File Title
1 Unexpected mechanism behind chronic nerve pain
2 Perseverance pays off in fight against deadly Lassa virus
3 New evidence challenges popular hypothesis for how anesthesia works
4 New insights into how the Zika virus causes microcephaly
5 Taking antidepressants during pregnancy not associated with newborn problems at 2-4 weeks of age
6 Five years before diagnosis, brain cancer causes changes detectable in blood
7 New combo pill offers hope to hepatitis C patients who fail other treatment
8 Who to vaccinate when flu season strikes
9 Emotions expressed by the dying are unexpectedly positive
10 Delayed meal times reset body clocks
11 Researchers decipher the enigma of how faces are encoded in the brain
12 Common class of chemicals cause cancer by breaking down DNA repair mechanisms
13 Researchers uncover clues about how HIV virus mutates
14 A protein that stem cells require could be a target in killing breast cancer cells
15 A noninvasive method for deep brain stimulation--Electrodes placed on the scalp could help patients with brain disease
16 Researchers identify specific neurons that distinguish between reality and imagination
17 Study finds cause of, and possible cure for, genetic skin disorder
18 Researchers block B-cell AID, prevent diabetes in NOD mice
19 How ancestry shapes our immune cells
20 Mother's advanced age at childbirth is not the reason for the elevated risks of low birth weight or preterm birth: study
21 Tobacco the 'silent killer' of HIV patients, say researchers
22 A major step in treating genetic diseases
23 Common acne medication offers new treatment for multiple sclerosis
24 Exposure to specific toxins and nutrients during late pregnancy and early life correlates with autism risk
25 Zinc may hold key to fighting liver disease
26 Virtual reality eases phantom limb pain
27 One gene closer to regenerative therapy for muscular disorders
28 The gut microbiota plays a key role in treatment with classic diabetes medication
29 Looking at buildings can actually give people headaches--here's how
30 Cholesterol a key player at the lung surface
31 Tuberculosis bacterium may undermine immune regulation to drive disease progression
32 New teen drivers face triple the risk of a fatal crash
33 Advocating for a loved one
34 Telehealth reduces wait time, improves care for children with autism living in remote areas
35 Low albumin predicts mortality in renal replacement therapy
36 Beta-blocker use not linked to reduced mortality after AMI
37 Elephantiasis patients more likely to have depression
38 Combined optical and molecular imaging could guide breast-conserving surgery
39 Get to know the omentum: The apron of fat that protects your abdomen
40 Who has better mental health: Public or private college students?
41 Why pot-smoking declines--but doesn't end--with parenthood
42 Payments linked to higher odds of doctors prescribing certain cancer drugs
43 Deployment stress impacts well-being through different mental health issues for female and male vets
44 First analysis of AACR Project GENIE data published
45 HMGB1 may be linked to immunosuppression in patients who survive septic shock
46 How do signs of problem gambling differ in men and women?
47 Why was a teenager with bone cancer buried on Witch Hill in Panama?
48 Collagen from a Tyrannosaurus rex bone proves Jurassic Park will never exist
49 Ovarian teratoma with teeth discovered in remains of 15th century woman
50 Fossil skeleton confirms earliest primates were tree dwellers
51 The first genome data from ancient Egyptian mummies
52 Springs were critical water sources for early humans in East Africa, study finds
53 Just how old are animals?
54 New species of bus-sized fossil marine reptile unearthed in Russia
55 Ancient DNA evidence shows hunter-gatherers and farmers were intimately linked
56 Smartphones could be changing the way we make moral decisions, says study
57 Groundbreaking discovery of early human life in ancient Peru
58 Ochre use by Middle Stone Age humans in Porc-Epic cave persisted over thousands of years
59 How the Galapagos cormorant lost its ability to fly
60 Revealed: New step in plant mastermind hormone's pathway
61 Professors call for an end to the chaotic classification of organisms
62 Chimps found to pass on knowledge to the next generation
63 Mystery of electric fish genus solved, new species identified
64 Cane toads have a salty secret to protect themselves when shedding skin
65 Budgerigars can identify spoken sounds without prior exposure to human speech
66 Nathusius and Soprano bats are attracted to green light
67 Decoded genome may help tortoise win race to survive
68 Mycobacteria use protein to create diverse populations, avoid drugs
69 Outnumbered and on others' turf, misfits sometimes thrive
70 We're on the brink of mass extinction--but there's still time to pull back
71 1976 drought revealed as worst on record for British butterflies and moths
72 Living fossil challenges thinking on brain evolution
73 Faceless fish among weird deep sea Australian finds
74 Fowl-mouthed study finds that diet shaped duck, goose beaks
75 First step taken toward epigenetically modified cotton
76 Geneticist wants to arm farmers with improved pigeon peas
77 Genetic analysis of New World birds confirms untested evolutionary assumption
78 Chemical coatings boss around bacteria, in the bugs' own language
79 Evolution on the fast lane--One flounder species became two
80 Domesticated rice dated back 9,400 years in China
81 Phenotypic plasticity of gecko calls reveals the complex communication of lizards
82 Research uses heat to predict species most threatened by climate change
83 Remembrance of things past--bacterial memory of gut inflammation
84 Zinc's negative effects on mineral digestibility can be mitigated, study shows
85 Gene finding to eradicate severe blistering disorder of the skin found in dogs
86 The art of folding mitochondrial membranes
87 Key process for cell division revealed in molecular analysis
88 Researchers untangle mystery of tiny bird's trans-Pacific flight
89 New report calls on federal and state collaboration to address brucellosis transmission from elk
90 The Spanish plant that was classified by mistake
91 Human Cell Atlas data platform kicks off with support from CZI
92 Dual role of fruit fly protein in connecting chromosome copies
93 Sea level rise may drive coastal nesting birds to extinction
94 Subsidies promote overfishing and hurt small-scale fishers worldwide
95 Mercury emissions in Southeast Asian waters threaten Australian birds
96 Building better brains--a bioengineered upgrade for organoids
97 A tool to protect police dogs in drug raids from overdosing
98 Researchers design AI system to diagnose pain levels in sheep
99 Tourists risk animal bites by misreading wild monkey facial expressions as 'kisses'
100 Sizzling snails prioritize protein stability
101 Seven tons of African pangolin scales seized in Hong Kong
102 Locked movement in molecular motor and rotor
103 Chemists forge a new path in the search for antibiotics
104 New approach set to make peptide stapling widely available
105 Scientists discover a new way to target drug-resistant bacteria
106 Novel experimental strategy elucidates complex crystal structure
107 Low cost, scalable water splitting fuels the future hydrogen economy
108 Ultra-stable perovskite solar cell remains stable for more than a year
109 Spotting the invisible
110 New enzyme key to better Parkinson's disease treatment