File Title
1 Saint John Bosco's Brain Vanishes from Italian Basilica
2 George & Amal Clooney's Twins: How Can You Get 1 Boy and 1 Girl?
3 Tuna Steaks Recalled in 3 US States for Hepatitis A
4 Reference: Marijuana: Effects of Weed on Brain and Body
5 Reference: Medical Marijuana: Benefits, Risks & State Laws
6 Many Women Experience Paralysis During Sexual Assault
7 Earth Faces an Increased Risk of Being Hit by an Asteroid, Astronomers Warn
8 Rat Mob! Rodents Swarm in Myanmar Villages
9 French Astronaut Throws Shade at Trump Over Withdrawal from Climate Deal
10 Neil deGrasse Tyson Becomes 1st American to Receive Stephen Hawking Medal
11 Plant Seeds Use Mini 'Brains' to Decide When to Sprout
12 Cracked Cellphone Screens Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past
13 Oldest Fossils of Our Species Push Back Origin of Modern Humans
14 World's Oldest Fossilized Mushroom Sprouted 115 Million Years Ago
15 AI Predicts Autism Based on Infant Brain Scans
16 Overweight Kids More Likely to Be Ostracized
17 Warts and All: Octopus' Skin Bumps Divide Species
18 Hawaii Rebuffs Trump by Enacting Laws Supporting Paris Agreement
19 Death by Vampire Bat: How Rabies Kills
20 How Your Belly Fat Is Linked to Your Immune System
21 Teen Pot Use Linked to Illegal Drug Use by Age 21, Study Suggests
22 Reference: Facts About Promethium
23 In First, Einstein Relativity Experiment Used to Measure a Star's Mass
24 The Long History of the Shia-Sunni Divide
25 Victorians Missed Key Dental Detail in 1st Dinosaur Ever Named
26 Surprising Find: Ancient Mummy DNA Sequenced in First
27 Mysterious Fire Monument in England Predates Stonehenge by 800 Years
28 California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse
29 Save $15 on this Easy-to-Fly Drone [Deal]
30 Despite Stigma, 'Electroshock' Therapy Gains Patient Appreciation
31 'Subway for the Street' Driverless Train Unveiled
32 2 Cases of Legionnaires' Disease in Newborns Linked to Water Births
33 Should a 'Resurrected' Dodo or Mammoth Get a New Name?
34 Reference: Octopus Facts
35 Deep-Brain Stimulation May Be Possible with Noninvasive Technique
36 Endangered Gorilla Gives Birth at Philadelphia Zoo
37 FDA Asks Drug Company to Pull Painkiller in First
38 A Famous 19th-Century Shipwreck Has Vanished from the South Pacific
39 Take a Whiff of Cities' Unique Smells with 'Pollution Pods'
40 Pretty Volcanic Plume Seen in Space Image
41 NYC's Hidden Marine Wonderland Revealed in New Map
42 Groundswell of Local Support to Meet US Goals in Paris Accord
43 Comey 'Stunned' by Trump: Why We 'Freeze' in Uncomfortable Situations
44 Can World's Largest Atom Smasher Solve the Universe's Deepest Mysteries?
45 100-Million-Year-Old Amber Holds Tiny, Feathery Chick
46 Hair Regrowth Products for Women & Men: Who Pays More?
47 After Life of Adventure, Attenborough Regrets Missed Family Time
48 How Do Scientists 'Weigh' Stars?
49 'There Is No Future': Brad Pitt Gives Doomsday Forecast in Comedy Skit
50 Heroin Vaccine Could Turn Body's Defenses Against the Drug
51 Do Fidget Spinners Contain Lead? What Parents Should Know
52 Clinical Challenges: When to Stop Tx in Progressive MS?
53 Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer: Status of Checkpoint Inhibitors
54 Research on Vaccines for Breast Cancer Proceeding
55 Daratumumab's Actions May be Broader than Thought
