassa virus
109 Researchers uncover clues about how HIV virus mutates
110 In atomic propellers, quantum phenomena can mimic everyday physics