File Title
1 Genetics and environment combine to give everyone a unique sense of smell
2 New chlamydia drug targets discovered using CRISPR and stem cells
3 Predicting people's 'brain age' could help to spot who is at risk of early death
4 Chemotherapy drug may increase vulnerability to depression
5 Link between alcohol consumption and cardiac arrhythmias
6 Study finds first molecular genetic evidence of PTSD heritability
7 Patients with positive fecal screening test, sooner is better for colonoscopy
8 Unique womb-like device could reduce mortality and disability for extremely premature babies
9 Study: Early organic carbon got deep burial in mantle
10 Modeling reveals how policy affects adoption of solar energy photovoltaics in California
11 Popular belief that saturated fats clog up arteries 'plain wrong' say experts
12 New method to grow womb lining and mimic menstrual cycle in the laboratory dish
13 In a neuro-techno future, human rights laws will need to be revisited
14 Novel mode of antidepressant action may help patients unresponsive to SSRIs
15 Published data reveals new mechanism to inhibit oligomers, key driver of Alzheimer's
16 Childhood obesity quadruples risk of developing type 2 diabetes
17 Researchers map the evolution of dog breeds
18 Environmental enrichment triggers mouse wound repair response
19 Gut bacteria tell the brain what animals should eat
20 GW study finds 33 percent of seafood sold in six DC eateries mislabeled
21 3-D printing and Hollywood special FX bring heightened reality to surgical training
22 Parents' use of emotional feeding increases emotional eating in school-age children
23 Study of transgender preschoolers assesses preferences and identity
24 Artificial intelligence may help diagnose tuberculosis in remote areas
25 Wind, rain play key role in breeding patterns of migratory tree swallows
26 Inaccurate IUCN range maps leave birds endemic to India's western Ghats vulnerable
27 What's coming next? Scientists identify how the brain predicts speech
28 Vitamin A + high-fat diet = increased risk for obesity, diabetes
29 Intense training without proper recovery may compromise bone health in elite rowers
30 Low-sodium diet might not lower blood pressure
31 With synthetic mucus, researchers take aim at antibiotic resistance
32 Fighting infections with a silver sword
33 One step closer to an 'exercise pill'
34 Photodielectric discovery brings new optical control to electronics
35 New analysis of brain network activity offers unique insight into epileptic seizures
36 New fiber optic probe brings endoscopic diagnosis of cancer closer to the clinic
37 NIST invents fundamental component for 'spintronic' computing
38 Tracking particles at the energy frontier
39 Control of molecular motion by metal-plated 3-D printed plastic pieces
40 Study offers new theoretical approach to describing non-equilibrium phase transitions
41 Move over, Superman! NIST method sees through concrete to detect early-stage corrosion
42 Physicists design 2-D materials that conduct electricity at almost the speed of light
43 Establishing the boundaries of quantum secure communications
44 Laser cooling a polyatomic molecule
45 Using lasers to examine space, bugs and bones
46 Researchers build artificial synapse capable of autonomous learning
47 'Quantum simulator' facilitates research into theoretical supermaterials
48 New CERN results show novel phenomena in proton collisions
49 With new method, engineers can control and separate fluids on a surface using only visible light
50 First-ever direct observation of chiral currents in quantum Hall atomic simulation
51 Chip-based nanoscopy: Microscopy in HD quality
52 Nature plants a seed of engineering inspiration
53 Fast, robust algorithm for computing stellarator coil shapes yields designs that are easier to build and maintain
54 The world's fastest film camera: when light practically stands still
55 Fast electrons and the seeds of disruption
56 Scientists explain the way Weyl particles 'dance' on crystal surface
57 A fresh approach to experimental design at the SLAC X-ray laser
58 Beyond classical computing without fault-tolerance: Looking for the quantum frontier
59 Super-resolution spectral imaging to monitor dynamic processes in real time
60 American Physical Society and CERN sign an open access agreement for SCOAP3
61 Scientists discover new atomically layered, thin magnet
62 Evaluating the performance of computer components designed to run 100 times faster than top supercomputers
63 Scientists model the formation of multivalleys in semiconductor microcavities
64 Physicist improves particle interaction modeling
65 Sex, lies and physics: 'Genius' drama is Einstein tell-all
66 Growth under pressure: New metamaterial designed with counterintuitive property
67 New camera system inspired by animal vision
68 New approach to improve detection of landfill-related pollution
69 Scientists engaged holography in fast estimating particles in media
70 Researchers develop faster biosensor platform using a magnetic field
71 Scientists set record resolution for drawing at the one-nanometer length scale
72 Novel technique reveals the 3-D structure and composition of powerful, custom-made high-temperature superconductors
73 Ultra-high resolution images of butterfly wing crystals offer clues to how nano-scale structures form
74 World-first images of electric currents in graphene released
75 Nanodiamond-enhanced MRI offers greater range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications
76 A novel form of iron for fortification of foods
77 Research comes through with flying colors
78 Nano-notch sends self-assembling polymers into a spiral
79 Nanoparticle vaccine shows potential as immunotherapy to fight multiple cancer types
80 Freezing lithium batteries may make them safer and bendable
81 Graphene holds up under high pressure
82 Wonder material? Novel nanotube structure strengthens thin films for flexible electronics
83 Tiny joints for reconfigurable microstructures
84 Nanotechnology designed to speed up the hardening of concrete
85 Nanoparticles can travel from lungs to blood, possibly explaining risks to heart
86 Researchers build a single-molecule diode
87 Self-assembled nanostructures can be selectively controlled
88 Controlling electrons in graphene opens a new path to potential electronic devices
89 Electrochemical performance of lithium-ion capacitors using pre-lithiated multiwalled carbon nanotubes as anode
90 How to Beat Facebook Addiction
91 Ancient inscription discovered in northern Chinese cliff cave
92 Mastodon bones, stone tools place unknown Homo species in California surprisingly early
93 Unique mother-of-pearl menorah etching found in ancient Caesarea
94 Early evidence of Middle Stone Age projectiles found in South Africa's Sibudu Cave
95 Skeleton of 'Russian general' found inside unearthed coffin in Turkey's Ardahan
96 What happened to the missing people of Pennsylvania?
97 Homo naledi's brain shows humanlike features
98 Locals stumble across ancient Mayan god monument while clearing debris in Mexico
99 Mastodon Site in San Diego Said to Be Earliest Sign of Humans in America, Riling Skeptics
100 Ancient Horse DNA Shows Scythian Warriors Were Adept Domesticators
101 Archaeologists have discovered a lost castle in the Lower Silesian Wilderness
102 Prehistoric human DNA is found in caves without bones in 'enormous scientific breakthrough'
103 How Long Do Elephants Take to Poop? Same Time as You
104 Long After Their Bones Were Gone, Neanderthals' DNA Survived in a Cave
105 Reference: Facts About Humpback Whales
106 The Next March Is All About Climate Change
107 Really Micro Machines: Molecular Cars Prep for First-Ever Race
108 Trump Targets US National Monuments in New Executive Order
109 Your Brain Waves May Show Whether You're Paying Attention in Class
110 Rare Treat: 3 Snow Leopards Frolic and Snuggle on Camera