56 Targeting CD22 Salvages ALL Patients After Failed Anti-CD19 CAR-T Cell Therapy
57 The First TKI Stands the Test of Time
58 Immunotherapy: Questions Persist Despite Successes
59 Molecular Imaging Tracks Lung Cancer Immunotherapy
60 Immunotherapy and the Heart: A Concern for Lung Ca Patients
61 Mixed Reviews for New Therapies in NSCLC in New Report
62 Treatment Combinations for BRAF-mutant Melanoma
63 Melanoma: Options after Failure of Targeted Therapy, Immunotherapy
64 New Immunotherapy Targets in Melanoma on the Horizon
65 Simple Precautions Mitigate Toxicities of Melanoma Therapies
66 Making 'Cold' Tumors 'Hot' in Melanoma
67 Melanoma: Modifying Gut Microbiome May Boost Immunotherapy Response
68 Melanoma: Differentiating Immune-related Adverse Events
69 Overcoming Resistance in Mucosal Melanoma
70 Atezolizumab-Cobimetinib Combo Promising in Wild-type Melanoma
71 Melanoma: PD-L1 Expression Correlates with Response, Survival
72 Ipilimumab Therapy for SCLC: Down, but Not Out
73 AM0010 + Pembrolizumab Immunotherapy Induces Durable Responses in Melanoma
74 Blood-based Assay Profiles Immune Response to Pembrolizumab in Melanoma
75 Update on Immunotherapy for Advanced Melanoma
76 Multiple Therapies Manage Brain Metastases in Melanoma
77 Biomarkers for Melanoma: Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
78 Continued Benefits for Immunotherapy Combo in Advanced Melanoma
79 Melanoma: Combos of IDO Inhibitors and Checkpoint Inhibitors Activate Immune System
80 Patients with Advanced Melanoma Survive 3 Years with Pembrolizumab
81 Immune Therapy and Quality of Life in Melanoma
82 Combined Immune Therapy for Advanced Melanoma
83 N/A
84 Pembrolizumab in Patients With Advanced Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
85 PD-L1 and PD-L2 Genetic Alterations Define Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma and Predict Outcome
86 PD-L1 and PD-L2 Genetic Alterations Define Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma and Predict Outcome
87 Anti-VEGF for Diabetic Retinopathy: A 'Strong Option'
88 Social Brain May be Stymied by White Matter Changes in MS
89 OncoBreak: Gene-Editing Goof; Tobacco Still Kills; Doc-Assisted Death
90 More Bevacizumab Shots for AMD May Up Risk of Glaucoma
91 AAO: Fruit and Caffeine May Reduce AMD Risk
92 Anti-VEGF Tx for Wet AMD Shows Benefit 5 Years Later
93 Innate Lymphoid Cells Play Key Role in Rheumatic Diseases
94 Sometimes It Is Just a Cigar, but the Nicotine?
95 Can a Dead Brain Be Resurrected? (Scientific American)
96 504 Californians Requested to End Life
97 Period Tracker Apps: Bad News? (NY Mag)
98 Mohs Surgery vs. Wide Local Excision for Melanoma in Situ
99 'Bundled' Payments Beat Fee-for-Service
100 In RA, Try Biologics First?
101 The Challenges and Rewards of Rural Medicine
102 Time to Take Stock...of How Our Practice Spends Its Time
103 Study Finds Alarming Increase in U.S. Bicycle Accidents
104 Ultrasound-detected Bone Erosion RA Relapse Risk Factor
105 Morning Break: Motherly Advice (or Not); Doggy OD; Fatal Tat
106 Eyeing the Death of a Cell
107 Hint of Vision Benefit with Gene Therapy
108 High-Intensity Statins; Western Heart Health; Aggressive BP Targets; Internet Withdrawal
109 Friday Feedback: Ending the Obesity Epidemic
110 Wound Healing and Hidradenitis Suppurativa