File Title
1 Dolphins Beat Up, Incapacitate Octopuses Before Eating Them--Or Else They Die
2 Man Rescued in Australia After Shark Attacks Kayak
3 China to Create Massive Panda Reserve, 3 Times the Size of Yellowstone National Park
4 Ranger Dies After Rampaging Elephant Skewers Her like Barbecue
5 Critically Endangered Possum vs. Human Livelihood: Barnaby Proposes Logging Protected Forest to Save Jobs
6 REPORT: Most Wildlife Attractions Don't Follow Basic Welfare Standards, Thomas Cook Axes Cruel Industry
7 Deadly Tree: This Tropical Tree Slaughters Birds for No Good Reason
8 From Bangkok to UK: 6-Inch Exotic Monitor Lizard Sneaks into Traveler's Suitcase
9 Are Mountain Lions More Dangerous than Humans? California Residents Startled by Large Feline Sightings
10 Yuck! Dead 'Decomposing' Bat Found Inside Florida Walmart's Packed Salad
11 WATCH: Rare Clip of Elusive Deep Sea Giant--Seven-Armed Octopus Devouring Helpless Jellyfish
12 Doomed Rhinos: South Africa Legalizes Rhino Horn Sale, Court Ruling Rejects Appeal to Keep Trade Ban
13 Donald Trump's War on Wildlife: Trump Lifts Ban on Shooting Hibernating Bears, Trapping Resting Wolves, Other Wildlife Protection Laws
14 Killer Whales Bred for Captivity: China's First Orca Breeding Facility Highlights Country's Need for Animal Welfare Law
15 Pawternity Leave Is Becoming Official for Staff with Newly Adopted Pets
16 First Rhino Poaching in 3 Years: Rare One-Horned Rhino in Nepal Brutally Shot at Chitwan National Park
17 WATCH: Secret Feeding Habits of Whales in Antartica Revealed
18 This Odd, Alien-Like Tiny Jelly Could Be Your Oldest Living Ancestor
19 Snake on Drugs: 6-Foot Python Sent to Rehab for Methamphetamine Addiction
20 Creepy, Hairy 'Babies': Meet Woman Who Lives with 1,500 Tarantulas
21 Snake-cation! 5-Foot Reticulated Python Found in Hotel Room Cabinet
22 Is it Halloween Yet? New 'Softball-Sized' Spider with Sharp Fangs Found in Mexico Cave
23 Record-Breaking! 112 Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales Spotted in Cape Cod Bay
24 'Environmental DNA' Helps Scientists in Monitoring Fish Migration
25 Elephants Can Pass Simple Intelligence Test that Human Children Can't
26 Scientists Discover 50 New Spider Species, Including a Giant Tarantula the Size of a Human Face
27 The Alien World of Socotra Island: Home to Bizarre Bloody Trees and More Endangered Flora
28 Easter Egg Hunt of a Lifetime! Scientists Discover 44 Rare Eggs of Endangered Burmese Roofed Turtle
29 Baby Watch Ends! April the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park Finally Gives Birth [WATCH LIVE]
30 United Airlines Passenger Stung by Scorpion from Overhead Bin
31 Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Ban Eating Cat, Dog Meat--Will South Korea, China Follow Suit?
