File Title
1 Man Contracts Gut Parasite After Eating Sushi
2 Rainbow-Colored, Animated Temperature Spiral Gets an Update
3 15 'Toddler' Great White Sharks Swarm Near Paddleboarders
4 Mystery Sea Monster? Nope, Just a Dead, Stinky Whale
5 Reference: Cucumbers: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
6 Reference: Facts About Niagara Falls
7 Underground Catacomb Filled with Mummies Discovered in Egypt
8 Elon Musk Demos Futuristic Car-Transporting Sled
9 Comet 67P Produces Its Own Oxygen in Deep Space
10 Students Design Ways to Mine the Moon for Rocket Fuel
11 Measles Outbreak Caused by Anti-Vax Campaign, Officials Say
12 Life Among the Stars? Tiny Interstellar Probes May Test 'Panspermia' Idea
13 Top 10 Baby Names of 2016
14 Baby Kylo: 'Star Wars' Names Raced Up the Charts in 2016
15 One of the World's Most Remote Islands Is also the Most Polluted
16 Giant 'Lava Lamp' Inside Earth May Cause Magnetic Poles to Flip
17 To Avoid Being Eaten, Tadpoles Aren't Choosy About Escape Vehicle
18 In Year 1 Million, What Will Humanity Look Like?
19 Robotic Exosuits Help Workers Lift Heavy Loads
20 Mysterious Light Flashes 1st Spotted by Carl Sagan Explained
21 Reference: Denali: Facts About North America's Tallest Mountain
22 Reference: Diarrhea: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments
23 Search Begins for Roman Emperor's Legendary Party Ships
24 A Cloud 'Tide' Fills the Grand Canyon in Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video
25 The Search for Life on Mars Is About to Get Weird
26 Fidget Spinners Renew Focus on Kids' Attention Spans
27 Incredible! Most Well-Preserved Armored Dinosaur Was a 'Spiky Tank'
28 Sea Star Chows Down on Unusual Dinner in New Video
29 Turtle Triumph: Nine New Cambodian Royal Turtles Hatch
30 Cannibal 'T. Rex' Ants Seen Live for 1st Time Ever (and They're Shy)
31 NASA Awards $100,000 in 3D-Printing Habitat Competition
32 What the Higgs Is Going on with Mass?
33 Hubby's Dislike of Wife's Friends Linked to Greater Divorce Risk
34 Teen's Death: How Caffeine Can Kill a Healthy Person
35 T. Rex Could Pulverize Bones with a Force of Nearly 8,000 Pounds
36 'Winged Serpent' Fossil Found in 5-Million-Year-Old Sinkhole
37 How Did Pluto Get Its 'Whale'?
38 Towering Rock Once Hidden Beneath Earth Seen from Space
39 'Scrotum Frog' Tadpoles Hatch for 1st Time in North America
40 Stretchy Holograms Could Power 3D, Morphing Projections
41 Antikythera Anniversary: Astronomical Computer Still Puzzles After 115 Years
42 Orangutans Nurse Their Babies for 8 Years
43 'Extreme' Binge Drinking Is on the Rise in the US
44 Sweating the Details: Polar Bear Hits the Treadmill for Science
45 How Bots Acting Randomly Can Help Speed Human Problem-Solving
46 Combining Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Works Best for Older Adults
47 Reference: Sleeping for Two: Sleep Changes During Pregnancy
48 Reference: Are Ghosts Real?--Evidence Has Not Materialized
49 The 'Charlie Sheen Effect': Surge Seen in HIV Test Sales
50 How Do Scientists Search for Extraterrestrial Life?
51 How Does 'Kinetic' Sand Work?
52 Russian Rocket Chief Throws Some Shade on Elon Musk's Moon Plan
53 Cremated Remains Set to Launch Toward the Heavens on SpaceX Rocket Next Year
54 Stained-Glass Earth: Huge Foam Threads Glisten in New Satellite Image
