File Title
1 Say Hello to 'DeeDee'! Solar System's Newly Discovered Dwarf World Where 1 Year Is 1,100 Earth Years
2 NASA Approves Instruments for European Space Agency's Jupiter Mission 'JUICE'
3 NASA: Mars Orion Spacecraft Missions Might Be Delayed Due to Technical, Budget Challenges
4 Water Plumes Detected Again on Jupiter's Moon Europa, Good Candidate to Search for Aliens
5 New 3D-Printing Method that Uses Extraterrestrial Dust, Helpful for Future Colonization of Mars or Moon
6 Cassini Spacecraft Captures Stunning Close-Ups of Saturn's 'Flying Saucer Moon' Atlas
7 SpaceX to Launch Cameras to Capture Virtual Reality Videos of Outer Space
8 NASA to Livestream the Orbital ATK's Cygnus Spacecraft Launch in 360 Degrees on April 18
9 Event Horizon Telescope Successfully Captured the First-Ever Image of a Black Hole
10 Venting Activity on Europa May Be Potential Sign of Life
11 NASA's Super Pressure Balloon Aims to Detect Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays in Space
12 NASA's 'Human Mission to Mars' Could Be the Costliest Space Mission Ever
13 'Magic Islands' on Titan Explained
14 Space Plans Mean More Junk, Difficult Space Exploration
15 Stylish Metallic Astronaut Spacesuit that May also Fit for Satellite Antenna Equipment and Spacecraft
16 Newly Discovered Super-Earth 'LHS 1140b' Best Candidate Yet to Search for Alien Life
17 Cassini Spacecraft Heads Toward the Gateway to Its Grand Finale this Weekend
18 US Secretive Military Space Plane Already Orbited the Earth for 700 Days
19 NASA, ESA Celebrate Hubble's 27th Anniversary by Releasing Images of Two Stunning Galaxies
20 Can Asteroids Wipe Out All Living Things on Earth?
21 Exoplanet Around Cool Star May Harbor Alien Life
22 Most Habitable Planets May Be Water Worlds
23 India Plans Mission to Venus
24 The Arctic Is Greening Due to Marine Plankton Blooming
25 Did Humans Domesticate Mice?
26 Paleontologists Craft Best-Ever Look of Tyrannosaur's Face with 'Sixth Sense'
27 Manatees No Longer Endangered but Still Threatened
28 Photographs of Melting Glaciers Prove Climate Change Is Real
29 Angkor Wat: How Water Destroyed this Powerful Empire?
30 Earth's CO2 Levels Could Spike on Level Not Seen Since the Dinosaurs' Era
31 Why Do [sic] Octopuses, Squids and Cuttlefish Exceptionally Intelligent and Smart? A New Study Reveals
32 Thousands of Trees Around the World Threatened by Extinction
33 Humans Are Not Nutritious, Cannibalism Study Says
34 Arctic Ocean Is Warming Just like the Atlantic Ocean, a New Study Reveals
35 Climate Change Will Lead to Severe Turbulence and Bumpier Rides on Aircraft
36 Roughly 2/3 of Great Barrier Reef Already Bleached, Scientists Say
37 Sudden Outburst of a Rare Parasitic Infection Blamed on Climate Change
38 Our Planet Is Up for Adoption! NASA Announces the Initiative for Earth Day 2017
39 Listen: Earth Sings Whale Songs
40 NASA Delays Launch of Super Pressure Balloon that Carries Space Observatory
41 Easter Egg Hunt Comes Early: Endangered Turtle Eggs Found
42 Japan Wants to Drill into the Earth's Mantle Through the Ocean Floor
43 Ancient Village Older than Egyptian Pyramids Uncovered in Canada
44 Coral Reef Bleaching Could Cost $1 trillion Globally
45 Global Warming Could Thaw Far More Permafrost than Expected, Study Suggests
46 Climate Change Scientists to Drill World's Highest Glacier in the Himalayas
47 Endemic Tree-Climbing Crab Named and Discovered in Hong Kong, Western Ghats
48 Endangered Right Whales Have Birth Rate Scarcity in Nearly 20 Years
49 Random Find Leads to Discovery of Prehistoric Sea Creature
50 Damage to Great Coral Reef Irreversible, Scientists Say
51 NASA Captures Photos of Ominous Crack in One of Greenland's Largest Glaciers
52 Trump Supporters Attend Anti-Climate Change Conference
53 Gigantic Shipworm Discovered in Philippines
54 Travel Posters Depict Dystopian Future as Government Continues to Deny Climate Change
55 Scientists Worry About Flowing Water Systems in Antarctica
56 Arctic Ocean Is the 'Dead End' for Trash
57 Snake-Like Robotic Colonoscopy Device Developed