32 Cuteness Alert! Box of Baby Barn Owls Found in Texas Roadside
33 Finally! April the Giraffe's Baby Is Born: Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Celebrity Calf
34 Heroic Dogs Track, Skydive to Save Wildlife from Poachers in Africa
35 Attack of the Croc! Elephant Barely Escapes Crocodile's Violent Attack in Watering Hole [Video]
36 What Will Be the Name of April the Giraffe's Calf? Here's How You Can Submit Your Entry
37 Alien-Looking Shipworm Emerges in the Philippines for the First Time After Centuries of Eluding Capture
38 Shark Attacks, Kills Teenage Girl Surfing with Her Father on Australian Waters
39 Free Mali: The World's Loneliest Elephant Locked Away in a Philippine Zoo for Almost 40 Years
40 Goose with Giant Arrow Through Its Neck Found Casually Wandering in New York
41 LOOK: Creepy 'Ball of Snakes' Spotted Along Greenway Trail
42 LOOK: April the Giraffe's Calf Meets Father for the First Time
43 Certain Components in Frogs' Skin Mucus Could Kill Flu Virus
44 The Truth Behind the Cat Islands of Japan Where Felines Actually Rule
45 WATCH: Beaver Accidentally Becomes the Leader of 150 Cattle in Canada
46 Animal Adventure Park Reveals Top Suggestions for the Name of April the Giraffe's Calf
47 Caught on Cam: Giant Shark Circles Popular Swimming Spot in Australia
48 Does CPR Work on Birds? Video of Glasgow Woman Giving Mouth-to-Mouth to a Pigeon Goes Viral [Watch]
49 PETA Files Another Complaint Against Carolina Roadside Zoo Due to Possible Animal Negligence [Video]
50 Cure for Aging? Blood in Human Umbilical Cord Shows Ability to Reverse Memory Loss in Old Mice
51 This Adorable French Bulldog Is a Better Skateboarder than You (Video)
52 Shark Attack Survivor Calls for Cull, Reignites Long Standing Debate in Australia
53 World's Weirdest: Did You Know that Naked Mole Rats Can Survive 18 Minutes Without Oxygen?
54 Australian Officials Call for Mass Killing of Sharks After Attack on 17-Year-Old
55 Scientists Create Horrifying Red-Eyed Mutant Wasps Using CRISPR Technology
56 Protein from Malaria Parasite Can Stop the Growth of Highly Aggressive Bladder Cancer
57 WATCH RARE FOOTAGE: This Is How the Blue Whale, World's Biggest Animal, Munches on Its Prey
58 Worst Animal Cruelty Case? 24 Dead Animals Found Inside Soldier's Fort Jackson House
59 Ships Might Be Colliding with Whales More Often than Previously Thought
60 Bizarre Plastic-Eating Wax Worm Might Be the Answer to Plastic Pollution
61 WATCH: Rare Drone Clip Captures Sharks in Feeding Frenzy Off Australian Coast
62 Revenge of the Wildlife: Nile Crocodiles Devour Man Who Kills Wild Animals for 'Trophy'
63 LOOK: Fisherman Catches Monstrous Bull Shark Twice the Size of a Man
64 Tinder Helps Save Sudan, the World's Last Male Northern White Rhino
65 New Dog Tree of Life Reveals the Secret History of Your Pup
66 70-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Egg Fossils Unearthed in China
67 Penguin Day 2017: Climate Change Endangers Two Most Common Species of Penguins in Antarctica
68 Vets Perform Gender Reassignment Surgery on Confused Dog with Both Male and Female Sex Organs
69 Hope for Premature Babies: Scientists Successfully Grow Lambs in Artificial Womb
70 Artificial Womb 'BioBag' Successfully Grows Premature Lamb--Can It Work on Humans, Too?
71 Extremely Rare Dog Born with Both Female, Male Sex Organs Undergoes Gender Reassignment
72 This Headless Dinosaur Skeleton Finally Reunites with Its Skull After Nearly a Century
73 WATCH: April the Giraffe Kicks Vet in the Nuts to Protect Her Newborn Calf
74 First Ever Mexican Wolf Pup Born Using Frozen Sperm Gives Hope to Endangered Species
75 One of the World's Largest Rabbits Mysteriously Dies Aboard United Airlines Flight
76 40 Snakes Dumped in Walmart Parking Lot Discovered by Police
77 Biggest Porbeagle Shark Caught: What You Need to Know About this Rare Relative of the Great White
78 Animal Poop Science: Mammals Take 12 Seconds to Poo--Here's Why
79 NOAA: 41 Humpback Whales Mysteriously Die Along the Atlantic Coast
80 The Secret Life of Dogs When Left Alone Is Pretty Sad--How to Deal with Your Pup's Separation Anxiety
81 NOAA Probes Unusually High Number of Dead Humpback Whales Along Atlantic Coast
82 This Surgeon Just Transplanted a Second Head to a Rat--Are Humans Next?
83 Colorado Golden Retriever Gets Sick Consuming Letfover Marijuana, Pet Owner Calls for Responsible Pot Use
84 Killer Whales Go on Violent Killing Spree in California (Video)
85 World's Deadliest Snake Rules this Untouched Island in Brazil
86 Bonobos, Not Chimps, Are Humans' Closest Living Ancestor
87 April the Giraffe's Calf Finally Revealed; but Did They Choose the Wrong Name?
88 Dolphin Language Could Be Translated Using Artificial Intelligence by 2021
89 Female Dragonflies Fake Own Death to Avoid Sexual Harassment from Unwanted Suitors
90 New Species of Invasive Clam Found in Illinois River
91 Once-Extinct Scimitar-Horned Oryx Returns to the Wild
92 Busted! Raid at Ex-Colonel's House in India Reveals Massive Animal Poaching Racket
93 Photographer Fined in Singapore for Baiting Birds, Act Raises Issue on Wildlife Photography and Ethics
94 WATCH: Rare Footage Shows Male Cuttlefish Gallantly Defending His Mate Against Other Male
95 Toxic Caterpillar with Powerful Venom Wreaks Havoc in England Village
96 Doctor Claims to Cure Sepsis Using Vitamin C, Steroids
97 Scientists May Have Discovered Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cause in Mice
98 Australia's Long-Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Might Still Be Out There
99 Venom of Tiny Tropical Fish 'Fang Blenny' Could Inhibit Pain Just like Opioids
100 Researchers Create Artificial Yeast that May Pave Way to 'Designer' Organisms
101 Binge Drinking Before Pregnancy May Have Negative Impact on Your Child's Health
102 Fountain of Youth! Scientists Prove that Reversing the Aging Process Is Possible, Find Out How
103 Are Medieval Zombies Real? First Scientific Evidence of Villagers Versus the Undead Found in a Mass Grave
104 Having a Pet Early in Life May Lower Risk of Allergy, Obesity
106 Octopuses, Squids Trade Genomic Evolution for RNA Editing to Adapt to Their Environment
107 This Vaccine Could Protect You from Acnes
108 Deadly Tree: This Tropical Tree Slaughters Birds for No Good Reason
109 Scientists Can Predict the Contents of Your Dreams, Here's How
110 Scientists Discover Cluster of 'Mini Brains' Connected to Pain