55 Ultrathin Loudspeaker-Mic also Generates Energy from Motion
56 'Crypto' Parasite Top Culprit for Pool-Related Illnesses
57 Why Are Thousands of Clay Caterpillars Swarming the Globe?
58 NASA's IceBridge Mission Ends Its 'Best Year Ever'
59 Ebola Survivor's Blood Could Lead to Future Vaccine
60 Fidget Toys Aren't Just Hype
61 Strange Snail Love Triangle Leaves 'Lefty' Jeremy Without a Partner
62 Reference: Marijuana: Facts About Cannabis
63 Reference: What is THC?
64 'Truly Chilling': US Satellites Vulnerable to Enemy Attack, Ted Cruz Says
65 Device Purifies Air and Creates Energy All at the Same Time
66 Adorable 'Panda' Porpoise Could Go Extinct as Soon as 2018
67 Fidget Spinners: What They Are, How They Work and Why the Controversy
68 Why Women Vary So Much in What They Find Offensive
69 Drowned City: Jordan to Search for Ancient Site's Underwater Remains
70 'ExoCube' Kickstarter Wants Your Help in the Search for Alien Life
71 Meet the 'Cyclops Kid': One-Eyed Goat Born in India
72 Can Humans Smell Beauty?
73 Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Carving Found in Looting Hole
74 Superhot 'Dragon's Breath' Chili Pepper Can Kill. Here's How
75 How Regular Exercise May Make Your Body 'Younger'
76 3D-Printed Ovaries Offer Promise as Infertility Treatment
77 Reference: Is the Baby Coming?
78 Reference: Sunburn: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
79 Tale of 2 Tails: Why Do Sharks and Whales Swim So Differently?
80 Charles Lindbergh Made Flight History 90 Years Ago, Changing Aviation Forever
81 Skip the Juice for Babies Under 1, Pediatricians Say
82 British Daredevil Aims to Break 4 World Records in Wingsuit Jumps
83 Could Humans Ever Regenerate a Limb?
84 The Wild History of Witch Hunters
85 'Alien Megastructure' Star Is at It Again with the Strange Dimming
86 Nuclear Explosions and Submarine Comms Distort Space Weather Near Earth
87 Gender-Confirmation Surgeries on the Rise in US
88 Hunter Crushed by Elephant in Zimbabwe
89 Swiss Voters Support Renewable Energy and Ban Nuclear
90 How the Net Neutrality Debate Affects Your Internet
91 Doomsday Seed Vault to Get Upgrade After Flooding Incident
92 Trump Meets Orb: 5 Interesting Facts About Crystal Balls
93 Intact Spine of Hominin Toddler Revealed for 1st Time
94 Why We Probably Can't Use Tech to Become More Moral
95 World's Largest Aircraft Completes Successful Test Flight
96 Terrifying Video: Why a Sea Lion Pulled a Little Girl into the Water
97 In Science, Good Looks Don't Pay, Study Finds
98 Jessica Simpson Has an IUD: 7 Things to Know About this Form of Birth Control
99 Reference: Facts About Americium
100 New Sunscreen Recommendations for 2017: Here's What to Look For
101 Reference: Chaco Culture: Pueblo Builders of the Southwest
102 Reference: Facts About Sunscreen and Sun Protection
103 Italy's Supervolcano Builds Up Stress--But No Eruption Coming
104 Why Bad Moods Are Good for You
105 Zombies in Sci-Fi Novel Have Gruesome Real-World Inspiration
106 'Space Aggressors' Train US Forces for Extraterrestrial Conflict
107 Freeze-Dried Space Sperm Gives Rise to Healthy Baby Mice
108 Are Cats Responsible for 'Cat Ladies'?
109 Remains of Mini 'Komodo Dragon' Found in Greece
110 Narwhals Use Tusks to Stun Prey, Drone Footage Reveals