58 What Are the Natural Treatments that Could Be Dangerous to Health?
59 Rise in Heroin Use Highest Among White People
60 Excessive Caffeine Intake Could Cause Frequent Urination in Women
61 Tropical Fish with Venomous Bite Could Provide New Painkillers
62 Consuming Peanuts with a Meal Could Protect Against Cardiovascular Diseases
63 Most Caffeinated Coffee in the World Causes Palpitations
64 Legumes May Reduce the Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
65 Unvaccinated Kids More Likely to Die from Flu
66 Low-Calorie Sweeteners, for the Most Part, Heighten Fat Production, a New Study Says
67 Omega-3s May Enhance Glucose Metabolism, Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes
68 Aspirin May Reduce the Risk of Cancer Disease Mortality, a New Study Says
69 Virus that Reacts Excessively to Gluten Causes Celiac Disease
70 Avoiding TV, Videos While Eating Would Likely Reduce the Risk of Obesity
71 Gray Hair Could Be a Sign of Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Men
72 Sudden Outburst of a Rare Parasitic Infection Blamed on Climate Change
73 Newly Discovered Chewing Gum Could Detect Cancer Disease
74 Migraines Would Likely Develop into Anxiety Disorder, a New Study Says
75 Microwaving Tea Is Healthier, Controversial Study Says
76 Only 1 in 3 Autistic Teens Has a Driver's Licence
77 Eating Avocados Could Help Treat the Metabolic Syndrome that Leads to Diabetes and Heart Disease
78 Couple Contracts Rare Parasite During Hawaiian Honeymoon
79 Syringe Vending Machines to Be Installed in Nevada; Clean Syringes and Safe Sex Supplies to Be Distributed Free of Cost
80 Pomegranate Juice Could Lower Blood Pressure and Enhance Memory, Study Says
81 SHERLOCK: A Gene Tool to Detect Zika Virus, Cancer and Antibiotic Resistance Genes
82 Low-Fat Milk, Yogurt May Benefit Mental Health
83 Curing Jet Lag by Resetting the Biological Clock May Soon Be Achieved by Vasopressin Eye Drops, Study Suggests
84 Frog Kissing: The Antidote for Flu Virus?
85 Umbilical Cord Blood from Babies Could Restore Memory of an Aging Mice
86 Trazodone: Licensed Antidepressant Can Cure Almost All Neurodegenerative Disorders, Scientists Suggest
87 New 'Cancer Vaccine' Shows Promising Results
88 Daily Intake of Sodas, Fruit Juices, Artificially Sweetened Sodas Could Cause Poorer Memory, Lower Brain Volume
89 Nappiness: Short Naps During Afternoon Are the Key to Happiness
90 Laziness Can Be Blamed on Others; It Is Contagious!
91 Ice Age Period Art and Jewelry Discovered in Indonesia
92 18-Year-Old Indian Boy Wins NASA 'Moon' Prize for Proposing an Elevator from Earth to the Moon
93 'Mowgli' Girl Found Living with Monkeys in an Indian Forest
94 Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics: Explaining the Thermodynamic Laws at Atomic and Sub-Atomic Levels
95 68% of the Universe Does Not Exist Because Dark Energy Is a Myth, Study Suggests
96 The Star Wars Death Star Sci-Fi 'Superlaser' Is Now Real and Developed for Defense
97 Why Do Shoelaces Always Unfasten? Scientists Find Answers
98 Imaging Dark Matter Through Gravitational Lensing May Help in Studying Galaxies, According to Scientists
99 Novel Scientific Breakthrough Achieved: Scientists Create New Magnetic Materials Through Atom-By-Atom Assembly
100 First-Of-Its-Kind Physics Experiment Proved the Negative Mass Concept; Superfluid with Negative Mass Developed
101 A Heat-Resistant Computer that Works Alike in the Core of Earth, on Mars and Venus to Be Developed Soon
102 'Genius': The Albert Einstein Biography; National Geographic's First Ever Scripted Series
103 Nebular Hypothesis Validated; ALMA Images Shed Light on Formation of Stars, Planets from Accretion Disks
104 Many Parents Stumble Over Giving Kids Allergy Medicine
105 Mysterious New Crack in Greenland Glacier Revealed in NASA Photos
106 Could Eye Drops Help You Recover from Jet Lag Someday?
107 #CatSquare: Why Fluffy Can't Resist Thinking 'Inside the Box'
108 Captured: First 'Image' of the Dark Matter that Holds Universe Together
109 How Global Warming Diverted a River
110 Reference: Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment