File Title
1 Save $51 on this All-Inclusive Raspberry Pi Starter Kit [Deal]
2 False! Trump Claims Paris Deal Would Only Make 'Tiny' Difference
3 Knowing Yourself: How to Improve Your Understanding of Others
4 Northern Lights from Space! Astronaut Captures Aurora Over Europe
5 Sleepiness and Snoring Tougher for Women, Study Suggests
6 Man Dies After His Tattoo Gets Infected with Ocean Bacteria
7 1st Test Track for Superfast Hyperloop Transport System Opens in Europe
8 Want to Really Boost the Economy? Stay in the Paris Agreement
9 Reference: Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention
10 Reference: Spider Bites and Bee Stings: Symptoms and Treatments
11 Reference: Uterine Fibroids: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
12 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
13 Asian nations make plastic oceans promise
14 Therapy could stop superbugs on farms
15 'First of our kind' found in Morocco
16 Renewables provide more than half UK electricity for first time
17 Study casts doubt on the idea of 'big fluffy T. rex'
18 Planet is 'hotter than most stars'
19 Paris pollution victim sues France for bad air
20 Racial 'disparity' in police respect
21 India launches 'monster' rocket
22 Who killed Oetzi the Iceman? Italy reopens coldest of cases
23 South Africa heartbreak as rescued circus lions poisoned
24 Trump 'does believe in climate change,' says US ambassador to UN
25 'Monster' rocket 'selfie' delights India
26 Beaver return 'benefits environment'
27 How does a duck change its sex?
28 Antarctic base waits on 'Halloween' ice crack
29 ViaSat-2: Satellite goliath goes into orbit
30 How air conditioning changed the world
31 Opioid crisis: The letter that started it all
32 The world's not laughing, Donald, it's crying
33 Uber 'obtained rape victim's medical records'
34 Britney Spears: Malware planted in singer's Instagram page
35 Europe seeks quick access to user data
36 Apple's iOS 11 update ends support for iPhone 5 and 5C
37 Something must be done...but what?
38 Sony sells one million VR headsets
39 Computers trained to spot fake online profiles
40 Uber fires 20 staff after harassment investigation
41 Uber and Lyft ordered to share data with San Francisco
42 Security firm asks EU to investigate Microsoft
43 Apple reveals HomePod smart speaker
44 TVs in children's bedrooms 'increase risk of obesity'
45 Do mums really need breastfeeding help from technology?
46 How has the fitness video adapted to the YouTube age?
47 Facebook becomes key tool in parties' political message
48 Universities challenged on top 1% advert
49 London attack: Belfast college cancels school trip
50 Students say university 'value for money' falling
51 Luton teacher who held out-of-hours wrestling sessions banned
52 Schools urged to review trip plans in wake of terror
53 Lauren Child: New Children's Laureate worried about equality in books
54 Cottingley primary school may cut teaching week to save cash
55 Dustbin man builds free library of thrown away books
56 Teachers describe fatal wall collapse at Liberton High School
57 Harvard bars students for posting 'obscene memes'
58 Teacher sought for single-pupil school on Foula
59 University of South Wales 'minimises' job losses
60 Education aid 'stagnates' despite pledges
61 Charlie Gard: Parents' appeal for US treatment bid fails
62 Yemen cholera cases pass 100,000 amid 'unprecedented' epidemic
63 Huntington's disease trial test is 'major advance'
64 Being married 'protects your health'
65 An egg a day appears to help young children grow taller
66 Doctor's call to 'equally protect' boys with HPV vaccine
67 Terminal cancer patient Ian Toothill conquers Everest
68 London attack: Goodwill and planning got NHS through
69 Drug shrinks ovarian tumours in early trial
70 Heart emergencies on planes need better treatment, say doctors
71 Washing hands in cold water 'as good as hot'
72 Wild white kangaroo poses for rare photo near River Murray in South Australia
73 Ever re-use your passwords? You're a hacker's dream
74 Greenhouse gases higher than any time in 800,000 years 'shows definite human effect'
75 Study finds cannabis plant could hold key to improving negative symptoms of schizophrenia
76 WA researchers to investigate how to make worrying work in productive ways
77 What science can tell us about the music of love
78 Meet five young Australian scientists who want to change the world
79 Einstein's 'impossible' hope: Light bending theory directly observed in distant stars for first time
80 Discovery of 300,000-year-old fossils rewrites origins of Homo sapiens
81 Medications, pesticides, found in blood of sea turtles on Great Barrier Reef
82 The Lord Howe Island stick insect that came back from the dead
83 Mick Fanning honoured with new water spider species named after him
84 Breast cancer imaging invention to improve surgery accuracy gets funding for clinical trials
85 Larsen C: What will happen when the huge Antarctic ice shelf cracks?
86 Paddock to patient: How Australian beef cattle are being used to create heart valves and save lives
87 Remote outback archaeology project unearths new stories about early Aboriginal lives
88 Allergy research 'breakthrough' could lead to treatment in a decade, UQ researchers say
89 Sudden cardiac death: New imaging technology offers hope for people at risk
90 German deep-sea research ship on climate change expedition docks in Fremantle
91 Australian soft drinks linked to higher risk of diabetes, study shows
92 Murray-Darling Basin's water birds in dramatic decline, study shows
93 Hot Jupiter-like planet is most extreme alien world ever discovered
94 Marsupial lions, giant kangaroos and huge lizards: The treasures of the Naracoorte Caves
95 American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson answers your science questions
96 Preparing winemakers for climate change through cloning
97 What is it like to wake up during an operation?
98 Federal Court finishes hearing legal argument in controversial cattle genome case
99 Why embracing darkness could help you see the light
100 Extra vaccines may reduce 'unacceptable rates' of chronic ear disease in Indigenous children
101 Milky Way: Study shows galaxy exists in a huge void, may solve universe expansion hurdle
102 Competition watchdog will not oppose proposed Dow Chemical DuPont merger in Australia
103 Melbourne man's 'miracle' recovery from stroke, locked-in syndrome
104 California, Chinese university set up climate change institute in wake of Trump withdrawal
105 Scientists get new genome platform to decode DNA in fight against complex diseases
106 WA researchers to investigate how to make worrying work in productive ways
107 What science can tell us about the music of love
108 Meet five young Australian scientists who want to change the world
109 Einstein's 'impossible' hope: Light bending theory directly observed in distant stars for first time
110 Discovery of 300,000-year-old fossils rewrites origins of Homo sapiens