File Title
1 Twitter could have predicted the outcome of the Brexit vote
2 Cold-water corals: Acidification harms, warming promotes growth
3 Metal nanoparticles induced visible-light photocatalysis: Mechanisms, applications, ways of promoting catalytic activity and outlook
4 Looking for the quantum frontier
5 Mental Qigong can be just as rewarding as its physical cousin
6 Landmark clinical trial to help Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis sufferers
7 A close look into the barley genome
8 Mechanism of the influence of the Tibetan-Iranian Plateaus on the circulation and climate in summer
9 Flawed forensic science may be hampering identification of human remains
10 Mother's family history could pose risk for preterm birth--Ben-Gurion U. study
11 For first time, researchers measure forces that align crystals and help them snap together
12 UBC instructor uses math to investigate possibility of time travel
13 Discovery in northern lakes may be key to understanding early life on Earth
14 Stem cells edited to fight arthritis
15 Engineers investigate a simple, no-bake recipe to make bricks from Martian soil
16 DNA from extinct humans discovered in cave sediments
17 Findings suggest underdiagnosis of AMD not uncommon in primary eye care
18 Cleveland Clinic discovers opportunities to overcome cancer treatment resistance
19 New eye test detects earliest signs of glaucoma
20 Control of molecular motion by metal-plated 3-D printed plastic pieces
21 Ocean warming to cancel increased CO2-driven productivity
22 Unification could be good for North Korea, RAND report asserts
23 Ripples in the cosmic web
24 Study supporting glycated CD59 as a novel alternative for gestational diabetes screening
25 How do students with debt fare in community college?
26 Exercise and vitamin D better together for heart health
27 Diagnosed autism linked to maternal grandmother's smoking in pregnancy
28 Chemoresistance in breast cancer is related to varying tumor cell populations
29 New blood test may better predict gestational diabetes
30 Scientists uncover interactions between bacteria that infect the lungs in cystic fibrosis
31 How domestication altered the genome of ancient horses
32 Diabetes app forecasts blood sugar levels
33 New fiber optic probe brings endoscopic diagnosis of cancer closer to the clinic
34 ECDC report shows strong potential of E-health to increase vaccination coverage in Europe
35 Neurons' faulty wiring leads to serotonin imbalance, depression-like behavior in mice
36 Scythian horse breeding unveiled: Lessons for animal domestication
37 Why do we like our classes? And each other? Our brain waves tell us, new research shows
38 When students pay attention in class, their brains are in sync
39 Physical activity helps to counteract weight gain from obesity-causing gene variant
40 Tibetan people have multiple adaptations for life at high altitudes
41 Diabetes app forecasts blood sugar levels
42 Resource availability drives person-to-person variations in microbes living in the body
43 Blood test predicts kids at risk for dengue shock syndrome
44 New consensus published on preventing and treating sport-related concussions
45 Fecal microbiota transplant is safe and effective for patients with ulcerative colitis
46 System can 3-D print an entire building
47 Virtual humans help aspiring doctors learn empathy
48 Researcher says customized content on political websites hurts democracy
49 Animal testing essential to medical progress but protocols could be improved
50 A chicken-egg question: Where do baby genes come from?
51 Wasps and wine: Paper wasps contribute to sour rot disease, a scourge of wine industry
52 Readmission penalties don't correlate to heart attack outcomes
53 Want to better comply with dietary guidelines, and save money? Cook dinner at home
54 Engineers shine light on deadly landslide
55 Penn researchers quantify the changes that lightning inspires in rock
56 Headless dinosaur reunited with its skull, one century later
57 Researchers identify genes that help trout find their way home
58 Move over, Superman! NIST method sees through concrete to detect early-stage corrosion
59 From volcano's slope, NASA instrument looks sky high and to the future
60 Stabilizing molecule could pave way for lithium-air fuel cell
61 Saturn spacecraft toting CU Boulder instrument starts swan song
62 Barley genome sequenced
63 Video captures bubble-blowing battery in action
64 Bare bones: Making bones transparent
65 Study offers new theoretical approach to describing non-equilibrium phase transitions
66 Media portrayal of public shooters can perpetuate stereotypes
67 Ingesting soy protein may ease severity of inflammatory bowel disease
68 ER health promotion advocates help teens struggling with substance use get treatment
69 Food photos help Instagram users with healthy eating
70 More women with atrial fibrillation die after ER discharge than men
71 Tel Aviv University study links cannabis use in adolescence to schizophrenia
72 Corn with a cover of grass
73 New evidence finds standardized cigarette packaging may reduce number of people who smoke
74 New study deems dairy 'excellent' source of protein for children
75 Scientists propose mechanism to describe solar eruptions of all sizes
76 Early blood signatures of vaccine immunogenicity
77 Scientists using high tech microscope find clues to an autoimmune disease
78 New studies refocus attention on the genotoxicity of AAV vectors in gene therapy
79 The automation of art: A legal conundrum
80 Several EPA programs face possible elimination under Trump proposal
81 Longer-lasting pain relief with MOFs
82 Synthetic two-sided gecko's foot could enable underwater robotics
83 The clever cell
84 Larger schooling fish found to have stronger attraction forces
85 Newly prescribed sleeping pills increase risk of hip fracture
86 Rationale and prospects of targeting bacterial 2-component systems
87 Serious violence in England and Wales drops 10 percent in 2016
88 Hard rocks from Himalaya raise flood risk for millions
89 Global warming accounts for tripling of extreme West African Sahel storms, study shows
90 New model could help predict major earthquakes
91 New test assesses sperm function
92 Nanotechnology designed to speed up the hardening of concrete
93 Teenagers can become disruptive if teachers use psychological pressure
94 Autism Speaks issues special report
95 Study signals need to screen genes for stem cell transplants
96 Conservation endocrinology sheds light on a changing world
97 Temple researchers uncover vital role for mitochondrial calcium exchange in heart function
98 UCI physicists design 2-D materials that conduct electricity at almost the speed of light
99 Human forebrain circuits under construction--in a dish
100 HIPPO's molecular balancing act helps nerves not short circuit
101 Clearing out old cells could extend joint health, stop osteoarthritis
102 Actress Kiruna Stamell debates gene editing with ethicist Dr. Christopher Gyngell
103 Simple treatment for severe bleeding could save lives of mothers around the world
104 Fighting cancer with immunotherapy: Signaling molecule causes regression of blood vessels
105 Link discovered between immune system, brain structure and memory
106 Italian-style coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer
107 Sun's eruptions might all have same trigger
108 High-fructose diet during and after pregnancy can cause a fatty liver in offspring
109 Could Parkinson's disease start in the gut?
110 Paleontologists identify new 508-million-year-old sea creature with can opener-like pincers