File Title
1 First results from Jupiter probe show huge magnetism and storms
2 Ancient humans: What we know and still don't know about them
3 Eggs four times bigger than ostriches' reveal a giant dinosaur
4 Industry experts may replace dismissed EPA advisory scientists
5 Nanofridge could keep quantum computers cool enough to calculate
6 Man dreams in color for first time during cancer radiotherapy
7 Parasitic robot controls turtle it's riding by giving it snacks
8 Snowball Earth melting led to freshwater ocean 2 kilometres deep
9 Spray-on touch controls give an interactive twist to any surface
10 Menopause-causing bait is curbing rat populations in New York
11 A little cannabis every day might keep brain aging at bay
12 What vision of doom made Hawking seek a faster Earth exit plan?
13 Early Earth was covered in a global ocean and had no mountains
14 Waves surge in opposite directions around Io's largest lava lake
15 N/A
16 Wiggling atom probes buddy molecule without disturbing it
17 AI detective analyses police data to learn how to crack cases
18 Minnesota measles outbreak follows anti-vaccination campaign
19 Augmented reality goggles give surgeons X-ray vision
20 Meet 'Neo,' the most complete skeleton of Homo naledi ever found
21 Increased cancer rate in US linked to bad environment
22 First timeline of a cancer tracks tumours from origin to spread
23 Robot inspector helps check bridges for dangerous defects
24 3.5-billion-year-old fossils hint life evolved in pond, not sea
25 Official Says Pakistan Promises Nuclear Arms Responsibility
26 N/A
27 Sax in Space: French Astronaut Delighted with Birthday Gift
28 Fossils from 1.6 Billion Years Ago May Be Oldest-Known Plants
29 SpaceX Defeats Boeing-Lockheed Partnership for GPS Launch Contract
30 Watch Out: Mammals Shrink When Earth Heats Up, Study Says
31 When It Comes to Peacock Mating, Plumage Size Matters: Study
32 Miniature Lab Begins Science Experiments in Outer Space
33 Breathe Easy: Nose Shape Was Influenced by Local Climate
34 Egyptian Statue Recently Unearthed Is Not Ramses II
35 No El Nino? No Problem. Earth Sizzles to Near Record Heat
36 Alaska Sea Lion Study Gets Help from Crowdsource Volunteers
37 Vintage US Nuclear Test Films Declassified and Publicized
38 APNewsBreak: Rare Monk Seal Dies in Fish Farm off Hawaii
39 SpaceX Capsule Returns Space Station Science to Earth
40 Newer Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Show Heart Protective Quality in Study
41 Scientists Find How Using 'Satnav' Switches off Parts of Brain
42 Scientists Launch Campaign to Restore Pluto to the Planet Club
43 First U.S. Bumble Bee Added to Endangered Species List
44 Ancient Quakes May Point to Sinking Risk for Part of California Coast
45 Endangered Elephant in Cambodia Electrocuted by Power Pole
46 UK Royals' Sibling Rivalry? Princess Anne Says GMO Crops Have Benefits
47 Israeli Archeologists Dig up Liquor Bottles of WWI Troops
48 Brazil Ramps up Domestic Space Satellite, Rocket Programs
49 Revolutionary Overhaul of Dinosaur Family Tree Proposed
50 Arctic Sea Ice Dips to Record Low for Winter
51 'Electric Skin' Can Feel, Thanks to Graphene
52 Indonesia Survey Shows Massive Coral Death from Cruise Ship
53 SSL Sues Rival Orbital ATK Over Theft of Trade Secrets: Lawsuit
54 A Round-Trip Flight Just for the View--the Southern Lights
55 Astronauts Complete Spacewalk to Retrofit Space Station
56 New idea shakes up dinosaur family tree for T. Rex and pals
57 Bad Breath: Study Find Array of Bacteria When Orcas Exhale
58 Australian Scientists Just Found a Huge Dinosaur Footprint
59 Thai Jungle Seen as Breeding Ground for Indochinese Tigers
60 European Scientists, Officials Warn Against US Climate Plan
61 Elon Musk's Latest Target: Brain-Computer Interfaces
62 Brain Implant Helps Paralyzed Man Feed Himself
63 Egypt's Famed Pyramids Get New Lab to Restore Pharaonic Boat
64 EPA Denies Petition to Ban Pesticide Used on Crops
65 SpaceX Successfully Launches First Recycled Rocket Booster
66 U.S.-UK Alliance Targets the World's Deadliest Superbugs
67 Space Station Debris Shield Floats Away During Spacewalk
68 Solar Wind Turned Mars into Dry, Cold Planet: Study
69 The Latest: Spacewalking Astronauts Salvage Job, Back Inside
70 EPA Reverses Course on Safety of Pesticide Used on Crops
71 Spain Will Get Giant Telescope if Hawaii Doesn't, Group Says
72 British Robot Helping Autistic Children with Their Social Skills
73 Japanese Fleet Returns from Antarctic Hunt with 333 Whales
74 Then and Now: How Glaciers Around the World Are Melting
75 New Horizons Halfway to Next Stop
76 Long Ago Floods Separated England from France
77 Reused Rocket Back in Port After Satellite Launch by SpaceX
78 German Spelunker Discovers Europe's First Cave Fish
79 Cassini Spacecraft to Dive Inside Saturn's Rings for Mission Finale
80 Russia Open to Extending International Space Station Partnership: Agency Chief
81 United Launch Alliance Cuts Atlas Rocket Price Amid Competition
82 Destructive Weed Threatens U.S. Corn Fields
83 Unusually Large Swarm of Icebergs Drifts into Shipping Lanes
84 Veteran NASA Spacewoman Getting 3 Extra Months in Orbit
85 Bezos Is Selling $1 Billion of Amazon Stock a Year to Fund Rocket Venture
86 How Artificial Life Spawned a Billion-Dollar Industry
87 'BioBlitz' Scientists to Survey California Desert Valley
88 Air Force Space Chief Open to Flying on Recycled SpaceX Rockets
89 NASA's Peggy Whitson Takes Command of Space Station
90 Malaysia Seizes 18 Rhino Horns from Mozambique
91 Iceland Magma Drilling Project May Revive Giant UK Power Cable Link
92 U.S., Russian Crew Lands After Six-Month Stay on Space Station
93 Researchers Give Voice to Historic Sounds of Stonehenge
94 Smithfield Makes Move on Market for Pig-Human Transplants
95 Toyota Wants to Keep Elderly Moving
96 Russian Cosmonaut Says He Has Taken Relics of Saint to Space
97 All in the Family: Dinosaur Cousin's Look Is Quite a Surprise
98 Fish Tracked from DNA 'Finprints' Left in Waters off New York
99 Ants March into Battle and Rescue Their Wounded Comrades
100 Indian Green Watchdog: Festival Massively Damaged River Bank
101 UK-Based Start-Up Hopes to Cut Plastic Waste with Innovative Water Balls
102 Hydrogen in Saturn Moon's Ice Plumes May Support Microbial Life
103 Record-Setting Astronaut Thrilled with Bonus Time in Space
104 Hunter's Find Leads to Discovery of Prehistoric Sea Creature
105 Ocean World Near Saturn Top Contender for Life Beyond Earth
106 California Utility Launches First Hybrid Power Systems
107 Archaeologists Find 1,000 Statues in Tomb in Egypt's Luxor
108 U.S. Cargo Ship Blasts off for Space Station with Supplies, Experiments
109 John Glenn Honored with Launch of Space Station Supply Ship
110 White House Cancels Meeting to Decide Stance on Climate Pact