File Title
1 ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst to return to ISS for Horizons mission in 2018
2 Earth is a jewel, says astronaut after six months away
3 Mystery of rare volcanoes on Venus
4 ESO signs contracts for the ELT's gigantic primary mirror
5 NASA's 'Webb-cam' captures engineers at work on Webb at Johnson Space Center
6 Image: Close-up view of neutron star mission's X-ray concentrator optics
7 Image: Sequence of Juno spacecraft's close approach to Jupiter
8 Breaking Newton's Law: Intriguing oscillatory back-and-forth motion of a quantum particle
9 Sensing the nanoscale with visible light, and the fundamentals of disordered waves
10 The Muon g-2 experiment has begun its search for phantom particles with its world-famous and well-traveled electromagnet
11 Diamond needles emit intense bunches of electrons when illuminated by light
12 A material that can switch between multiple phases that have distinct electronic, optical and magnetic properties
13 Physicists add amplifier to quantum communication toolbox
14 Seeing through materials with visible light
15 Researchers flip the script on magnetocapacitance
16 The world's most powerful X-ray laser beam creates 'molecular black hole'
17 Like a slice of pizza, a curvature could give fish fins their strength
18 Physicists uncover similarities between classical and quantum machine learning
19 The mechanical properties of sperm tails revealed
20 Physicists discover why drying liquid crystal drops leave unusual 'coffee rings'
21 New plasmonic sensor improves early cancer detection
22 Physicists explore elusive high-energy particles in a crystal
23 30 pages of calculations settle a 30-year debate over a mysterious new phase of matter
24 The synchronized dance of skyrmion spins
25 Breakthrough curved sensor could dramatically improve image quality captured with digital cameras
26 Magnetoelectric memory cell increases energy efficiency for data storage
27 Neutron lifetime measurements take new shape for in situ detection
28 Quantum states reveal themselves with measurable 'fingerprint'
29 Phase transitions of rice farmers may offer insight into managing natural resources
30 New scaling law predicts how wheels drive over sand
31 Researchers develop the first broadband image sensor array based on graphene-CMOS integration
32 A new spin on electronics: Study discovers a 'miracle material' for field of spintronics
33 Researchers study unusual and extremely short-lived species of hydrogen
34 Intrinsic properties--the secret lives of accelerometers
35 In atomic propellers, quantum phenomena can mimic everyday physics
36 Scientists improve an X-ray fluorescence analysis algorithm
37 Physicists accelerate plans for a new Large Hadron Collider three times as big
38 Random numbers--hard times ahead for hackers
39 Looking at complex light wave forms
40 Frequency modulation accelerates the research of quantum technologies
41 Researchers measure the coherence length in glasses using the supercomputer JANUS
42 Research collaborative pursues advanced quantum computing
43 Data from the LHC converted to piano music
44 'Quantum leap' for Liverpool
45 Photonic 'hypercrystals' shed stronger light
46 Test of general relativity could potentially generate new gravitational models
47 Understanding how slow predators catch faster prey could improve drone tactics
48 Properties of subatomic 'soup' that mimics the early universe
49 A network of crystals for long-distance quantum communication
50 Novel method to study quantum fluctuations in exotic phases of matter
51 Researchers discover mechanism that controls bone formation and function
52 Scientists detect light-matter interaction in single layer of atoms
53 A way to engineer photoactive junctions in iron-chloride-intercalated graphene using a laser
54 Squeezing every drop of fresh water from waste brine
55 Nanomaterials with potential for environmentally friendly hydrogen production
56 Light emitting quantum dots could ease synthesis of novel compounds
57 Nanopore technology makes leap from DNA sequencing to identifying proteins
58 Research could bring 'drastically' higher resolution to your TV and smartphone
59 Researchers find new way to control light with electric fields
60 Nanocar is the first step toward a controlled transport system at the molecular scale
61 Water is surprisingly ordered on the nanoscale
62 Report sheds new insights on the spin dynamics of a material candidate for low-power devices
63 Next-gen computing: Memristor chips that see patterns over pixels
64 Speeding up quality control for biologics
65 Researchers show laser-induced graphene kills bacteria, resists biofouling
66 'Sticky' particles promise more precise drug delivery for brain cancer
67 Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays
68 Graphene-based sensor could improve evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of asthma
69 New nano-polymer could prevent heart failure
70 IBM scientists demonstrate ballistic nanowire connections, a potential future key component for quantum computing
71 Scientists construct a stable one-dimensional metallic material
72 Graphene-nanotube hybrid boosts lithium metal batteries
73 Gold nanoparticle chains show promise as light conductors
74 Two-dimensional multiferroics in monolayer group IV monochalcogenides
75 Single-step approach to constructing electromagnetic metamaterials uses tiny self-assembled pillars in composite films
76 2-D materials lose heat more easily when encased
77 New method of characterizing graphene
78 Fractionating DNA--from hours to minutes
79 New method improves stability of perovskite quantum dots
80 Copper hydroxide nanoparticles provide protection against toxic oxygen radicals in cigarette smoke
81 What is nanomedicine, and how can it improve childhood cancer treatment?
82 Three-dimensional graphene: Experiment at BESSY II shows that optical properties are tuneable
83 Paper test strip could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home
84 A fresh look inside the protein nano-machines
85 Graphene on silicon carbide can store energy
86 Research reveals insights into optical properties of plasmonic nanostructures
87 New graphene sensor to improve hepatitis diagnosis
88 Using graphene to create quantum bits
89 Silk proteins paired with renewable wood nanocellulose to produce the strongest artificial spider silk yet
90 Holographic microscope provides a new tool for nanomedicine to rapidly measure degradation of drug loaded nanoparticles
91 Molecular Lego for nanoelectronics
92 Sea stars filmed hunting squid and squabbling over eating it
93 Weird energy beam seems to travel five times the speed of light
94 CRISPR causes many unwanted mutations, small study suggests
95 Amazing pictures show cyclones swirling above Jupiter's poles
96 Gene tweak in gut bacteria could turn feces blue if you're ill
97 Nanoparticles that chat back and forth could dispense medication
98 See-through frog has heart you can see beating through its chest
99 Floating in microgravity gives bacteria permanent genetic boost
100 Game theory says you should charge your friends to borrow things
101 Trump looks set to take US out of Paris climate agreement
102 UK government to be taken back to court again over air pollution
103 Watch cuttlefish apparently pretending to walk just like crabs
104 Take a 360-degree virtual tour of a scientific research vessel
105 NASA mission into sun's atmosphere named after astrophysicist
106 Brain switch in voles makes them fall in love at first sight
107 Could cannabis help crack cocaine addicts kick the habit?
108 Underwater drones use sound to send snaps of the ocean floor
109 Ticks use sticky pads on their feet to cling on to our skin
110 Rings and asteroids may explain 'alien megastructure' star