File Title
1 Immune cells rely on receptor to signal counterattack on parasitic worm
2 What goes down, must come up: Stirring things up in the Earth's mantle
3 Electrostatic design of materials: TU Graz demonstrates a fundamentally new approach
4 Next-gen solar cells could be improved by atomic-scale redesign
5 Playground politics--what drives rejection amongst children?
6 Chronic childhood illness linked with later life mental health problems
7 Stem cells in plants and animals behave surprisingly similarly: Study
8 Osteoarthritis could be prevented with good diet and exercise
9 Shearing of alpacas is necessary, but also stressful
10 In both love and war, alligators signal size by bellowing
11 Dig it! Two new shrimp species found in burrows at the bottom of the Gulf of California
12 Scientists find a way to pack grains and drugs most efficiently
13 ImmusanT publishes positive data from Phase 1 trials of Nexvax2 in celiac disease patients
14 New CDC-funded portal enables health providers to schedule free colon cancer screenings
15 Race, gender and socioeconomic factors impact PCI outcomes
16 Large multicenter study shows high success rate for robotic PCI procedures
17 Lifting your spirits doesn't require many reps
18 Early treatment for NSTEMI patients shows greater rate of survival
19 Analysis looks at role type of valve plays in patient outcomes post-TAVR
20 Severe mental illness linked to much higher risk for cardiovascular disease
21 Jurassic drop in ocean oxygen lasted a million years
22 Researchers create anticancer nanomaterials by simulating underwater volcanic conditions
23 Hydrogen bonds directly detected for the first time
24 For anorexia nervosa, researchers implicate genetic locus on chromosome 12
25 UK researchers develop low tech method for environmental sampling of campylobacter
26 New data show Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) improves the balance of bacteria in formula-fed babies' digestive systems*, providing important immune system and health benefits
27 Invasive lung cancer cells display symbiosis--Key to metastasis
28 Untangling the knots in cell stress
29 Rice U.'s Yellow River formula addresses flood risk, sustainability
30 Study identifies a new test to predict severity of inflammatory bowel disease in children
31 Delayed use of blood thinners for atrial fibrillation patients increases risk of dementia
32 Research suggests link between imbalanced gut microbiome and systemic sclerosis
33 Famous tree-climbing lions of Uganda roaming farther as prey animals decrease
34 Dementia-related brain changes observed before memory or thinking problems are noticeable
35 Free C3d regulates immune checkpoint blockade and enhances anti-tumor immunity
36 Unexpectedly primitive atmosphere found around distant 'warm Neptune'
37 Ancient Mars impacts created tornado-like winds that scoured surface
38 Magnet study sees potential for MRE in measuring liver fibrosis in children
39 Migratory seabird deaths linked to hurricanes
40 Knowledge of DNA repair mechanisms advances with new paper from Mayo Clinic scientists
41 Liquid-crystal and bacterial living materials self-organize and move in their own way
42 Scientists ID human protein essential for human cytomegalovirus replication
43 Oldest buckthorn fossilized flowers found in Argentina
44 Sniffing out stem cell fates in the nose
45 NASA study finds unexpectedly primitive atmosphere around 'warm Neptune'
46 Study shows 'walking a mile in their shoes' may be hazardous to your health
47 Mannequin, trained actors help physicians learn to diagnose and communicate brain death
48 New understanding of superconductor's 'normal' state may help solve longstanding puzzle
49 Americans divided on whether recent science protests will benefit scientists' causes
50 Discovering the brain mechanisms to diagnose diseases and prescribe treatments
51 Video imaging reveals how immune cells sense danger
52 Enterococci may have evolved antimicrobial resistance millions of years ago
53 Why one eye-targeting virus could make for a useful gene-delivery tool
54 Alzheimer's experts call for changes in FDA drug approval standards
55 Bacteria living in marine sponge produce toxic compounds found in man-made products
56 Scientist identify key locations for spread of pin-tailed whydahs
57 TV accentuates traditional women's roles at expense of their needs
58 Cilia structure plays a major role in determining susceptibility to neural tube defects
59 Research increases distance at which supernova would spark mass extinctions on Earth
60 A dual-functional GLP-1 analogue may improve insulin sensitivity and help fight diabetes
61 Scientists confirm correlation between malignant hyperthermia and exertional heat stroke
62 Scientists show protective effects of suppressing thyroid hormone receptors in retina
63 Combining heroin and commonly prescribed non-opioid pain killers leads to a significant rise in overdose deaths
64 Cornell researches black bear boom in New York
65 Plasma membrane protein may help generate new neurons in the adult hippocampus
66 Dramatic cooperation between two infectious bacteria revealed by BIDMC researchers
67 Cancer metastasis: The unexpected perils of hypoxia
68 Study finds bacteria in marine sponge produce toxic flame retardant-like compounds
69 Ancient ground squirrels prove to belong to a present-day species
70 Populations adapt as nature and nurture work together
71 First comprehensive map of subcellular localization of proteins reveals new insights
72 Cage-constrained growth of engineered cartilage reduces swelling and improves function
73 Positive father-child relationship can moderate negative effects of maternal depression
74 Smiling makes you look younger? Not according to a new Ben-Gurion University study
75 Can crab shells provide a 'green' solution to malaria?
76 Experts warn parents of the risks of getting vegan diets wrong in young children
77 New insights into the tumor metabolism
78 Belief increases buzz: Mixing energy drinks and alcohol
79 UC3M researchers analyze link between employment status and domestic violence
80 Zinc acetate lozenges may increase the recovery rate from the common cold by 3 fold
81 Researchers identify nutrient metabolism that drives breast tumor metastasis
82 Organ signal find raises hopes of immune disorder treatments
83 Who swims where?
84 Irreversible ocean warming threatens the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf
85 Who in Europe drinks the most?
86 Teleconnection between the tropical Pacific and Antarctica
87 Combining risk scores improves decision-making process for AFib patients and physicians
88 'Fire-streaks' are created in collisions of atomic nuclei
89 Learning styles-- a once hot debate redshifts
90 Disentangling chloroplast genetics
91 Genetic mutation linked to aortic dissection in the chest
92 Better a 'no' than no answer at all
93 Movement of early humans into the Indian subcontinent
94 Not survival of the fittest for Tassie devils
95 Study of worms reveals 'selfish genes' that encode a toxin--and its antidote
96 Three new sub-species of snow leopard discovered
97 Dartmouth tuberculosis vaccine passes important milestone
98 FAU study and new tool proves 'all is not lost' to dementia
99 Study looks at the prevalence, challenges of athletes with ADHD
100 Warmer temperatures cause decline in key runoff measure
101 Marijuana use tied to poorer school performance
102 First study of Oncolytic HSV-1 in children & young adults with cancer indicates safety, tolerability
103 Compound corrects iron-delivery defects
104 Measuring the impact of a changing climate on threatened Yellowstone grizzly bears
105 Interrupting inflammatory signals decreases repeat artery blockage
106 Analysis shows increased risk of early stroke with new-onset atrial fibrillation post-TAVR
107 Stem cell therapy holds promise for treating most severe cases of angina
108 Hepatitis C increasing among pregnant women
109 Primitive atmosphere discovered around 'Warm Neptune'
110 Six-legged livestock--sustainable food production