File Title
1 Researchers advance low-cost, low-tech Zika virus surveillance tool
2 Microphysical differences in precipitation between Tibet and southern China
3 Boston University scientists turn human induced pluripotent stem cells into lung cells
4 Researchers find new source of dangerous electrical instability in the heart
5 TGen and UNC Lineberger studies help shed light on aggressive brain cancer
6 Stanford researchers analyze what a warming planet means for mosquito-borne diseases
7 How migrations and other population dynamics could have shaped early human culture
8 New study reveals why people pay for news and what it means for future of journalism
9 BYU study finds more evidence why depressed dads should seek help
10 New survey reveals almost 6 in 10 teens take a break from social media
11 Quality of care for peripheral artery disease is low
12 Cancer-causing virus masters cell's replication, immortality
13 Researchers at Illinois gain insights to redirect leading HIV cure strategy
14 Hawaii scientists scrutinize first aid for man o' war stings
15 A fast, non-destructive test for 2-dimensional materials
16 Flexible, organic and biodegradable: Stanford researchers develop new wave of electronics
17 PET/CT helps predict therapy effectiveness in pediatric brain tumors
18 People could be genetically predisposed to social media use
19 Biology's need for speed tolerates a few mistakes
20 Pathways leading to beta cell division identified, may aid diabetes treatment
21 New look at satellite data quantifies scale of China's afforestation success
22 Astronomers confirm nearby star a good model of our early solar system
23 Research supports new criteria for evaluating urologic cancer in women
24 Period tracking apps failing users in basic ways, study finds
25 Not even the Himalayas are immune to traffic smog
26 Fierce mating battle between wild cuttlefish is captured on video for first time
27 Study reveals first recording of cuttlefish fighting over a mate in the wild
28 Simple blood tests lead to improved hypertension treatment in African countries
29 At last, a clue to where cancer metastases are born
30 Penn study finds linkage between social network structure and brain activity
31 New NIST data to aid production and storage of 'fascinating' medication
32 Origin of Milky Way's hypothetical dark matter signal may not be so dark
33 Geologists use radioactive clock to document longest earthquake record
34 Stereotactic radiation highly effective for kidney cancer
35 Revealed: The biochemical pathways of kidney disease
36 Scientists find giant wave rolling through the Perseus galaxy cluster
37 Evolution: On mosaics and melting-pots
38 Mongoose pups conceal identity to survive
39 Scientists say agriculture is good for honey bees
40 Language shapes how the brain perceives time
41 The critical importance of pace in long-distance races
42 NASA to measure greenhouse gases over the mid-Atlantic region in may
43 Russian scientists plot antibiotic resistance on a world map
44 Some--but not all--corals adapting to warming climate
45 Eye dilation sex specific but not sexually explicit, study finds
46 New NMR technique offers 'molecular window' into living organisms
47 Deep learning helps scientists keep track of cell's inner parts
48 Smoking decreases MAIT cells, implicated in the pathology of autoimmune diseases
49 Ecology team finds leaf litter has slower decomposition rate in warm temperatures than previously estimated
50 Long lost monitor lizard 're-discovered' on Papua New Guinean island
51 Parenting-based therapies are best for children with disruptive behaviors
52 Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is safe
53 Experts call for registry of egg donors
54 Antarctic ice rift spreads
55 DNA fingerprinting reveals how malaria hides from our immune system
56 Fluid flow in the brain unravelled for the first time
57 Domino effect in pharmaceutical synthesis
58 Bromances flourish thanks to changing anti-gay sentiments
59 Repetition a key factor in language learning
60 Bacteria take a deadly risk to survive
61 A trend towards a stable, warm and windless state in China
62 Erasable ink for 3-D printing
63 The courting cephalopods of the East China Sea
64 Feeding strategies in competing hummingbird species observed in a small area in Brazil
65 Potential for Saudi Arabian coral reefs to shine
66 Fashion mannequins communicate 'dangerously thin' body ideals
67 Losses reduce subsequent risk taking among bettors--applies to many other risky decisions, too
68 X-ray microscope optics resolve 50-nm features while eliminating chromatic aberrations
69 Climate instability over the past 720,000 years
70 New data shows avocado consumers have improved nutrient intakes
71 Researchers develop recycling for carbon fiber composites
72 Genetic finding may allow doctors to predict newborn health during pregnancy
73 Facebook likes don't make you feel better
74 Rosemary aroma can aid children's working memory
75 Is the blog to blame for Vladimir Putin's 2011-12 elections defeat?
76 Study opens new line of attack on spinal muscular atrophy
77 Researchers create a roadmap of bipolar disorder and how it affects the brain
78 Holy chickens: Did Medieval religious rules drive domestic chicken evolution?
79 New study challenges formaldehyde cancer findings
80 New study makes strides towards generating lung tissue
81 Pinpointing where seizures are coming from, by looking between the seizures
82 Parkinson's in a dish: Researchers reproduce brain oscillations
83 New coating surface for superior rust resistance with 'colorless' color
84 New anti-rejection drug reduces weight gain and enhances outcomes for liver transplant recipients
85 New species of dinosaur increases the already unexpected diversity of 'whiplash dinosaurs'
86 Novel compound blocks replication of Zika and other viruses
87 For a green alga, spotted salamanders are stressful hosts
88 'Exercise-in-a-pill' boosts athletic endurance by 70 percent
89 Dietary gluten is not linked to heart risk in non-celiacs
90 Doctors should question the value of most heavily promoted drugs
91 Brexit's Great Repeal Bill will axe the right to health, warn experts
92 Gluten-free diet not recommended for people without celiac disease
93 Greater life expectancy in patients with recommended mitral valve operations from high-volume surgeons
94 Better quality relationships associated with reduced dementia risk
95 Prescribing patterns change following direct marketing restrictions
96 Scientists develop efficient multifunctional catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to gasoline
97 Antarctic Peninsula ice more stable than thought
98 First extensive immune profile of sarcomas shows some likely susceptible to immunotherapy
99 NIH discovery in mice could lead to new class of medications to fight mid-life obesity
100 Restricting sales visits from pharmaceutic reps associated with changes in physician prescribing
101 Types and distribution of payments from industry to physicians
102 Restricting pharmaceutical reps' marketing tactics changes physician prescribing behavior
103 Why space dust emits radio waves upon crashing into a spacecraft
104 Excess transcription factor Heat Shock Factor 1 can delay embryonic neural migration
105 How fluids flow through shale
106 Stool microbes predict advanced liver disease
107 Got a sweet tooth? Blame your liver
108 Earliest relative of Brachiosaurus dinosaur found in France
109 The science of 'hitting the wall'
110 Study uncovers an additional strategy for targeting treatment-resistant prostate cancer
111 Weight loss can slow down knee joint degeneration
112 Wastewater injection rates may have been key to Oklahoma's largest earthquake
113 Bioinspired agent kills drug-resistant bacteria
114 Controlling the HIV epidemic: A progress report on efforts in sub-Saharan Africa