File Title
1 A glow stick that detects cancer?
2 Membrane charge sensor to watch the regulation of our T cells
3 Cyanine dyes could improve the efficiency of molecular probes
4 Spin-out company helps get effective drugs to market, more quickly and cheaply
5 Bio-inspired catalysts that work in water open door to greener chemical processes
6 What roundworms can teach us about human growth
7 Device utilizing molecular technique could provide ultra-sensitive, automated system to detect viruses, disease
8 Antioxidants and plastics could be made from byproducts of wheat milling
9 Plastics and the curse of durability
10 Imaging mRNA right where it is made--at the site of translation
11 Novel diagnostic strip for gout patients using a single teardrop
12 Quantifying changes in surface chemistry of woody plants during microbial fermentation
13 Sodium and magnesium to replace lithium in batteries
14 New NIST data to aid production and storage of 'fascinating' medication
15 Erasable ink for 3-D printing
16 Scientists develop efficient multifunctional catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to gasoline
17 Biological sensor can detect glucose levels in saliva more accurately and cost-efficiently than blood test
18 Designed molecules selectively remove unwanted ions from complex solutions for energy production
19 New colored coating surface for superior rust resistance
20 Food ingredient blends more sensitive to climate change, study finds
21 Does my algorithm work? There's no shortcut for community detection
22 Novel technique measures warpage in next-gen integrated circuits
23 Engineering research focuses on bringing efficiency to network processes
24 Hand that 'sees' offers new hope to amputees
25 China to launch own encyclopaedia to rival Wikipedia
26 Microsoft out to regain ground in schools with Surface Laptop
27 Researchers find more efficient way to make oil from dead trees
28 Zapping bacteria with sanitizers made of paper
29 Detecting walking speed with wireless signals
30 Study finds gender bias in open-source programming
31 Elon Musk teases future plans at TED talk
32 Tablet market extends slide as consumer habits shift
33 Video Game Hall of Fame adds 'Halo: Combat Evolved,' 3 more
34 Facebook turns to real people to fix its violent video problem
35 New self-sustained multi-sensor platform for environmental monitoring
36 Google coughs up 306 million euros in Italy tax settlement
37 'Smart contact lens sensor' for diabetic and glaucoma diagnosis
38 How robots can help us embrace a more human view of disability
39 When a suburb's turn for gentrification comes
40 Could a doodle replace your password?
41 Online security won't improve until companies stop passing the buck to the customer
42 Appraising the linguistic value of emojis
43 China compiles its own 'Wikipedia,' but public can't edit it
44 US to seek social media details from certain visa applicants
45 Navy, Marine Corps spotlight the future of amphibious, autonomous warfare
46 EU accepts Amazon's e-book commitments
47 Nuke waste debate: Turn it into glass or encase in cement?
48 Google Docs phishing scam doused after catching fire
49 Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact
50 A lot of galaxies need guarding in this NASA Hubble view
51 'Hot Jupiter' transiting a rapidly-rotating star discovered
52 Printing bricks from moondust using the sun's heat
53 New movie shows Cassini's first dive over Saturn
54 Researchers present first results of solar observations with the Siberian Radioheliograph
55 VISTA peeks through the Small Magellanic Cloud's dusty veil
56 Astronomers confirm nearby star a good model of our early solar system
57 Scientists find giant wave rolling through the Perseus galaxy cluster
58 Origin of Milky Way's hypothetical dark matter signal may not be so dark
59 Astronomer ponders the idea of looking for long extinct intelligent alien life
60 Cassini finds 'The Big Empty' close to Saturn
61 SpaceX makes first US military launch, then lands rocket again
62 Next breakthroughs in exoplanet discovery
63 Astrophysicists discover a star polluted by calcium
64 Shocked gas in galaxy collisions
65 SwRI spectrograph to help answer some of the mysteries of the Sun
66 'Jewelled' LAGEOS satellites to measure the Earth
67 Image: North pole of Enceladus
68 Sounding rocket will take 1,500 images of sun in five minutes
69 Building rovers that can detect life and sequence DNA on other worlds
70 A ride on NASA's eye in the sky
71 Strike-delayed European rocket launch to go ahead
72 NASA Visualization Explorer App now available for Android
73 Image: Hubble captures a sea of spiral galaxies
74 NASA's Webb Telescope completes Goddard testing, heading to Texas for more
75 New lease of life for Ukraine's war-torn mountain observatory
76 Monitoring astronauts' lung health
77 Putting students closer to explosive solar events
78 Travel 5 million years into the Milky Way's future
79 Pardon my vomit--zero-G etiquette in the age of space tourism
80 ESA's JUICE spacecraft could detect water from plumes erupting on Europa
81 An immodest proposal--taking the pulse of the Earth
82 SpaceX postpones classified US military launch
83 3-D printers open new design space for wireless devices
84 New fiber-based sensor could quickly detect structural problems in bridges and dams
85 Water, water, nowhere: Research indicates graphane could act as efficient and water-free hydrogen fuel cell membrane
86 Biggest X-ray laser in the world generates its first laser light
87 Team develops math techniques to improve computational efficiency in quantum chemistry
88 First result from upgraded CEBAF opens door to exploring universal glue
89 Researchers find new source of dangerous electrical instability in the heart
90 An atom interferometer that works without super cold temperatures
91 How fluids flow through shale
92 Why space dust emits radio waves upon crashing into a spacecraft
93 CAST project passes an important milestone in search for axion
94 How dandelion seeds act as a perfect pipette in the lab
95 Physicists breeding Schroedinger cat states
96 Quantum effects lead to more powerful battery charging
97 Thin diamond crystal reflects many colors of light in all directions
98 The LHC has restarted for its 2017 run
99 Analysis of Wi-Fi data generates 3-D images of the vicinity
100 Measuring the mass number of superheavy, human-made elements
101 Envisioning a future quantum internet
102 New particle flow algorithm improves ATLAS experiment precision
103 A faster way to calibrate piston gauges
104 'Quantum mechanical squeezing' enables quantum state atomic force microscopy
105 Photoluminescent display absorbs, converts light into energy
106 X-ray microscope optics resolve 50-nm features while eliminating chromatic aberrations
107 Electrons losing weight
108 The application of three-axis low energy spectroscopy in quantum physics research
109 Identifying the minimum requirements for the emergence of complexity
110 Towards the separation of quantum and classical query complexities