File Title
1 Life Might Exist on Exomoons Outside the Milky Way Galaxy
2 Scientists Have Discovered a Dwarf that Breaks All Records
3 Researchers Say Breastfeeding Does Not Provide Cogntive Benefits
4 Stephen Hawking Says We're in the Middle of a "Global Revolt Against Experts"
5 Scientists Can Create an Unlimited Supply of Artificial Blood with Immortal Stem Cells
6 The Largest Dinosaur Footprint Is Found in Australia
7 Marijuana to be Legalized in Canada by 2018
8 How Much Energy Can Bring the Actual Time Machine in Reality
9 Astronomers Are Hoping to Witness a Blackhole Event for the First TIme in History
10 Space News: Stimulation Shows Super Monster Black Holes Can Grow Rapidly
11 After 130 Years of Research, Scientists May Have to Redraw the Dinosaur Family Tree
12 NASA Takes Steps to Develop High Speed Space Internet
13 Space News: Trappist-1 Could Possibly Host Another Earth
14 NASA Swift Mission: Sun like Star's 'Death Spiral' Mapped into a Black Hole
15 Dinosaurs and Volcano on Mars Went Extinct at the Same Time
16 Painkillers like Naproxen, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen Linked to Cardiac Arrest
17 NASA Catches Sight of a Star Extremely Close to What Scientists Believe Is a Black Hole
18 NASA's Space X Dragon Splashes Down in the Pacific
19 Genetically Augment May Be Needed in Humans Inorder to Survive in Mars
20 Recent Studies Reveal 'Type 2 Diabetes' Can Be Treated in 40 Percent of Patients
21 Japan Launches Spy Satellite to Watch North Korea
22 Scientists Amending Source of Earth's Water
23 Earth's Inner Radiation Belt Is Far Weaker than It Was Expected: NASA Is Excited About It
24 NASA: Recent Study Proves Biofuels Reduce Jet Engine Pollution
25 Mars Weather Mysteries: Massive Dust Storms Expands to Sizes Larger than the United States
26 NASA's ICESat-2 Will Provide Deeper Sea Ice Forecasts
27 NASA Experiments Show Titan Lakes May Contain Nitrogen
28 Deadly Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection 'Candida Auris' Already has Dozens of Infected Citizens in the U.S.
