File Title
1 Modified soybeans yield more in future climate conditions
2 Engineering research focuses on bringing efficiency to network processes
3 Study measures air pollution increase attributable to air conditioning
4 Doctoring the soil
5 Compilation of research showcases latest advances in obesity treatment
6 In severe pediatric heart defect, more brain abnormalities appear as staged surgeries progress
7 Antibiotic doxycycline may offer hope for treatment of Parkinson's disease
8 First evidence of ischemia-induced multipotent stem cells in post-stroke human brain
9 Daily stress can trigger uptick in illegal drug use for those on parole, probation
10 You're not too old to learn that
11 'Last African dinosaur' discovered in Moroccan mine
12 Mayo Clinic-invented technologies show brain tumor firmness, adhesion before surgery
13 The IASLC Atlas of PD-L1 Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Testing in Lung Cancer released
14 Detailed images reveal interactions that affect signaling in the brain
15 New tool reflects black men's experiences of police-based discrimination
16 Death rate higher in women than men after discharge from emergency departments for heart arrhythmias
17 Report: Even in death, indigenous border crossers marginalized
18 More than half of mental health NHS patients experience relapses
19 Got hives? Hold the steroids
20 Research shows prejudice, not principle, often underpins 'free-speech defense' of racist language
21 Neonic pesticides threaten wild bees' spring breeding, study finds
22 Anemonefish dads further fathering research
23 Starvation causes atypical cell death
24 Study: Mexican-Americans receive less intensive stroke rehabilitation
25 Childhood exposure to cardiovascular risk factors impairs learning and memory in midlife
26 One step closer to finding out how wine may protect your neurons
27 Migrating mule deer track 'green waves' of spring forage
28 Recognizing food brands puts preschoolers at risk for obesity
29 Speech and language deficits in children with autism may not cause tantrums
30 35-year South Carolina alligator study uncovers mysteries about growth and reproduction
31 Mysterious molecule's function in skin cancer identified
32 Good socioeconomic status means better health for the Chinese
33 Cost of Zika outbreak in the United States could be high
34 Computers learn to understand humans better by modelling them
35 Operating smart devices from the space on and above the back of your hand
36 March for Science draws hundreds of thousands of supporters across the globe
37 Turning chicken poop and weeds into biofuel
38 Social smoking carries same heart-disease risks as everyday habit
39 Water-repellant material sheds like a snake when damaged (video)
40 Scientists suggest the world should brace itself for a new wave of biological invasions
41 UK health spending needs to grow faster than GDP
42 Cell 'cannibalism' educates our defenses
43 Biophysics: Conflict or coexistence
44 'Persistent photoconductivity' offers new tool for bioelectronics
45 Ancient meteorite impact sparked long-lived volcanic eruptions on Earth
46 Phthalates increase the risk of allergies among children
47 Cardiorespiratory fitness can reduce risk of fatty liver
48 How do fishes perceive their environment?
49 Elephant herpes: Super-shedders endanger young animals
50 How calorie restriction may prolong life
51 Training program may improve police officers' ability to help older adults
52 Excessive DNA replication and its potential use against cancer
53 What roundworms can teach us about human growth
54 A new unexpected key player in melanoma development identified
55 Common cold duration is shortened similarly by zinc acetate and zinc gluconate lozenges
56 Super P carbon black for reversible lithium and sodium ion storage
57 Supercharging the computers that will save the world
58 Consumers warned about accuracy of heart rate apps
59 Study could provide first clues about the social lives of extinct human relatives
60 Scientists discover how world's biggest volcanoes formed
61 Novel treatment offers kidney failure patients with rare disorder new hope
62 Judging moral character: A matter of principle, not good deeds
63 Brain 'relay' also key to holding thoughts in mind
64 Helistroke service: Flying the physician to the stroke patient works
65 The Earth sank twice, flooding the Western Amazon
66 Half of breast cancer patients pursue reconstruction without understanding risks
67 Prenatal cocaine exposure increases risk of higher teen drug use
68 Tighter building controls needed to achieve government global warming targets
69 Political talk plagues workers months after US election
70 New role found for brain region: Focusing attention during decision-making
71 Hand that sees offers new hope to amputees
72 New blood test predicts who will benefit from targeted prostate cancer treatments
73 VISTA peeks through the Small Magellanic Cloud's dusty veil
74 Research sheds new light on 'world's oldest animal fossils'
75 How neurons and glia cells are created in the developing brain
76 Lab mice may not be effective models for immunology research
77 Fish step up to lead when predators are near
78 Gene mutation may speed up memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
79 Rub each other up the right way
80 Psychological benefits for kids when mums keep taking folic acid
81 Surprising link between blood sugar and brain cancer found
82 Study looks at maternal smoking in pregnancy, severe mental illness in offspring
83 Marine conservation must consider human rights
84 New study defines the environment as an influencer of immune system responses in dolphins
85 A speedy, sensitive, and low-cost detection test for Zika virus
86 Resilience offers escape from trapped thinking on poverty alleviation
87 Utilizing tumor suppressor proteins to shape nanomaterials
88 Disfiguring eye symptoms diminish in Graves' eye disease drug trial
89 First large-scale population analysis reinforces ketamine's reputation as antidepressant
90 Damaged genes considered high risk for developing tourette syndrome identified
91 First clear-cut risk genes for Tourette disorder revealed
92 Nearly 1 in 5 with highest cardiac risk don't think they need to improve health
93 Study: Half of patients make poor decisions about breast reconstruction
94 Imaging mRNA right where it is made--at the site of translation
95 Keeping cool in the summer leads to increased air pollution
96 Computer model developed to assess risk of a Zika epidemic in real-time
97 NSCLC patients respond best to salvage chemo if pre-treated with checkpoint inhibitors
98 Stopping the brain's memory circuits from overheating
99 Spotted skunk evolution driven by climate change
100 How technology use affects at-risk adolescents
101 DMM launches new special collection on neurodegeneration
102 Study suggests genetic reason for impaired skilled movements
103 Do flies over-generalize memories like PTSD sufferers?
104 Parasitic fig wasp hypodermic egg injector sniffs out host larvae to lay eggs
105 Nickel: A greener route to fatty acids
106 Drosophila buzzatii fruit fly females may use courtship songs to pick same-species mates
107 Meerkat call patterns are linked to sex, social status and reproductive season
108 Register changes in professional sopranos may correspond to vocal fold vibrations
109 Tracking devices reduce warblers' chances of returning from migration
110 Review highlights challenges faced by birds in the Gulf of Mexico