File Title
1 Revealing polymeric fluids behavior at the microscopic scale
2 Clarifying the mechanism for suppressing turbulence through ion mass
3 Tools for planning nature conservation in the European Union
4 Next-generation microscopy
5 Women in a tenure committee may even make it more difficult for a woman to get a job
6 The economic elite still call the shots for financial policy
7 New breakthrough in battery charging technology
8 The initial collision between Indian and Asian continental
9 Reducing down to 1/3 of thermal resistance by WOW technology for 3-D DRAM application
10 Photosynthesis in the dark? Unraveling the mystery of algae evolution
11 Disney method enables more realistic hair simulation
12 Disney projection system shines makeup on actors during live performances
13 Interdisciplinary studies reveal relationship between solar activity and climate change
14 New insight into brain development disorder
15 Alternating skimpy sleep with sleep marathons hurts attention, creativity in young adults
16 University of Louisville researchers find readiness of public access AEDs alarmingly low
17 Recommendation against inhaled flu vaccine is good--for now
18 T cell revival correlates with lung cancer response to PD-1 immunotherapy
19 ELC R&D showcases research linking environmental factors/biological processes to skin and hair aging
20 Chili peppers and marijuana calm the gut
21 Research finds new info about higher number of male babies of Indian-born women in Canada
22 Genetics are key to hormone therapy lowering risk of broken bones in older women
23 New function discovered for ADAR1 in protecting stressed cells from apoptotic death
24 Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
25 A CSIC scientist discovers that wax worms eat plastic
26 A plastic-eating caterpillar
27 Game-changing PanDDA method unveils previously hidden 3-D structure data
28 LGB and straight patients more willing to disclose sexual orientation than providers expect
29 After the death of a friend, healing in a human social network
30 Few studies consider hearing loss when assessing communication with physicians
31 Study identifies hundreds of genes that influence timing of puberty
32 The Radiohead ant: A new species of 'silky' ant grows fungus gardens for food
33 Guts and glory for RMIT smart pills
34 Prostate cancer screening rates appear to level after recent drop
35 Does death of a sibling in childhood increase risk of death in surviving children?
36 How do patients, clinicians feel about collecting sexual orientation data?
37 Growth under pressure: New metamaterial designed with counterintuitive property
38 Discovery offers new hope to repair spinal cord injuries
39 Nurse practitioners are not regularly assessing brain health and need standardized assessment tools to regularly conduct critical brain health assessments
40 Physical activity may ward off heart damage
41 Physicians vastly underestimate patients' willingness to share sexual orientation, study finds
42 Little kids' regular bedtimes and ability to regulate emotions may lessen obesity risk
43 Freezing lithium batteries may make them safer and bendable
44 Banded mongooses target family members for eviction
45 Research moves closer to unraveling mystery cause of multiple sclerosis
46 Tiny 'cages' could keep vaccines safe at high temperatures
47 Inflammatory pathways link to obsessive behaviors in a common form of dementia
48 Brain's power to adapt offers short-term gains, long-term strains
49 Higher prostate cancer risks for black men may warrant new approach to screening
50 Malaria sickening thousands in US and racking up millions in healthcare costs, new study finds
51 Patients in team-based practices less likely to visit ED after hospital discharge
52 Was that climate change?
53 New Canadian guideline: No screening for hepatitis C in adults not at increased risk
54 How walking benefits the brain
55 Limiting patient mobility in hospitals may do more harm than good
56 Starvation prompts body temperature, blood sugar changes to tolerate next food limitation
57 Nanosponges lessen severity of streptococcal infections
58 Maternal high-fat diet may increase offspring risk for liver disease
59 Orange essential oil may help alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder
60 What can we learn from dinosaur proteins?
61 Genetic factors may contribute to adverse effects produced by synthetic cannabinoids
62 Synchronized voltage rhythms could maintain the body's clock
63 Solar cell design with over 50 percent energy-conversion efficiency
64 New test can identify dangerous bacteria with resistance to last-resort antibiotic
65 Conservation not an effective tool for reducing infectious disease in people, study finds
66 Altered immune cells may both contribute to preeclampsia and offer new hope for treatment
67 Beta blocker shows cancer-fighting properties
68 In experiments on Earth, testing possible building blocks of alien life
69 Timing and duration matters for school lunch and recess
70 Totally bizarre facts about the star-nosed mole
71 An intimate look at the mechanics of dolphin sex
72 Drug-resistant bacteria in patients' urine or stools raise risk of drug-resistant sepsis
73 New research sheds light on treating bloodstream infections with fewer side effects
74 Testing urine for particular proteins could be key to preventing kidney transplant failure
75 Cleveland Clinic study finds obesity as top cause of preventable life-years lost
76 Four exciting diabetes and obesity research discoveries
77 4 exciting advances in food and nutrition research
78 Cancer research advances: 5 leads for better diagnosis and treatment
79 Scientists and engineers push the envelope for better heart health
80 Could genetics influence what we like to eat?
81 Predicting severe liver disease: Obesity, insulin, diabetes, cholesterol, alcohol
82 Cold weather & fewer sun hours are associated with increased rates of alcoholic cirrhosis
83 Long-term treatment of decompensated cirrhosis with human albumin improves survival
84 New therapy has potential to advance the treatment of pediatric cholestatic liver diseases
85 SIRT is better tolerated than sorafenib, but doesn't increase overall survival in HCC
86 Trial of fibrate therapy in primary biliary cholangitis shows treatment is well tolerated
87 Facebook plays vital role in reducing government corruption, researchers find
88 Study reveals mystery behind formation of hollowed nanoparticles during metal oxidation
89 Patients with asthma give doctors their thoughts on treatment goals
90 Data analysis finds lower risk of infection with LASIK than with contacts over time
91 Research sheds new light on forces that threaten sensitive coastlines
92 Wonder material? Novel nanotube structure strengthens thin films for flexible electronics
93 When liver immune cells turn bad
94 LSUHealthNO research shows fish oil component helps damaged brain and retina cells survive
95 Two-dimensional melting of hard spheres experimentally unravelled after 60 years
96 Making bins more convenient boosts recycling and composting rates
97 Report recommends ways to improve response to toxic inhalation disasters
98 New digital map shows changing racial diversity of America
99 Daring declaration
100 New survey--Snapchat & Instagram are most popular social media platforms among American teens
101 Weight expectations: Context and distraction skew what we predict and remember
102 Hubble's cosmic bubbles
103 That's what friends are for
104 Atomic-level motion may drive bacteria's ability to evade immune system defenses
105 Sunflower seeds traced as source of toxic mold, potent liver carcinogen
106 Patients with hyperpigmentation more likely to use sunscreen, few use other sun-protection measures
107 AATS consensus statement helps manage treatment of coronary anomalies
108 Northeastern researchers' discovery could aid in detecting nuclear threats
109 Focused issue on vascular disease in women available now
110 New bone-in technique tests therapies for breast cancer metastasis