File Title
1 Scientists unveil the UK's largest resource of human stem cells from healthy donors
2 Hospitals must be prepared for ransomware attacks
3 Experts advise against surgery for almost all patients with degenerative knee damage
4 Laser, sound waves provide live views of organs in action
5 Sugar or protein? How fruit fly brains control what they choose to eat
6 Postmenopausal hormone therapy associated with higher risk of hearing loss
7 Biologists identify key step in lung cancer evolution
8 Making volunteer-based legislatures work: Overcoming barriers for gender equality
9 Our taste in movies is highly idiosyncratic--and at odds with critics' preferences
10 Scientists 'carbon date' cancer and unearth secrets about what could help make it deadly
11 Vitamin D and calcium from food is associated with lower risk of early menopause
12 Program for recovery after surgery linked with decrease in length of hospital stay, postoperative complications
13 ADHD medication associated with reduced risk for motor vehicle crashes
14 Penn study finds relationship between common brain disease and gut microbiome
15 Antibiotic breakthrough: Team discovers how to overcome gram-negative bacterial defenses
16 Experimental technology monitors and maintains drug levels in the body
17 Targeted, high-energy cancer treatments get a supercomputing boost
18 Molecular imaging reveals mechanism for resistance to immune checkpoint blockade
19 A bath for precision printing of 3-D silicone structures
20 Tumor-dwelling immune cells thwart cancer immunotherapy
21 Older age at menopause and use of hormone therapy produce increased risk of hearing loss
22 Rising temperatures threaten stability of Tibetan alpine grasslands
23 Waves of lava seen in Io's largest volcanic crater
24 New guideline: Ask about body cooling for loved ones after cardiac arrest
25 Higher levels of biomarker linked to increased stroke risk for women
26 Enhanced recovery after surgery program at Kaiser Permanente improves surgical outcomes
27 Molecular dynamics simulations reveal chaos in electron transport
28 Heart failure patients readmitted to the same hospital may have better outcomes
29 Stretchable hologram can switch between multiple images (video)
30 Unique approach to autism screening provides new, effective model for Latino infants
31 Study reveals a new method to address a major barrier to eradicating HIV
32 New light sensing molecule discovered in the fruit fly brain
33 Controlling bacteria's necessary evil
34 NIST physicists find a way to control charged molecules--with quantum logic
35 Consumers misled by gluten-free foods, study finds
36 Changes in tectonic activity may have shaped composition of Panama Canal rocks
37 Mothers living with HIV with high CD4+ counts may benefit from continuing ART postpartum
38 Engineering human stem cells to model the kidney's filtration barrier on a chip
39 Exploring the conversion of heat to electricity in single molecules
40 Deciphering an embryo-protecting protein
41 Natural disasters pose grave threat to planet's last Javan rhinos
42 UNH researchers find significant increase of invasive seaweed changing sea habitat
43 Achieving near-perfect optical isolation using opto-mechanical transparency
44 Severe foot pain linked to recurrent falls
45 Federally subsidized shrubs, grasses crucial to sage grouse survival in Washington
46 Experiments show that a few self-driving cars can dramatically improve traffic flow
47 Grape seed extract could extend life of resin fillings
48 Research reveals globe-trotting history of sika deer
49 Precision medicine improves treatment outcomes for some pancreatic cancer patients
50 When malaria infects the placenta during pregnancy, baby's future immunity can be affected
51 Materials bend as they 'breathe' under high temperatures
52 Two James Webb instruments are best suited for exoplanet atmospheres
53 New method of microbial energy production discovered
54 Seniors who live with their abusers often suffer recurrent abuse
55 Study investigates collapse of natural or social systems
56 Smile and the world thinks you're older: Study
57 How Pokemon GO can help students build stronger communication skills
58 Men and women show equal ability at recognizing faces
59 Elevated cardiac troponin may occur without heart attack
60 Colorectal tumors initiate VEGF-A/CXCL1 cascade, creating distant niches for metastases
61 Nutrition researchers aim to make science more accessible to young minds and the public
62 Stereotactic partial breast radiation lowers number of treatments to 5
63 Most home kitchens in Philadelphia study would earn severe code violations
64 Zinc oxide: It's not just for sunscreen and diaper cream!
65 The veins in your brain don't all act the same
66 Protecting life's tangled ecological webs
67 Noise pollution from gas compressors changes abundance of insects, spiders
68 Aging gracefully in the rainforest
69 Half of all seniors who went to doctor for common cold prescribed unnecessary antibiotics
70 Nearly 1 in 3 drugs found to have safety concerns after FDA approval
71 Could there be a 'social vaccine' for malaria?
72 Research elucidates hormone ghrelin's role in blood glucose regulation
73 BGRF scientists to present on AI & drug discovery for aging at Korea Future Forum
74 Stroke patients take the lead in their rehabilitation
75 Doctors should be paid by salary, not fee-for-service, argue behavioral economists
76 Study finds Amazon River carbon dioxide emissions nearly balance terrestrial uptake
77 The first microbial supertree from figure-mining thousands of papers
78 Larger swaths of tropical forest being lost to commercial agriculture
79 US fishing generated more than $200 billion in sales in 2015; two stocks rebuilt in 2016
80 Fentanyl can sicken first responders. Here's a possible solution.
81 Assessment concludes urban forests in Chicago region face a warmer, wetter future
82 Lessening radiation risk for children with congenital and acquired heart disease
83 Researchers use Twitter to track the flu in real time
84 No evidence that enrichment activities encourage pupils to study STEM A-levels
85 Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University scientists develop more efficient catalytic material
86 Researchers develop transistors that can switch between 2 stable energy states
87 Computer-generated doctor explains test results to patients
88 Tell me what languages you know and I'll tell you how you read
89 Anti-hypertension DASH diet may reduce the risk of gout
91 Astronauts experience decrease in blood vessel function during spaceflight, study finds
92 21st century cures emerge as 20th century science matures
93 A suspicious mind leads to a suspicious face
94 A portable measuring device to detect optimum ripeness in tomatoes
95 Research yields new details about trap-jaw ants
96 Personality factors are best defense against losing your job to a robot
97 Surprise! When a brown dwarf is actually a planetary mass object
98 Right- or left-handedness affects sign language comprehension
99 Primary care hepatitis C treatment program shows promise for success, broader implementation
100 IBS patients (can't get no) satisfaction, UB study finds
101 Oversized landforms discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet
102 Family Medicine and Community Health journal volume 5, issue number 1 publishes
103 Abusing power hurts leaders, too
104 Energy efficiency is important to wireless and broadcast networks
105 What's the best way for patients with inflammatory bowel disease to address abdominal pain
106 A molecular rivet for long-range force transmission
107 Pupils' mental health improved through school-based program, study shows
108 Laser pulses reveal the superconductors of the future
109 Study reveals low adoption of advice to reduce nuclear cardiology radiation exposure
110 Researchers provide update on popular fish model of development