29 Mission to Venus: NASA and Russia May Explore Hellish Planet Together
30 New Research Suggests Ancient Humans Helped Make the World's Largest Desert
31 5 Ways How Drinking Water First Thing Every Day Helps You Improve Your Health
32 NASA and Russia Might Explore Venus Together in a Special Mission
33 Scientists Create Artificial Retina Implant that Could Restore Vision
34 Astronomers Not Sure of Habitability of TRAPPIST-1 Planets
35 E-cigarette Lowered Smoking Tobacco Usage for Young High School Students and had Vaping Usage Increased
36 NASA's Kepler Releases Raw Data of Earth Size Planets Around Trappist-1
37 The Tropics Don't Set the Limit for Global Warming After All, Study Reveals
38 California's San Joaquin Valley to SINK by up to 28 feet
39 Hubble Telescope Captures Images of Massive Hybrid Galaxy
40 Australia Was Colonised by One Group 50,000 Years Ago, DNA Evidence Reveals
41 Your Ears Can Actually Tell Difference Between Hot, Cold Water
42 This House Was Built with 3D Printer Under 24 Hours at Only $10,000
43 In an Unexplained Case, Brain Activity Has Been Recorded as Much as 10 Minutes After Death
44 Ancient Mars Would Have Had More Water than Imagined
45 Scientists Decode Mysterious Aspects of Human Heartbeats
46 NASA's Upcoming Mega-telescope Could Reveal Atmospheres in New Found Worlds
47 Scientists Have a New Explanation for How Life Could Have Evolved on Earth
48 Scientists Want to Build a Super-Fast, Self-Replicating Computer that "Grows as It Computes"
49 Scientists Reverse Sickle Cell Disease for the First Time Using Gene Therapy
50 Super Massive Black Holes can Swiftly Change Temperature due to Winds
51 Scientists Find Way to Rapidly Freeze Cryopreserved Tissue Without Damage
52 UFO Sightings Have Increased Highly Over the Past Years
53 SpaceX Announced that They Sending Two 'Private Citizens' to the Moon
54 Trump: America Stands 'Ready to Unlock the Mysteries of Space.'
55 Supermassive Black Holes Could Be Killing Way More Stars than We Realise
56 Supernova Explosion in 1987 Still Shines Bright
57 Physicists Detect Friction-Like Force in Vacuum
58 International Space Station astronauts capture SpaceX's Dragon craft; Huge relief for mission
59 Seven alien earth-size planets discovered orbiting nearby star TRAPPIST-1; Can support life!
60 NASA DIscovers Potentially Habitable Sister Solar System
61 Putting Cancer Patients on Torpor State Could Help Deal with Tumors
62 Computer On Photon Technology Runs 20 Times Faster than Ordinary Laptop
63 Space X, NASA Launches First Falcon 9 Rocket from Pad Steeped in History
64 Robert De Niro Demands More Information About Vaccines
65 Oceans Host Unlimited Source of Nuclear Power
66 Ocean Oxygen Levels Dropping Significantly
67 Paternal Depression is Now Striking Expectant Fathers
68 Black Holes can be Stranger than Expected: New 'Middleweight' Black Hole Discovered
69 A Fossilised Pregnant Reptile Has Scientists Wandering About the Evolution of Reproduction
70 Possibility of Alien Life: Building Blocks Found on Dwarf Planet Ceres
71 India Sets New World Record, Launches 104 Satellites in 18 Minutes
72 'Lost Continent' Discovered Under Mauritius Island of the Indian Ocean
73 Scientists Figure Out Why Earth Has Solid Core Amid High Temperature
74 NASA aims to find aliens on Jupiter's Europa
75 Keck Observatory Spots Over 100 Possible Exoplanets
76 5 Foods that Make Men More Attractive to Women
77 NASA Uses Space Laser to Study Ocean Plants
78 Science: Why Female Sex Robots Are More Dangerous than You Think
79 British UFO expert was killed, poised to 'expose black magic cult'
80 Wendelstein 7-X latest Results: Experimental nuclear fusion reactor confirmed to work; the beginning for dream of unlimited free energy
81 Rock-ingredients found on Mars can sustain life
82 China completes 180 days of space colony simulation test
83 NASA finds proof of alien life on Mars; Three tall structures confirm alien civilization
84 Australian National University scientists make microchip that will help track aliens [Video]
85 Lunar Aliens invaded the moon? Disc-shaped UFO spotted crossing the lunar surface, claims reports
86 Antarctica continues to melt as mysterious lakes unraveled
87 Sex doesn't last longer? Men can blame it on evolution, say researchers
88 NASA: 20-year trip of Stephen Hawking's spacecraft possible with self-healing chip
89 NASA EmDrive Experiment Results Update: Controversial propulsion system may get actual space test to prove it works
90 Amber-wrapped, 99-year-old baby dinosaur tail found in Myanmar
91 Food bars being enhanced by NASA for Mars flights
92 Humanity impacts climate change, harm will linger
93 Scientists alarmed as sea levels rise by 10 feet; New York, Miami gradually submerging
94 Why Did a 23-Foot Long Snake Eat the Indonesian Man? Experts Say Python Behavior was Unusual
95 Documentary Turned Bloody: Man Mauled to Death by Pet Dog During Interview
96 'Fowl' Incident! Wife Catches Husband Having Sex with Chicken, Court Suspends Prison Sentence
97 West Indian Manatee No Longer Endangered, but It's Not a Cause for Celebration--Here's Why
98 Shocking Video Shows Tiny Badger Burying Massive Cow by Itself--World's First Footage
99 Mysterious Megatunnels in South America Were Dug by Giant Sloths
100 Bloodbath: Japanese Fleet Slaughters Over 300 Whales in Annual Antarctic Hunt
101 Over 300 Small Animals Rescued from Being Hoarded in Nashville
102 How to Decode Cat Expressions According to Scientists
103 Death of the World's Biggest Ivory Market: China Officially Starts Mission to Save the Elephants
104 WATCH: It Got Grandma! Mischievous Monkey Throws Poop on Old Lady's Face
105 Thank Heavens for Alcohol! Vodka Shot Saves Poisoned Cat
106 Too Early? Manatees Removed from Endangered Status and Not Everyone Is Happy
107 Real-Life Sharknado! Bull Shark Washes Up on Land After Cyclone Debbie in Queensland
108 WATCH LIVE: Boy or Girl? April the Giraffe 'Pushing Contractions,' Gender Reveal Gets Closer
109 Less than 300 but Fighting: Breeding Population of Nearly Extinct Indochinese Tiger Brings Hope
110 Hobby Cave Diver Discovers First European Cave Fish