File Title
1 Must children attend obesity treatment with parents to be effective?
2 Causes of major birth defects still largely unknown
3 Motor neuron disease discovery offers new insights into potential treatment targets
4 Groundwater 'pit stops' enabled survival and migration of our ancient ancestors
5 The first genome data from ancient Egyptian mummies
6 Prenatal stress predisposes female mice to binge eating
7 Study makes breakthrough in understanding of proteins and their impact on immune system
8 Neutron lifetime measurements take new shape for in situ detection
9 Subduing the rebellion: Unmasking rogue cells in the immune system
10 Charismatic leaders: Too much of a good thing?
11 Healthy arteries may be possible with aging
12 Fowl-mouthed study finds that diet shaped duck, goose beaks
13 Corals in peril at a popular Hawaiian tourist destination due to global climate change
14 Cost of a common ER visit? Study finds most health care providers don't know
15 The fascinating molecule linking hydration and health
16 Mosquitoes infected with virus-suppressing bacteria could help control dengue fever
17 Older mothers have higher rates of severe complications in childbirth
18 Advances in bayesian methods for big data
19 A brave new world for coral reefs
20 Zinc may hold key to fighting liver disease
21 Prevention to precision, SWOG presents a raft of research at ASCO 2017
22 Common acne medication offers new treatment for multiple sclerosis
23 Health care process a roadblock for adolescents with autism and their caregivers
24 Young adult substance abuse down 41 percent among PROSPER program participants
25 Physicists create 'molecular black hole' using ultra-intense X-ray pulses
26 Scientists ID 100 memory genes, open new avenues of brain study
27 Clinical trial shows experimental drug's ability to knock down pancreatic cancer's defense
28 Newly identified microbial process could reduce toxic methylmercury levels
29 New tech promises easier cervical cancer screening
30 Clinical trial investigates Alzheimer's disease drug in people with Down syndrome
31 Supportive housing improves health of formerly homeless people with HIV/AIDS
32 Possible correlation shown between TMI nuclear accident and thyroid cancers
33 Visual recognition memory impaired after multiple exposures to anesthesia during infancy
34 In a cosmic hit-and-run, icy Saturn moon may have flipped
35 Support for tidal energy is high among Washington residents
36 Linguistic style is key to crowdfunding success
37 All heart patients have some liver disease after Fontan surgery
38 Mining for answers on abandoned mines
39 Visual recognition memory impaired after multiple exposures to anesthesia during infancy
40 How does water get to homes? Hint: It isn't magic
41 Social emotional learning interventions show promise, warrant further study
42 Horses masticate similarly to ruminants
43 Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment
44 Penn study links heart rate to gender gap in criminal offending
45 Half of adults with anxiety or depression report chronic pain
46 Mass. General researchers show how Shigella survives the gastrointestinal tract
47 Acidified ocean water widespread along North American West Coast
48 Storytime a 'turbocharger' for a child's brain
49 Wearable system helps visually impaired users navigate
50 Brain's immune cells linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia
51 Pay $8 for a Buddha-shaped pear foolish or fun? Your age may predict your answer
52 Russian scientists improved an X-ray fluorescence analysis algorithm
53 Cold conversion of food waste into renewable energy and fertilizer
54 High blood sugar following surgery common, increases risk of complications
55 Combined modality treatment could be first course for muscle-invasive bladder cancer
56 Burden of multiple chronic illness told through new chartbook
57 Internet withdrawal increases heart rate and blood pressure
58 Scientists discover how some pigs cope in cold climates
59 Texas A&M research suggests strokes may cause increased preference for alcohol
60 'Harder, better, faster, stronger'-tethered soft exosuit reduces metabolic cost of running
61 Mycobacteria use protein to create diverse populations, avoid drugs
62 Cancer therapy shows promise for psoriasis treatment
63 NASA orbiter finds new evidence of frost on moon's surface
64 Moffitt improves radiation therapy for head and neck patients
65 How our brains integrate online reviews into our own product preferences
66 Building mental toughness off the field--it's all about practice
67 American Muslim women report depression linked to internalized stigma and abuse
68 Web-based search data is a new key to understanding public reaction to major events
69 UT study shows virus infection may be linked to Toledo water crisis
70 Human activity has polluted European air for 2,000 years, study finds
71 Personalized cell therapy combination achieves complete remission in CLL patients
72 Like a slice of pizza, a curvature could give fish fins their strength
73 New insights into mechanisms regulating gene expression in embryonic stem cells
74 Immunotherapy with DNA vaccine shows promise for HPV-related head and neck cancer
75 Searching beyond graphene for new wonder materials
76 Sugar sponges sop up and release glucose as needed
77 Detecting bloodstains--with an antimalarial compound
78 Drug-delivery method holds promise for controlling crop parasites
79 1976 drought revealed as worst on record for British butterflies and moths
81 Cane toads have a salty secret to protect themselves when shedding skin
82 Women 'damned either way' on maternity leave
83 Gaps in hepatitis testing and monitoring programmes across the EU/EEA
84 Tourists risk animal bites by misreading wild monkey facial expressions as 'kisses'
85 Giant ringed planet likely cause of mysterious eclipses
86 Handheld scanner reveals vascularization in psoriasis patients
87 Paleobiologists make intriguing new discoveries about dinosaurs' ancestors
88 CNIO presents an online tool to extract drug toxicity information from text
89 Tea consumption leads to epigenetic changes in women
90 Oxytocin reduces cravings for methamphetamine
91 The fairer--The greener
92 Take control to become a better parent
93 Looking at complex light wave forms
94 Monash University researchers develop game changing strategy for pain relief
95 Nitrogen oxides emissions: Traffic dramatically underestimated as major polluter
96 Random numbers: Hard times ahead for hackers
97 Critical molecular determinants for activation of calcium flux into cells revealed
98 Spotting the invisible
99 From terrestrial and marine bioresources and wastes to value-added products
100 Bamboo inspires optimal design for lightness and toughness
101 Take a look, and you'll see, into your imagination
102 High release of strong greenhouse gas nitrous oxide found from northern peatlands at permafrost thaw
103 When gold turns invisible
104 Peek into your genes: NASA 1-year mission investigators identify links to vision problems
105 Reading to therapy dogs improves literacy attitudes in second-grade students
106 Family support moderates college students' feelings of loneliness, suicide
107 We're on the brink of mass extinction--but there's still time to pull back
108 Findings suggest reducing target SBP to below recommended levels could significantly reduce risk
109 Lingering risk of suicide after discharge from psychiatric facilities
110 New targeted molecular therapy takes aim at incurable prostate cancer