File Title
1 New study examines sexual violence against college women with disabilities
2 Does sleep duration affect cardiac metabolic risk in young children?
3 This fly's incredible hearing is a curiosity to those developing better hearing aids
4 Pennsylvania hospital neurosurgeons perform first focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor
5 Corticosteroid treatment increases survival of preterm infants within hours
6 How satellite data led to a breakthrough for Lake Erie toxic algal blooms
7 Parents support policies to limit teens' access to indoor tanning
8 Gut microbiome may predict response to biologic therapy for inflammatory bowel disease
9 New nationwide study indicates patients are often prescribed potentially futile drugs in their final
10 Stem-cell transplants show limited benefit for double-hit lymphoma patients in remission
11 Path to end HIV could be within reach for United States in next decade
12 Self-healing tech charges up performance for silicon-containing battery anodes
13 New therapeutic approaches for uveitis featured in special festschrift issue
14 Entropy landscape sheds light on quantum mystery
15 Gas gives laser-induced graphene super properties
16 'Switchable' smart windows reduce energy consumption significantly
17 Making drug use a crime makes HIV prevention, treatment more difficult
18 Tumor-trained T cells go on patrol
19 Latest figures on ICT sector worldwide and its R&D investment
20 Producing fertilizer from air could be five times as efficient
21 Pig model to help research on human knee growth, injury treatment
22 Certain immune reactions to viruses cause learning problems
23 Adhesive behavior of self-constructive materials measured for first time
24 Virus study targets infection linked to birth defects
25 Diabetes drug may help symptoms of autism associated condition
26 New research suggests new ways to detect and monitor inflammatory bowel disease
27 Coatings for nuclear fuel preventing explosions in reactors, developed at TPU
28 Frisky female fruit flies become more aggressive towards each other after sex
29 Diesel vehicles produce 50 percent more nitrogen oxide than originally thought
30 Understanding changes in extreme precipitation
31 What could be the importance of marine and coastal cultural ecosystem services
32 Heat on for Australia's Great Barrier Reef when global temperatures hit 1.5íC
33 Unborn rays traumatized when their mothers are captured: World-first study finds
34 NUS-led research teams uncover extraordinary properties of strontium niobate
35 Gladiator games: In the natural world, biodiversity can offer protection to weaker species
36 No escaping ocean plastic: 37 million bits of litter on one of world's remotest islands
37 Technology edits voices like text
38 Decision aid, support strategy boosts colorectal testing for groups with low screening
39 Invention produces cleaner water with less energy and no filter
40 Researchers report new, more efficient catalyst for water splitting
41 Migratory birds bumped off schedule as climate change shifts spring
42 Diesels pollute more than lab tests detect
43 Stem cell transplants may advance ALS treatment by repair of blood-spinal cord barrier
44 Personality may change when you drink, but less than you think
45 Folk contraceptives lead researchers to drugs that block fertilization
46 More than 1/3 of parents would allow child to be in residential or hotel pool unsupervised
47 Spinal muscular atrophy: New clues to cause and treatment
48 N/A
49 N/A
50 A path toward ending AIDS in the US by 2025
51 Strategy significantly boosts colorectal screening for groups with low rates
52 Campi Flegrei volcano eruption possibly closer than thought
53 Ebola: Lives to be saved with new management approach
54 Quantum reservoir for microwaves
55 Heart attack risk increases 17-fold following respiratory infections
56 Prototype drug uses novel mechanism to treat lung cancers
57 Simple post-surgery step significantly reduces bladder cancer recurrence
58 Wasted nutrients: The result of widespread food waste
59 What is survival among patients with Parkinson, Dementia with lewy bodies?
60 Could there be a better way to estimate body fat levels in children, adolescents?
61 Diverse rotations and poultry litter improves soybean yield
62 Study examines racial residential segregation and blood pressure in black adults
63 Leaving segregated neighborhoods reduces blood pressure for blacks
64 Wasted food means wasted nutrients
65 Diabetes drug may help symptoms of autism-associated condition
66 Timing of menopause onset may increase heart failure risk in women
67 Scientists light the way for immune system to attack cancer
68 Grassy beginning for earliest Homo
69 Exposure to psychological domestic abuse most damaging to children's wellbeing
70 Nano fiber feels forces and hears sounds made by cells
71 High blood pressure linked to racial segregation in neighborhoods
72 Hundreds of thousands of strokes may be preventable each year
73 Stretching the limits of elastic conductors
74 Biophysicists say iodine is the solution of biomolecule structures
75 A carnivorous plant's prized genetic treasures, unveiled
76 Unfolding the folding mechanism of ladybug wings
77 BC's drug plan deductibles do not lower drug use for some seniors
78 Outdoor air temperature linked to risk of gestational diabetes
79 Hyperglycemia increases platelet production to drive atherosclerosis risk in diabetes
80 Metabolic peculiarities betray the identity of relapse-causing breast cancer cells
81 New research links outdoor air temperature and risk of developing gestational diabetes
82 Cell changes drive breast cancer relapse
83 Natural defense mechanism preventing cancer at the earliest stage
84 Tibetan Alpine grasslands threatened by climate warming
85 Cutting-edge analysis reveals how different drugs interact with the same target
86 Oregon researchers identify hormone that is key to brain development in fruit flies
87 Market pressures and inadequate production are hampering access to essential antibiotics
88 Veterans with PTSD have an increased 'fight or flight' response
89 Identification of the neuronal suppressor of cataplexy, sudden weakening of muscle tone
90 Long-term aspirin use doesn't lower risk of stroke for some a-fib patients
91 Researchers apply data science to better predict effect of weather and other conditions
92 New tool could help predict, prevent surging waters in flood plains
93 Electroplating delivers high-energy, high-power batteries
94 Physics may bring faster solutions for tough computational problems
95 Hubble catches a galaxy duo by the 'hare'
96 Fossil 'winged serpent' is a new species of ancient snake, Penn doctoral student finds
97 Study provides detailed glimpse of predators' effects on complex, subtidal food web
98 Ablation for atrial fibrillation proven safe and effective for patients with congenital heart disease, Penn study finds
99 Stress-mitigation interventions for parents did not lessen symptoms among kids with asthma
100 International team solves mystery of colloidal chains
101 Hafnia dons a new face
102 New lung 'organoids' in a dish mimic features of full-size lung
103 X-rays from copper source set new gold standard for measuring industrial materials
104 Smartphones in the ER can help discharge patients faster
105 Ludwig researchers identify counterintuitive approach to treating a brain cancer
106 Researchers find key molecule that could lead to new therapies for anemia
107 Birds choose their neighbors based on personality
108 Study analyzes foods for radioactive substances
109 Antimicrobial resistance: Successful interdisciplinary efforts
110 New gelatin devices that imitate the activity of the body in bone regeneration