File Title
1 Measuring the Human Impact of Weather
2 UF Helps Slow the Cycle of Food-Insecurity, Obesity
3 Mannequin Enhances Training and Accessibility for TSA Officers
4 New Technology Developed for Engineering Animal Models
5 ALMA Eyes Icy Ring around Young Planetary System
6 Another Reason to Exercise: Burning Bone Fat--a Key to Better Bone Health
7 Study Reveals Recommendations for Certifying Emotional Support Animals
8 Weizmann Institute's New Water-Based, Recyclable Membrane Filters All Types of Nanoparticles
9 UCI Scientists Find Evolution in Butterfly Eye Dependent on Sex
10 Hubble Spots Moon Around Third Largest Dwarf Planet
11 Deconstructing Osmosis Provides Insight for Medical and Industrial Use
12 Canadian Archaeologists Challenge the Credibility of GIS Methods to Assess the Impact of Weather on Shoreline Erosion
13 WVU Professor's Patented System Could Save Lives and Make Cities More Resilient After Natural Disasters
14 Insight into Enzyme's 3D Structure Could Cut Biofuel Costs
15 Life in the Precambrian May Have Been Much Livelier than Previously Thought
16 ESF Lists Top 10 New Species for 2017
17 Mapping Super Massive Black Holes in the Distant Universe
18 Effect of Combining Near-Surface-Mounted and U-Wrap Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Strengthening Techniques on Reinforced Concrete Beams
19 Storing a Memory Involves Distant Parts of the Brain
20 Insects Resist Genetic Methods to Control Disease Spread, Study Finds
21 World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Releases First Results
22 Triple Play Boosting Value of Renewable Fuel Could Tip Market in Favor of Biomass
23 Study on How Rats Process Smell May Address Issue of Experiment Reproducibility
24 Why More Juvenile Sharks Off California's Coast Is a Good Thing
25 Hypertension in Young Adults Shows Long-Term Heart Risks
26 Quantum Mechanics Is Complex Enough, for Now...
27 Network Traffic Provides Early Indication of Malware Infection
28 Graphene-Based Sensor Could Improve Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma
29 TWEAKing Inflammation
30 New Clues Emerge About How Fruit Flies Navigate Their World
31 Researchers Discover Hottest Lavas that Erupted in Past 2.5 Billion Years from Earth's Core-Mantle Boundary
32 Smoke from Wildfires Can Have Lasting Climate Impact
33 Sunflower Genome Sequence to Provide Roadmap for More Resilient Crops
34 Student Mission Control
35 Study Challenges Understanding of Climate History
36 Kepler Telescope Spies Details of TRAPPIST-1 System's Outermost Planet
37 Weathering of Rocks a Poor Regulator of Global Temperatures
38 3.3 Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Origins of the Human Spine
39 Researchers Suppress Fibrosis Chemical Signal to Block Haywire Healing
40 Two Simple Building Blocks Produce Complex 3-D Material
41 Combination of Features Produces New Android Vulnerability
42 Ithaca College Physics Professor Making Digital Replica of Historic Revolutionary War-Era House
43 Wolves Need Space to Roam to Control Expanding Coyote Populations
44 Immunotherapy Data from the Cancer Research Institute Clinical Accelerator to Be Presented at ASCO Annual Meeting
45 UF Experts Suggest Ways to Save Water During Drought
46 Effect of Internal Curing as Mitigation to Minimize Alkali-Silica Reaction Damage
47 Two Missing World War II B-25 Bombers Documented by Project Recover Off Papua New Guinea
48 Carcinogenic Soot Particles from Petrol Engines
49 New Way to Test Self-Driving Cars Could Cut 99.9 Percent of Validation Costs
50 Dynamic Watermarking Could Help Solve Security Issues in Connected Vehicles
51 University of Redlands Expert: Let Someone Else Take the Photos--How to View the U.S. August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
