File Title
1 New opioid guideline for chronic non-cancer pain focuses on preventing harm
2 Hodgkin lymphoma survivors have more severe coronary artery disease post chest irradiation
3 Study suggests role for radiotherapy for extending the lives of pancreatic cancer patients
4 Watching movies can replace general anesthesia for kids with cancer having radiotherapy
5 Large nuclear cardiology laboratory slashes radiation dose by 60 percent in 8 years
6 Survey finds colorectal cancer reported more commonly in individuals with unhealthy lifestyle
7 Brachytherapy rather than surgery is a good option for cancer of the penis
8 A unique enzyme could be a game-changer for gluten-sensitive patients
9 Giving a single, high dose of radiation directly to the site of a prostate tumor is safe
10 Non-surgical weight-loss treatment found safe, effective for those with limited options
11 Study: Genetic markers may predict which HCV, cirrhosis patients improve with treatment
12 Study demonstrates ability to preserve long-term vision for severe patients with uveitis
13 Cinnamon may lessen damage of high-fat diet in rats
14 From pill to needle: Prescription opioid epidemic may be increasing drug injection
15 Regions with stronger gun laws have fewer gun-related pediatric emergency department visits
16 Obese women less likely to suffer from dangerous preeclampsia complications
17 Pregnancy linked to higher risk of death from traumatic injury, Penn study finds
18 Study shows association between gut microbes and brain structure in people with IBS
19 You need more than just a white hat to tell the hero from the villain
20 Scientists track porpoises to assess impact of offshore wind farms
21 Discovery of new transparent thin film material could improve electronics and solar cells
22 Obese women less likely to suffer from dangerous preeclampsia complications
23 Researchers discover how flu viruses hijack human cells
24 Scientists reveal new and improved genome sequence of Daphnia pulex
25 New theory on how Earth's crust was created
26 Group rituals can make us biased against outsiders
27 New butterfly species discovered in Israel for the first time in 109 years
28 Researchers identify gene that controls birth defect common in diabetes
29 CCNY physicists demonstrate photonic hypercrystals for control of light-matter interaction
30 Vitamin A deficiency is detrimental to blood stem cells
31 Shape-changing fog screen invented
32 Differences in levels of trust and power can affect buyer-supplier performance
33 New research shows growth of East Antarctic Ice Sheet was less than previously suggested
34 Scientists find genetic mutation responsible for rare skin disease in Afrikaners
35 Immune cells derived from specialised progenitors
36 Researchers shed new light on influenza detection
37 New defense mechanism against bacteria discovered
38 Poultry feed with arsenic more problematic than assumed?
39 First molecular diagnostics for insecticide resistance in sandflies
40 Researchers discover a potential new target for cancer treatment
41 Analysis examines mortality risks after different types of kidney surgery
42 A mutation giving leaves with white spots has been identified
43 Antarctic study shows central ice sheet is stable since milder times
44 Macular evaluation with spectral domain type optic coherence tomography
45 Scientists gain insights into how Fragile X syndrome disrupts perception
46 How photosynthetic cells deal with a lack of iron
47 Internet of things sensors could connect via ambient radio waves
48 Red light, green light invention prevents work interruptions
49 UT Health San Antonio team cures diabetes in mice without side effects
50 Adaptive radiotherapy reduces pneumonitis while controlling lung cancer
51 MRSA blood infections are less fatal in kids, but cause significant complications
52 Head & neck cancer recurrence following radiation associated with high tumor PD-L1 expression
53 Extinction of Alpine plants may remain undetectable for a long time
54 Retirement associated with lower stress, but only if you were in a top job
55 Benefits of antipsychotics outweigh risks, find experts
56 Study shows white blood cell boosting drugs safe during chemo-radiotherapy of lung cancer
57 Platelets suppress T cell immunity against cancer
58 Stretching may reduce walking pain among peripheral artery disease patients
59 First underwater carpet cloak realized, with metamaterial
60 Optical spectroscopy improves predictive assessment of kidney function
61 New technology measures small-scale currents that transport ocean plastics, oil spills
62 Researchers one step closer to understanding deadly facial tumor in Tasmanian devils
63 Unlocking the barrier
64 New microscopic technique could help detect, diagnose metastatic melanomas
65 Snow in Hawai'i: What does the future hold?
66 Advanced prostate cancer treatment failure due to cell reprogramming
67 Disappointed by House action, AGS urges Senate to reject amended American Health Care Act
68 Biomarker test for ALS useful in diagnosing canine neurodegenerative disease
69 Genetic findings in 'type 1.5' diabetes may shed light on better diagnosis, treatment
70 The digitization of medical knowledge
71 Trash into treasure: Sandia could help biofuel pay for itself with goods made from waste
72 Direct and not indirect childhood abuse linked to non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents
73 Sandia develops math techniques to improve computational efficiency in quantum chemistry
74 Can trusting your doctor help reduce pain?
75 For people with Down syndrome, varying test results can make it harder to get the right vision prescription
76 New survey reveals effects of incarceration for older Americans' work and retirement plans
77 Falkland Islands basin shows signs of being among world's largest craters
78 Unique primary care residency program hangs in budget balance
79 NASA-funded sounding rocket will take 1,500 images of sun in 5 minutes
80 Scientists solve major cancer protein conundrum
81 Queen's research shows illegal levels of arsenic found in baby foods
82 A global movement championing science
83 Warwick Research: Believe you can stop climate change and you will
84 Oxford student creates first synthetic retina for the visually impaired
85 Study: Models that forecast impact of government spending are easily manipulated
86 3-D printers open new design space for wireless devices
87 The final frontier of the Frontier Fields
88 How bears bulk up ahead of the summer: A study into the Asiatic black bear's spring diet
89 In home healthcare, not speaking patients' native language negatively affect care outcomes
90 Parkinson: Weight gain after deep brain stimulation
91 Role of bone marrow-derived stem cells in acute myeloid leukemia at time of diagnosis
92 RTI finds TROSA, an innovative substance abuse treatment program, saves NC $7.5 million annually
93 Why does so much of nature rely on sex for reproduction?
94 Study examines 'small for gestational age' across European countries
95 A lot of galaxies need guarding in this NASA Hubble view
96 Increased rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts among transgender adults reported
97 Unveiling the bottlenecks to discovering the root causes of rare genetic diseases
98 Decades of data on world's oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline
99 Affluent countries contribute less to wildlife conservation than the rest of the world
100 Lessons in inhumanity
101 New fiber-based sensor could quickly detect structural problems in bridges and dams
102 Circadian clock changes can alter body's response to diet
103 High temperature step-by-step process makes graphene from ethene
104 Water, water, nowhere
105 Deadly nanoparcel for cancer cells
106 Transgender patients not electing as much gender-affirming surgery as many believe, study finds
107 Researchers identify 6,500 genes that are expressed differently in men and women
108 Holography with the Wi-fi-router
109 Bravery may cost fish their lives
110 Mutation discovered that, linked with drug, predisposes osteoporosis patients to femur fracture