52 Atomic Structure of Irradiated Materials Is More Akin to Liquid than Glass
53 Understanding Stars: How Tornado-Shaped Flow in a Dynamo Strengthens the Magnetic Field
54 Collecting Real-Time Data About Material Microstructural Evolution During Radiation Exposure
55 TICKS 101: How to Avoid, Identify and Respond to Ticks this Summer
56 Research Reveals Insights into Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanostructures
57 Are Wolverines in the Arctic in the Climate Change Crosshairs?
58 Mistletoe Research May Keep You Healthy
59 VLA Reveals New Object Near Supermassive Black Hole in Famous Galaxy
60 Increasing Aridity and Land-Use Overlap Have Potential to Cause Social and Economic Conflict in Dryland Areas
61 Re-Constructing the Crew of the Mary Rose
62 Secret Weapon of Smart Bacteria Tracked to "Sweet Tooth"
63 How Grade School Science Projects Led to a Career
64 Book Review: "Toxic Cocktail: How Chemical Pollution Is Poisoning Our Brains" by Professor Barbara Demeneix
65 UF Expert: Treat Your Parched Lawn Properly
66 Facebook Live Tech Talk: Join Us Discuss How to Stop Electronic Jamming!
67 New Officers Begin Terms at American Physiological Society
68 Where You Grow What You Grow
69 Population Only Part of Tornado Casualty Story
70 TSRI Scientists Find Simple Copper Complex Shuts Down Botulinum Neurotoxin Poisoning
71 Scientists Capture the First cryo-EM Images of Cellular Target for Type 2 Diabetes in Action
72 Cal Poly Pomona Team Wins First NASA Student Design Challenge
73 Report Challenges Perception of Mineral Scarcity
74 Leading Archaeologist Involved in Groundbreaking Discovery of Early Human Life in Ancient Peru
75 Zika Reached Miami at Least Four Times, Caribbean Travel Likely Responsible
76 South Sudan Wildlife Surviving Civil War, but Poaching and Trafficking Threats Increase
77 Penn Medicine Biochemist Awarded $2.5 Million Grant for New Microscope Technology
78 Grant Funds Microplastics Research in Delaware Bay
79 Labeling a Bacterial Cell 'Jacket'
80 Novel Technology Applied to Replace Aging Bridge
81 UW Engineers Borrow from Electronics to Build Largest Circuits to Date in Living Eukaryotic Cells
82 Approach Tested at FAU First to Look at Dolphin Immune System
83 OICR Launches Five Large-Scale Ontario Research Initiatives to Combat Some of the Most Deadly Cancers
84 In Fruit Fly and Human Genetics, Timing Is Everything
85 Collapsing Star Gives Birth to a Black Hole
86 The Big Star that Couldn't Become a Supernova
87 Water Forms 'Spine of Hydration' Around DNA
88 Researchers Drill Deep to Understand Why the Sumatra Earthquake Was So Severe
89 Viticulture Program at Texas Tech Plays Vital Role in Wine Industry Growth
90 Government Transparency Limited When It Comes to America's Conserved Private Lands
91 Fruit Flies Journey to International Space Station to Study Effects of Zero Gravity on the Heart
92 New Cellular Target May Put the Brakes on Cancer's Ability to Spread
93 Atomic-Scale Imaging Improves Dating of Planetary Events
94 Bioelectricity New Weapon to Fight Dangerous Infection
95 Scientists Jump Hurdle in HIV Vaccine Design
96 High Levels of PFOA Found in Mid-Ohio River Valley Residents from 1991 to 2013
97 Life on Terra Firma Began with an Invasion
98 Where the Rivers Meet the Sea
99 UVA Darden Launches Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative
100 $1.67 Million Gift Fuels Cal Poly Pomona Students' Mission to be First to Launch Rocket into Space
101 Improving Wheat Yields by Increasing Grain Size, Weight
102 Losing Sleep Over Climate Change
103 Attacking Cancer by Working Together
104 A New Spin on Electronics
105 Hotspots Show that Vegetation Alters Climate by Up to 30%
106 Vision Keeps Maturing Until Mid-Life
107 New Antibiotic Packs a Punch Against Bacterial Resistance
108 Death by Volcano?
109 NUS Researchers Make Inroads into Finding Out How T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Develops
110 Regenerative Medicine Researcher's Startup Companies Give Hope to Patients